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New York Map

Beautiful view of Lake George!

Awesome trail! It is indeed challenging but well worth the effort. We made a wrong turn and ended up miles from our car. Rookie error. But still no regrets. This app does not give the trail blaze colors so you have to cross reference and do some homework as the trails overlap. Can’t wait to take another stab at her though.

Low effort walk in the park (literally - the first few miles are such a gradual incline and the surroundings are beautiful) that have an awesome payout in the lookout. It’s an easy hike or a good recovery hike if you’re just wanting to be outside on a nice day!

This Hike was OK, got really crowded by the shelter and the road walking at the end isnt so great since people fly down the street. The lake was very nice especially with the fall colors. Not many views unless you add in the short spur to Black Mountain which I highly recommend you do, adds about 250ft of extra elevation gain to your total hike but you get to a very nice lookout point and also get to summit a MTN which also has amazing views of the Hudson on top. PS Trail is very rocky in some spots so make sure you have a good pair of boots.

Actually icy spots on the trail today. Time to start getting the winter gear in the pack. Very enjoyable hike. Some steeps but not too long. Great views from the tower. The communication towers nearby detract from the natural beauty although it is nice to have a signal.

Some stretch of the trail is completely rocky. Beautiful view of falls in many places - great for picnic. Wish there were more signs to indicate the trail paths. Hiking in fall is perfect here as there were no bugs. :)

trail running
8 hours ago

Took the red trail. Marked very well, but was very sandy.Hilly and sandy made a more challenging run. I'd go back to run the green loop. Not muddy at all. Parking lot closes at 4. makes it a bit rushed for afternoon visitors. Lots of horse droppings on trail.

This is a moderate trail. Well maintained. It is quite windy on the summit. That's why it is named as Hurricane Mountain.

Awesome trail for families. So beautiful in October. Definitely coming back next year.

Great hike! More like ‘hard’ than moderate

Not to difficult of a hike and the view is breath taking.

11 hours ago

Did this hike at the end of September a few days after some rain. Beautiful views of the water on both sides (including the waterfall near the end). The recent rain made the stream crossings a little more challenging but not bad at all, even carrying a toddler. We added a little length to the trip by continuing on the yellow trail before doubling back and turning onto the red. The terrain was mostly flat except for a couple of very short and manageable rock scrambles. Great hike!

A good 3-hour hike that leaves time to enjoy the day. Some pretty steep spots and good footwear is a must because there is a lot bare rock and wet leaves. The wind can really howl at the top too. Rewarding view - and a climb up the fire tower is an unexpected (and a little nerve-wracking) delight. Plan roughly 1:45 up, 20-30 minutes at the top, and 45 minutes down. Expect to see plenty of others enjoying the trail.

The falls itself is beautiful when viewed from either the upper viewing deck or from below. A strong word of caution is that in wet weather the trail down to the falls becomes very wet and extremely slippery. The trail itself is narrow and borders a sharp cliff before transforming into the rock steps that guides hikers to the falls themselves. People are frequently injured on this descent and I would advise groups to take their time be careful with children and be mindful of the weather to ensure all can have a safe fun time enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I am extremely disappointed in how visitors of the Catskills behave when they’re at the falls. Whether it’s the lower or upper falls trail, people always seem to be making it a mess for everyone else. People parking and standing in the middle of the road, standing in the middle of the road to direct traffic while they back their cars right up to the falls, parking all over the side of the mountain road (at least they get ticketed), going way too close to the cliff edges, swimming in the water right before the waterfall...I can’t believe it. People act out of line at the falls and it’s unsafe for them as well as the people who are just driving up the road. The falls is one of the most beautiful places in the Catskills but skip it if you’re not in the mood to deal with disrespectful visitors. If people don’t shape up, they’ll ruin it for everyone and the falls will be closed. Hopefully a shuttle system from Palenville or Haines Falls will fix this. But for now, visit any of the less crowded waterfalls near by.

Trail marked strangely, parking is limited and trail can be tricky to find. Moderate hike with beautiful views at the top. We love the waterfall! Very dog friendly. Went on a October Saturday and only ran into one group of people.

12 hours ago

The trail overall is awesome. But it has a $15 per person fee which is very high in my opinion.

A decent hike, keep an eye out for trail markers, since the trail isn't very trodden it can be difficult to find at points if you're not keeping an eye out for them. The summit doesn't offer much for views but you can see westward towards the high peaks

It’s definitely closer to 7.5 miles. Lots of up and down and crossing the kill 6 times (2 over bridges) which was fine but can get deep. Don’t expect sprawling views, there aren’t any. There are supplemental red marks on the trees as the official markers are few and far between. Had a hard time finding directions in some areas. The falls were beautiful. I would definitely rate this one as moderate.

Dog friendly trail with a beautiful view. definitely worth it

13 hours ago

greater little trail with great views.

Fantastic view from overlook. Relatively rocky trail. Definitely moderate or harder.

I grew up on Cuyler hill and walked this trail numerous times with my family loved it then and love it now!

14 hours ago

Great place to camp and hike. Breathtaking views of the Hudson. All four of my young kids competed this hike.

Fun trail! A piece is still under water but you can get around it in the forest - just detour around and then back to the trail. Took 3:45 at a leisurely pace, a good one for the area!

14 hours ago

Took my dog here to get her out of the car during our long drive. It was a good park but never found a hike! Large green area to run, tennis courts, kids playgrounds, lots of other dogs, parking lot good pit stop place

Nice short hike with good elevation and nice view from the overlook.

I did marcy in the outing of September. Although the trail was very long, it wasn’t difficult. Nothing crazy steep, or terribly hard. Very easy to follow. But not going on a busy holiday weekend, the trail was very busy which was annoying. I would highly recommend doing Indian Falls on your way up and down. It’s 5 seconds off the trail. I would also recommend doing Tabletop while you are right there. I didn’t do it but is only .7 mi away from the trail. Adding only 1.4 miles to your day and +1 to your 46er list. The top was beautiful. You hav ran amazing view of the MacIntyre’s and the Great Range and Haystack.

road biking
15 hours ago

One of my favorite locations to ride. Great views and little traffic.

10/19/2018. 2 of us with a combined age of 134 did this in 4:30. I don’t think this is a hard hike as there was no scrambling. Yes to being a long trek and a good amount of ascent/descent. We wished we’d done the hike counter-clockwise as that way you’re descending without loose rocks and wet, slippery conditions. Tower views.

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