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It was a challenging climb, would suggest to moderate climbers. I did the switchback which is still a bit challenging. Love the view of the Chazy lake at the top!

on Fire Tower Trail

21 hours ago

21 hours ago

Trail is pretty rocky and there is a lot of bedrock that can be slick when wet. Awesome views from the top even though the fire tower was closed.

Gorgeous! The lupines are gone around this time of year but if you go earlier in the season (May/June?) they absolutely COVER this area and it's amazing. It's like a purple blanket. There are more butterflies here than I've seen anywhere else. Fun trail!

23 hours ago

Schunemunk Mtn is amazing! I took the Sweet Clover trail and it was a strenuous hike! About a mile into the hike the trail becomes very steep and rocky. I also saw two snakes on the trail. Also, the railroad tracks are ACTIVE Metro North tracks, so use caution when crossing them!

Another fantastic High Peak adventure with a little bit of everything, and quite exceptional in the scenery department.

For starters, there is no warmup. You get out of the truck and it's almost instantly gnarly, rocky, and fairly steep. You'll go along with a stream and cross it a time or two, plenty of drinking water at this point if you have a doggy with you.

You'll soon come to the Giant Washbowl which is a gorgeous pond surrounded by rock faces and steep forest. So beautiful it seems like it's from a movie scene.

At this point the climbing becomes pretty mellow for a short time until you take a hard right and it gets seriously steep and rocky. Be very careful you don't miss this turn. There is a sign, but the trail going straight seems like the obvious path, the steep slope you have to climb doesn't really catch your attention if you're looking down. I missed this turn, cost me about 20 - 30 minutes, but the scenery was beautiful anyhow. My bad, was looking down and simply missed the sign.

From here almost all the way to the summit it's a mix of steep rocky ground and fairly steep rock slabs with a few scrambles along the way and a few flat spots for a breather. Technically there isn't anything so challenging that you should worry over it.

The scenery all through the heart of this climb is stunning. There are numerous overlooks which give you incredible photo opportunities of the surrounding peaks.
There is very little in the way of water from the Washbowl to the summit for your doggy. He'll find some puddles here and there, but you're going to need to bring some along to be safe. You really can't count on ground water.

As you near the summit the going gets a little easier as it flattens out quite a bit, with some steep rocky climbs and fairly steep slabs sprinkled in.

I saw in some of the reviews before me that the view from the summit was disappointing. Honestly, I don't think these people could have been at the summit. The scenery is stunning, so don't stop short thinking it isn't worth it. It most certainly is a site to behold. It's not a 360 degree view, but incredible nonetheless.

The main thing to watch out for is getting off trail. There are numerous trails that turn off of the main trail and long sections of the trail which aren't marked well. As you get higher up into the slabs there is yellow paint on the rock but it's faded and inconsistent in places. I highly recommend a GPS to be safe and don't keep going if you aren't 100% sure you're on trail.

This is a nearly 3,000 foot vertical climb over a course of 3 miles so it's a serious hike and it's quite steep overall. You should be in some kind of shape for it and have a lot of fluids with you. Do not skimp on the water. Seriously.

If you have a dog you may need to help him out in spots so have a long leash or a short rope with you, but it's totally doable. Also make sure the dog is in some kind of shape for this. From a sedentary life on the couch to the summit of Giant Mountain is not a plan for success for human or for animal :-)

Beautiful scenery...quite an adventure!

First 4,000 footer for my wife & I. A little mud made it just as tricky going down as it was a workout going up. Views were well worth it. Cooled off in Cascade Lake at the bottom.

Great hike, stay to right after you pass first snowmobile bridge. This will bring you to the summits of the cliffs. Really muddy on the travel up and down so wear a waterproof hiking boot. At the top of its populated not much room for privacy, the look out are is not that large. I hiked at 5pm and no one their. Great short hike with a rewarding view.

A beautiful short hike with an amazing reward at the end! Went in July and it is pretty wet in some spots. Very easy for children or older adults.

Beautiful view at the top. Did it in April so it was pretty muddy. It's a steep but rather easy hike.

Started from the trailhead at Rte. 74, basically a hike through a bog. Ascended via the north side of Pharoah Mountain, then descended to Pharoah Lake via a much steeper southeast trail. Absolutely beautiful views and an idyllic lake. Not another soul in sight. don't underestimate the Adirondacks--this hike took 6 hours for 14 miles and it kicked my butt.