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New York Map
15 hours ago

Overrated, as far as bridge walks go. It’s worth going once to say you did it (it is a beautiful bridge and historically significant) and it isn’t a long walk. If you’re walking from Manhattan you can stop at Brooklyn Bridge Park once you’re finished and rest with great views and an awesome ice cream place by the water taxi (if it’s still in business), which is also an option if you don’t feel like walking back over. Overall it’s overcrowded and full of cyclists who don’t stay in their lane. I recommend the Williamsburg Bridge walkway instead - far less crowded with a wider walkway and with just as nice views (and more space to enjoy them) and covered in interesting and downright weird graffiti. You’re more likely to meet some stranger people on this bridge (I was once catcalled by a guy selling water bottles in the summer) but nothing that ever made me feel unsafe. You also get to watch subways go on their merry way from above, which is a cool view you don’t get to see all the time!

15 hours ago

Lovely walk downtown with some interesting views of the neighborhood and cool architectural structures built on an abandoned elevated railway. Also some nice gardens. Good place to relax and watch the sunset. Worth a walk if you don’t mind a leisurely pace (it’s narrow and there are big crowds usually) and being in close proximity to bees with little room to run, ha.

Gorge Trail was very disappointing due to being very close to the road and what seemed to me to be an extraordinary amount of manicured lawns getting mowed. We found the park-provided map to be the worst we’ve experienced in the NY State Park system, and the blazing on trails - except Gorge - to be equally bad. Be aware that large portions of the Gorge Trail seem more like a rim trail in other parks - high, high above the river and valleys. The waterfalls are spectacular as are the vistas. If you can stay for hot air balloon departures (field between Middle and Upper Falls when we visited mid-September 2019), you won’t be disappointed. One of the balloons we watched literally took off and up, then came down and skimmed the river right over Middle Falls!!! Glen Iris Inn gladly welcomes dogs and owners to enjoy a drink and light fare menu on the Adirondack chairs along the front porch. The restaurant personnel couldn’t have been kinder to my hounds than they were.

I got here nice and early and had the trail to myself. It was a fun hike that got a decent amount of elevation. There’s obviously highway noise, but I knew that coming in. It didn’t bother me.

If the mountains and rivers are beautiful, Jiangnan,

Recommended trail for a fun, view-heavy hike. Some portions required a little bit of scrambling, but nothing too difficult for someone in decent hiking shape. Very well marked. Bathroom at the base of the trail.

19 hours ago

So fun for me and my brother Climbing in the caves were so fun

Flat and mostly shaded, and it ends at the base of the falls. This trail never disappoints!!

One of my favorite trails in the Finger Lakes. The views are terrific, it’s well maintained, it has two (two!) real bathrooms. It is mostly shaded. And the falls themselves are amazing, but so is the gorge both above and below, as well as the hints of Cayuga Lake through the trees!! What more could you ask for??!! Thank you NY state for maintaining and improving this trail over the years!!

Perfect hike with my pup! We went off the map a bit for more climbing.

Nice hike, but there was a lot of water in the trail in August. I recommend leaving early and making it a very sunny day, as the summit is completely in the clouds. Bring walking sticks and several people are wearing clothes. Allow at least 6 hours.

A great combo, and hats off to the restoration crew for the fire tower renewal project. The volunteers have a photo in the tower cabin at the top (see my trail description above).

Another nice stroll or run combo in the Preserve, this is a quick one (see my description above).

Absolutely gorgeous definitely worth it 100% loved it I really enjoyed it a lot

Absolutely gorgeous definitely worth it 100% loved it I really enjoyed it a lot

Hiked as far as Grizzle Ocean today. Trail was in great shape with no blow down until we got to the loop trail around Grizzle Ocean. Grizzle Ocean lean-to was in great shape.

Clean well maintained, easy to follow trail. Lake is beautiful and the bridges are a nice touch.

Good clean easy trail. Well maintained nice little local path. A bit buggy but that’s to be expected for the time of year.

1 day ago

I gave this a 3 because although it was a great workout the views were of the towns below (and water) and there was a lot of trash on the trail. Shame. So many other, prettier hikes in the area. I’m glad I did it. Over 6 miles. Over 100 flights climbed but I won’t do it again.

Reallly lovely and pleasant walk through the woods. Lots of great sounds and signs describing the ecology. Would come back! Easy for all ages. Heard some owls and saw some rabbits at sundown.

1 day ago

Took the hard way. Well marked trail. Nice work on bridges and stairs. Very enjoyable hike. Going to try the observers trail next time. Beautiful day. Met some really nice people.

over grown
1 day ago

A little hard to follow - went the wrong way at least four times and had to turn around. Great week night workout

I definitely recommend doing this trail! It’s really good but, kinda spooky at night time! Good hike for dogs and humans!!

1 day ago

Great changes in scenery. Nice overlook of the falls, just wish we were closer to the falls! I left wishing we had time to take the other trail that branches off and runs along Ross and Wortleberry Ponds.

1 day ago

LOVED this trail! Challenging to a perfect extent and multiple beautiful, changing scenes never left me bored!! Highly recommended from an ADK hiker newbie.

The steep incline in this trail reminded me of how out of shape I was! However, for my first ever ADK hike, this trail has inspired me to hike more! Great trail but probably wouldn’t recommend it above the others we completed this weekend.

1 day ago

Dogs are allowed to walk up to the summit via the trail. It is all rock after the stone staircase. Gorgeous views all around. Very windy, speeds up to 138mph have been clocked here. Summit weather is always different than at the bottom. Wear something warm and good shoes. Watch your footing as a fall would be bad! We had 80mi vis that day so we were lucky. Remember the air thins the higher you go, it might be a short trek to the top but conditions make it feel tough.

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