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Trail is almost entirely melted after today’s weather ! It was a beautiful hike .. you don’t need spikes anymore unless the temperatures drop again. Will be going again soon

30 days ago

Beautiful hike to an abandoned hotel and a fire tower worth climbing. It’s definitely uphill but we did it with a chihuahua and he was fine!

This was such a great adventure!! Please bring micospikes. At least for no anyways .

Views are great but tower is closed .

2 months ago

We did this trail on the last day of december, it was cold and snowy with some ice. A good pair of microspikes is a good idea. It was -20 at summit so be prepared. Im in decent shape, very active and this is definetly a good incline but not unobtainable for the average. If your adventurous do the hike a hour and a half before sunrise and greet the sun from rock overlook just around bend from the ranger station. This hike is in my top favorites thus far as it gains elevation, its not long in distance, the view at overlook and firetower, the ruins of the hotel, the history in the catskill range, absolutely worth every step! The buddist monastery at parking lot is a great bonus. Safer in winter than summer for off trail exploring due to the rattlesnakes in summer so i hear, and you cant park anywhere but the lot so get there early or at less popular times.

2 months ago

The views from the top are fantastic. It’s good if you want a moderate out and back for exercise, but aesthetically it’s not outstanding. It’s a road with power lines.

Great quick and challenging hike! Ruins are pretty cool too! Be sure to get there early as the parking lot fills up quick and the local police fine people if they park on the road. I've heard the fines are quite pricey too.

Went on December 24 & the trail was covered in a sheet of ice. Bring shoe spikes! It’s not a difficult trail (slow elevation gain for 2.5 miles then back down) but the wintry conditions made it more interesting. Nice view of the Hudson from the top.

Easy walk. Old hotel ruins are fun also!

Nov 4 2017 great views old mountain house hotels firetower and apparently if you go during warm months there is a large habitat of timber rattlesnakes near the fire tower so if you go when it’s warm be careful near the top with children and pets. Can also continue trail to echo lake and some other trails to another parking.

4 months ago

Great workout. Yes, it’s a very long and steep grind up a gravel road - but the rewards at the top make it worth it!! The ruins are incredible and the views from top a tad further are a must see.

Steep uphill on gravel for first mile or more. Gorgeous views from the lookout.

4 months ago

This is rated moderate because it’s literally straight up a gravel path. The history that comes along with the hike is a bonus. Make sure you’re on the lookout for timber snakes, but as long as you don’t bother them they will leave you alone.

I went at 5:15 to watch the sunrise and I’m so glad I did, it was a breathtaking view from the fire tower.

4 months ago

This is a very active trail. Beautiful views along the way.
I would classify this as more than Moderate. It's pretty steep and rocky along the way. When you reach the ruins of an old hotel the climb is getting easier. At that point you are about 1/2 mile from the fire tower. There is also a scenic lookout just a few step from there. Great hike!

It was amazing! The first 2 miles are all pretty steep incline. I consider myself to be pretty in shape but had to take a few breaks to catch my breath on the way up. 2 miles in is the old abandoned hotel, then another .5 to the top. At the top is the fire tower, and another scenic lookout point. A few things that I didn’t see in the reviews (maybe I just didn’t read all of them) were that there a lot of rattlesnakes. There are a few signs that warn you about the snakes at the top. Also, another cool thing is that there is a volunteer guide that was at the top of the mountain. I can’t wait to go back!

Very steep incline the whole way up this hike but very worth the views at the top

Amazing views!

Best view for little mileage!

The trail is straightforward and the terrain is pretty easy considering it’s wide enough and not too rocky.

I brought my maltese with me and she had no problems but was pretty exhausted halfway going back, but then again its her first REAL hike outside of her city walks.

will definitely do again!

4 months ago

This is a beautiful view at the top! It's challenging, this was my first hike up a mountain and I was really struggling. The trail is very rocky and for the most part uphill, it's challenging but no impossibly, there was a 20 month old baby and miniature dogs hiking up so it was good motivation.

4 months ago

My first ever hike on a sunny Friday morning. It was beautiful, a little steep in the beginning, which was a good challenge. The view was unbelievable. I look forward to doing it again in the future.

Maybe the best view I've ever seen in my life is at the top of this hike. Definitely best view in upstate New York that I've seen. You can see all of the Hudson valley and a lot of the Catskills mountains. I'd definitely take visiting friends on this hike.

Beautiful October hike.

The view is amazing

Great hike that I as a plus size woman say is not very moderate as its mostly just a gravel trail, but the incline can be a challenge for some. Even passed folks with strollers! We arrived early around 830am on Sunday and lot was almost full. Coming down passed many folks but to us the more hikers the happier I am because people need to be enjoying our nature! View at top is amazing and old hotel is great to explore. Have an open mind when hiking and be glad to see others out. I could rate higher but I think it wasnt a difficult moderate hike (&I have hiked 46ers too) . View was bit in the clouds but its expected. Glad we drove the 2hrs down to do it.

5 months ago

The trail isn’t hard mostly a graveled wide path to the top, it is a pretty steady incline but most people could make it with no problems. The path was heavily crowded. PARKING IS A NIGHTMARE. Do not park anywhere other then the park lots or you WILL get ticketed. Other then that the views and the fire tower are cool and the abandoned hotel was awesome but with so many people it’s definitely harder to enjoy.

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It might have been boring had it not been for the weather. This was my first time hiking in significant rain. Fog at the trailhead and stared straight into nothingness from the scenic view at the summit. It was really entertaining to see just a wall of white from the summit. The heavy rain caused a good trickle to form for the last half mile from the hotel ruins to the summit. It was a lot of fun testing the boots out in it.

Great hike. It is a straight 2.5 mile incline to the top. but worth the view and plenty of places to stop along the way. Cool architecture about 2 miles up that is a fun spot to explore and take a breather before the final half mile.

We went early so it wasn't crowded but as we were leaving around noon the parking lot was pretty full. i would recommend doing it earlier if you prefer less people.

Cool monestary across the street from the parking lot which is fun to check out as well.

Not a difficult hike, just have to be careful going back down.

Steep but worth it! Great views of the area up top and some cool abandoned buildings.

Nice hike. Lots todo at the top, the ruins of the old Mtn house, fire tower and the view is amazing.

Somewhat of a boring hike up to the old hotel and overlook peak and tower as you're just walking on an old gravel road that was moderately trafficked during my Wednesday hike. But was all worth it as the view from the top overlooking Hudson Valley is unreal, we spent a long time there before venturing to echo lake. The hike to the lake was much more challenging as it was a small walking trail that is VERY rocky. Make sure knees/ankles are good if you go this way!

steady ascent and descent. Easy trail marking, you just need to follow the path. Crowded even on friday afternoon.

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