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1 day ago

I really enjoyed this hike. my niece, 6 year old dog, and I hiked this in about an hour and a half. The hike was alittle strenuous on your calves going up, but once you got to the hotel it was worth it, from there the watchtower and overlook cliff is only .30 :).

Great view from the fire tower. Quick and easy hike but enjoyable.

Nice hike path is clear and safe all the way up as far as hiking through rocks and such. Great views had a great time.

This hike came as advertised. It was a kind of boring hike up, but the ruins are really cool, the views are great, and we saw a timber rattlesnake. My wife and I have only been getting serious about hiking for a few months and we finished in 2.5 hours, which included a few minutes chatting with some volunteers at the top. Overall,it was a great way to spend a morning.

We hiked this back in April. Muddy trails but the top was worth it. There’s awesome abandoned buildings and a tower you can climb at the top. Gorgeous views

16 days ago

Boring all truck road .. top of the fire tower is locked

The trail itself was pretty boring. It felt like an old road (which it may have been given the numerous hotels over the years right off of it near the top) rather than a hiking-specific trail developed within the woods/mountains. Also be prepared to not have a lot of shade during the hike. It offers a steady climb to the top that I would consider moderate but nothing more (if you hike fairly often), though certain areas will definitely get your heart racing. That being said, we got lucky and went on a very pleasant day in July (low 80s and low humidity). The incline could definitely take a toll in severe heat.

All of that being said, the views from the top are worth the trip. Try to visit on a day when the fire tower and “museum” are open. The mini-museum offers some fascinating history about the area as well as the abandoned hotel you pass by on the way up. Plus, the views from the top of the fire tower are even better than those from the overlook (which is saying something). We did not encounter any rattlesnakes.

A three mile hike straight up hill? You sound less crazy when you get to the top and have the opportunity to admire the views. This place is also highly populated with Timber rattlesnakes so I would recommend sticking to the trails and keeping a close eye on your pets. Otherwise the trail is well maintained and worth it!!

28 days ago

The hike up to the summit is a steady incline up a road. The top is absolutely beautiful especially the view from the fire tower. My only concern was the Timber Rattlesnakes that are very common along the trail and at the top. We saw a big one in alert mode with its head up. Think twice about bringing a dog with you on this hike because the snakes are no joke

1 month ago

Nice to have the hotel ruins as a destination and the extra half mile to the tower is worth it

Hike itself is a 1/5 stars (nonstop loose rock and gravel track at steep incline for 2.4 miles)
Ruins of the old Outlook Hotel are a 9/5 stars
View from the fire tour is 5/5 stars

Total Rating: 5 Stars

Very very worth the hike up for the views and attractions.

Awesome hike! This was a very well maintained trail and I would highly recommend it. While it is certainly not easy, it is still doable for beginners that are up for a challenge. The view and the hotel make it well worth it.

Really well maintained trail. Not a lot to sew until you get to the top. But the views are so worth it! Definitely recommend.

Well maintained trail. Not much to see until you get to the hotel and all up hill. Easier after hotel and the view makes it all worth it. Moderate difficulty, difficult for beginners but doable. Definitely worth the effort. Get there early it is a small lot and it fills up by 9 or 10 on weekends.

Great view at the fire tower. Lots of annoying flies. Really cool to walk inside the abandon hotel.

So awesome. Old hotel is really cool and the lookout tower at the top...scary but gorgeous. Not to mention proximity to adorable woodstock.

Such a great hike with beautiful views from the fire tower and the overlook. The abandoned hotel was neat to walk through as well. Overall, I highly recommend it. Just be cautious of Timber Rattlesnakes while trekking along.I didn’t see any while I was there but they’ve been sited often.

This hike was one of my favorites!Loved the abandoned hotel it was right out of a horror movie, so cool! Make sure you check out the scenic overlook, the view is amazing. The hike wasn't that hard at all, it took me a little under 2 hours to get to the top.
Also check out the amazing Buddhist monastery right across from the trailhead parking! Wonderful day even with the little bit of rain.

Great hike. Slightly crowded when I went but it was The Weekend and a beautiful summer day. Fantastic views from the top, not a lot to look at on the way up though, but overall a very pleasant hike

Great trail, great cardio workout. the view was amazing! Fairly busy trail. Just be careful at the top, saw 3 Timber Rattle snakes.

2 months ago

Excellent hike. Great workout if you go at a fast pace. Good workout just for a normal hike. Remains a favorite hike. Some say an occasional snake above the hotel to the fire tower. Worth going up the fire tower.

The view is worth the struggle to get to the top. Couldn’t get into the top of the fire tower. Make sure you go tot the scenic overlook. It’s one of the best views I’ve seen in NY. It’s almost strait up from the parking lot to the hotel ruins. The last 1/2 mile isn’t that bad.

Fun little short hike. Cool hotel. Fire tower view was great. Saw a big fat rattlesnake. Cool day for sure.

Loved this hike, steep climb the whole way up. Well worth it for the ruins and the views from the top as well as the fire tower!

Great fun hike with amazing views! Super close to Woodstock which makes it very convienent. It is uphill and a bit strenuous the entire way up, but the trail is really a very well maintained fire road so it's not too shabby. The views from the fire tower are amazing and make it all worth it. Total time was a little over 2 hours which included about 30 min of playing around the abandoned hotel building and the fire tower.

Brought the basset/beagle mix and we made it up and down in a little over two hours with picture stops. A lot of people, so the earlier the better. There are bears and snakes but with the amount of people using the trail, bears seem rare. No word on snakes though.

2 months ago

I am so happy I did this hike! The scenic overlook took my breath away. A few things for non-experienced hikers: I thought I was in okay shape but oh, boy, this hike will inspire me to work out a lot more. I read the reviews below that this hike was super easy, but going about 2+ miles uphill in hot (high 80s) weather, while flies were constantly swarming around me despite bug spray almost made me turn back around half way up. It was difficult for me to pause and rest since the flies would attack me the second I stopped moving. (Putting a bandana around my head helped stop them from buzzing in my ears, though. Next time I'll have to bring a bug net to wear over my face!) Anyway, I decided not to be such a wimp and keep going, and was thrilled to get to the hotel ruins - very cool. As mentioned above, the scenic overlook was absolutely incredible and the best part. The fire tower was open, and the wind up there gave me a wonderful break from the insects along with a beautiful view. I saw adorable chipmunks everywhere, no rattlesnakes although I kept my eyes open. I was glad to bring hiking poles for the rocky/muddy parts of the trail - although almost non of the other hikers I passed had poles. It took me a little over 3 hours round trip - I parked in the farther parking lot, which added distance, and I probably spent about 20-30 minutes at the overlook/fire tower. It took I'd definitely do this hike again but will be more prepared against the bugs, or pick a better time of day. (I did this 5p-8pm)

2 months ago

Great first hike of the season. Would rate difficulty level Beginner to Moderate. Took us 2.5 hrs (with a lunch break in between) from parking lot to peak and down. Make sure to check out stores in Woodstock after the hike!

awsome hike! first of the season, ran into a serious thunderstorm, pingpong sized hail, and multiple tornado warnings, had poncho, made it to safe refuge under brick stairwell at the hotel ruins and waitied out torrential hail, lightning struck the firetower and was the loudest most powerful thunder crack i hsve every expeirenced, what an exhilirating rush n dynamic added to the hiking experience, the hotel ruins were really cool, its rank it easy going on moderate but pace yourself and YOU CAN DO ITT!! ENJOY AND BE SAFE , Love n God bless

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