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Hiked this last weekend, and it was great! Took my Eno up, hung it, and relaxed at the top for a couple hours. Beautiful

beautiful trail. the rim trail was only open in the spring , due to ice, but nice hike

Nice walk around the lake. Enjoyed the mountain markers on the sidewalk that dot the sidewalk

1 day ago

This is an awesome hike to an old hotel, fire tower, and cliff overlook of the Hudson Valley. The kids loved this one. Check out our full write up which includes directions and other things to look for.

not really a hikers trail, mostly paved,,not well marked either

Great views from the top! Nice, quick ascent for a great view payoff!

Nice, quick mountain!

First time hiker and I’m a big guy so as I was going I had to rest a bit but overall really not terrible. Decent inclines but well worth it if you’re there after a rainstorm or snowstorm to catch those beautiful waterfalls.

2 days ago

really great hike, interesting hotel ruins and amazing views. It is uphill the entire way. If the lot is full, there is a bigger one further down the road, adding an easy .07 that takes you back to the main trailhead. We went in April, there was still snow, but melting, making for a very wet and slippery hike. poles were helpful going back down.

GREAT trail! I especially liked the bouldering along the lake. Started at the Adirondak Loj/Heart Lake. We camped at the tip of Lake Colden to try out some gear for a backpacking trip. Beautiful hike and mostly flat, just have to negotiate some large rocks. Definitely want to get back out on this one.

Trail somewhat uneventful, but great views made it worth it! Not too strenuous of a hike.

Nice little mountain to pop up, short and sweet! Be prepared for some steep climbs though!

Great mountain for a day hike with great views! Beware- there are a lot of false summits when you get near the top- that craggy looking thing in the distance? year- that's where you're going!

Good if you want to do a high peak without a ton of hiking in and ease of access. Snowshoed up cascade in March, was pretty cold at the top and it ended up being too blustery for good views, so we skipped Porter. Will probably do again in nicer weather.

Great trail, can't believe it isn't more popular in the hiking/backpacking community. Was out on the trail for 4 days last August from Long Lake up to Lake Placid. Great to have the lean-to's available, especially during some chilly nights!

mountain biking
2 days ago

First ride of 2018, the main loop is for beginners mostly flat, with twists and turns. We missed a couple blacks because they come up quick, and are barely marked and I was not turning around.
Blacks are more intermediate, not as bad as some of the trails at Rocky Point. The blacks are mostly downhill twists and turns with a climb back up at the end.
Towards the end of the trail there are a lot of roots, got a little bumpy. But decent trail all together.
I have heard of having to pay to park, we must have got in when the guy was on the can. But I did notice a hiking parking area at "prossier pines county park," if you do not mind the 1/4 mile ride to the park. Unsure if they will still charge but worth a shot. Also there is a side "private" entrance off of East Bartlett Road, it will bring you to the trail head.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Great hike! There were a few steep parts which really made me work but overall very doable and even more rewarding!

I really enjoyed this trail. Beautiful scenery and two beautiful lakes.

great quick hike for the family, kids ranged from 7 to 17. Beautiful views.

They have this trail labeled as "Easy" but I would change that more to "Moderate" - I say that because it was excessively wet in a lot of spots. I did this loop in the Spring, so you do expect some wetness, but not to the extreme that I experienced. Also, a lot of the trails are uneven, due to so many tree roots. Don't get me wrong, I had no troubles, but for some people, and those with limited mobility, this would not be an "Easy" trail. If you stay on the same side of the road as the parking lot, it's relatively flat, but if you cross the road to the other side, you will be walking up hills, so for these reasons, as I mentioned, I would change the grading of this trail from "Easy" more to "Moderate". I noticed other reviews have mentioned that the trails can be confusing, and I would definitely have to agree with that. The trails overlap and criss cross throughout the Preserve, especially when you cross the road. Luckily, I had a GPS map of the trails with me, so it was much easier to navigate. I guess the highlight of the trek are the Falls. Not that they're terribly large, they're not huge, but it gives you something to check out, instead of just walking through the woods. My recording of the trail has pics attached, and it will let you know where on the trail the Falls are, if that's all you're interested in.

1st time hiking in sunken meadow state park. This is a great hiking trail,beautiful view, easy to follow. But this app drained the battery of my phone so we had to cut the hike short and go back to the car. Does anyone else have the same problem?

3 days ago

I don’t know if it was because it was one of the first actual spring feeling days or what but this was an amazing little/easy hike around the pond. When you first get there, it’s a little loud with the road and all the people there bbq’ing, fishing and “partying” at the picnic tables but once you get far enough away, it’s not as loud and is very peaceful and beautiful.

Nice lunchtime hike to get out. Pretty level and maintained. Bring a grocery bag to pick up waste from nearby highway blown onto trail. Birds, spring flowers in bloom and a nice surprise at the end of the trail.

Good quick hike for people of all skill levels. We went right after a heavy rain and the falls were raging! The blue trail is easy to follow with a few nice view points. Ventured off the trail for a bit to examine this abandoned Dodge Colt (wonder what the back story is here!), it’s easily visible at the beginning of the blue trail descent.

Hiked this about 2 years ago. It took us about 12 hours, but we took our time as I was 3 monrhs pregnant. Definitely a challenging hike, many very steep and rocky areas. We had to push 2 of our 3 dogs up the last stretch to the summit because it was practically rock climbing, the other dog is part mountain goat. There is a false summit that you can see the true summit from, it was about another hour from there to the actual summit. Not 360 viees, but beautiful none the less. I was definitely sore the next day, but it was a great hike, harder than expected.

3 days ago

A lot of carriage roads but the Gertrude's Nose trail makes up for it. Awosting Falls running pretty good.

I had the mountain to myself on this particular morning. There was plenty of granular snow on the trail given the persistence of winter weather we've been having in mid April. There were some icy spots on the way up but nothing that poles and microspikes couldn't handle easily. The summit of Cascade was extremely windy and the cloud cover obscured all views so I didn't spend much time at the top of either peak. Had a blast with some controlled slides and running on the descent. Started at the registry at 5am and was back at the car by 7:20.

Very easy, but nice views of the park

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