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New York Map
10 hours ago

Just a flat straight back road...nothing really exciting or different on it. Nothing special to hike.

Took kids and they enjoyed it, except thorny bushes in the one part of loped trail!!!

Really awesome, hiked in the rain and it was incredible. Lots of mountain biking trails, the XC trail at the top is a complete loop so you gotta hike to it but these trails are well worth the hike!! I uploaded a detailed map (picture) of all the trails, seriously take some time a hike a few, or all! You won't regret it!!

Great hike! The trip out on Overlook carriage road is easily managed and wide. Good views along the way. The Old Minnewaska trail is smaller foot path, beautiful forest scenery. Our mistake not needing the signs: took a stroller on Old Minnewaska, don't do that... The signs were not kidding: foot path only. Beautiful hike and kid friendly but wear long pants, can be slightly overgrown. Last leg 0.5 mi on red trail Shongum can be moderately difficult, with some scrambling over rocks, walking on planks over muddy areas. If that happens and some of your party doesn't want to continue that last 0.5 mi, you can send someone back to the parking lot at West Trapps and drive to Coxing to pick everyone else up

trail running
11 hours ago

Good trail for running - not super rocky or technical.

12 hours ago

Loved that it was short and dog friendly!
Nice waterfall !

A couple of days ago my family and I we seeking a family hike. When we got there we got on the trail and everything was happy, but this didn’t last for long. An hour our two in the hike I look at my phone and saw our dot a centimeter off the red line. This wasn’t the happy hike I had thought we were stuck in the forest on our family fun hike. I had worn shorts that I now regret, I’m walking through pine tree branches left and right. There are scratches on my legs, and not to mention 20 mosquitoes eating my face Then my older son yells that he found the trail. That was a relief, I was pooping my pants. We were at the beginning of the trail though so we ended up back tracking and finding out where we had gone wrong. So, it was al fine again until we come up to these trees. They’re kind of in the water and on one of them is a big fat trail marker. We walk around the lake and find ourselves on the trail. We walk we see beaver dams and see more water in-front of us oh and did I mention the bugs I swallowed two and it made me puke. They were terrible,biting through my clothes. We got stuck we look around for a trail marker and my older son again, saved the day. We walked balk to the car, I felt accomplished, but never again!!!!!

Never have done that type of hiking before mostly finger lakes trails.. did it with a 40lb pack on my back and was definitely not in shape for it but when I wanted to stop and turn around I kept going.. climbed to the summit and it was rewarding but it did pour that day so the view was zero it was sleeting and windy as heck. Would def plan my trip better and wait for a clear day to do it again for some better pics!

A true gem. I don't know why this isn't more highly rated/more reviewed. It isn't really a hike, but rather a walk through beautifully manicured gardens. Highly recommend. (Make sure it's open before you drive out there. It's only open some days).

A personal favorite. Beautiful views and easy access to the creek that weaves throughout the trails. Excellent for anything from a casual walk to exploring. Difficult to get lost, wide trails.

another easy hike and another fire tower hike down. we are slowly meeting the challenge.

spectacular hike with great views. there was a steward working when we arrived. we learned a lot about the area

Decent hike with spectacular views. Can't ask for more.

This hike I would say is hard not moderate and according to our mileage it was 16 miles. Gorgeous views from Colvin. These 2 peaks kicked my butt, but had a gorgeous day to hike them.

Hiked this trail in mid June 2018. Hiked on Friday evening from 5pm-9pm, and didn't encounter any other people on the trail. Pretty good exercise. The summer foliage covers a lot of what would be some spectacular views. The trail makes a sharp U turn to the left after you reach the Yellow trail. Keep an eye on the trail markers and don't just follow the trail on the ground.

Perfect for a challenging, short and moderately difficult hike; some scrambling, blooming mountain laurels and vistas.

This was a great hike! I love scrambling up rocks and it was like the start of the Kaaterskill Falls hike, but it was like that the whole way! I defenitely recommend going

Hiked in 6/23/18. Weather was cool with on off rain. Trail is well marked and relatively easy if you’re and experienced hiker. A lot of rocky sections. Would highly recommend getting at the loj early as parking was full and i started off at the truck trail which extended my hike to 18 miles. Up and back in 8 hours with minimal time at the peak due to poor weather conditions. Watching weather for my next trip.

Started off easy but got pretty hard near the end, so worth it though!

16 hours ago

Great hike, easy except for the Rocky riverbed start, remainder very easy and great views of Lake George. Definitely going back to try some of the other trails on the area

on The Pinnacle

16 hours ago

great hike, was definitely moderate for 68 and 64 year olds, but not too bad. GREAT views at the top!!!

17 hours ago

Nice loop around Prospect Park, fully paved the whole way. Pedestrian walkway on the left, bikes down the middle. Good views of the lawns, with tons of BBQs and picnickers on an early summer day. You'll also pass by the lake about half way through. Last half mile or so is a gentle little climb. Worth checking out Grand Army Plaza and the beautiful Bailey Fountain, which are adjacent to the park.

Great views, dog friendly and barely trafficked on a humid day!

I must have screwed up somewhere because we never found a peak at all, and ended up on the snow mobile trail the entire time. Good workout, but I wanted to get to the top... all flat, no steep inclines like I was looking for. What did I miss?

Took the southern loop. Well-marked trail and lots of signage providing additional information on the ecology. Because the trail briefly goes through a wetland area, best to avoid for a couple of days after a rain. Also, very limited parking (though it was very quiet on a Friday when we visited - only saw 2 other people, walking a dog).

nice little loop. I turned right at the split which turned out to be a slightly longer more gradual incline to the top. Cool fire tower at the top!

20 hours ago

Short hike with amazing views. Your feet will get wet. There are a few trees down that make it a little more challenging to get to the 2nd waterfall but not impossible.

The trail head here leads to a steep incline and forested walk. Didn’t make it to the view but the hike was nice on its own

Great trail. Lots of rock scrambling. Definitely feel accomplished after.

23 hours ago

Pro: Well marked trail, good work out in a hot and humid day.
Cons: too much people and some people put loud music on the trail.

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