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4 days ago

The Falls hike was educational and the views great. A little too commercialized for me. They have another trail which is more of a challenge. The nature trail is a great hike but with no map and poor trail markings it was a challenge. I followed footprints but at one point led me to a dead end. I don’t know about you but it made me feel unsettled.

great hike that pretty much anyone can do, just have to pace yourself. marble mountain is by far the hardest part but at least you get it out of the way right off the bat. once thats done is smooth sailing until the whiteface summit. I did it the day after a prettyy heavy rain storm so the trail was really slick most of the way, for at least a mile I was walking in somekind of a stream or mud. Make sure to take that quick detour to the abandoned chair lift at the summit of marble mountain, great place for a snack before the final push. GTX boots and poles highly recommended for this one...have fun!

Whiteface is a fantastic hike. As others have said, once the trail starts it is a constant uphill hike, which makes sense since it's a mountain..but still don't expect too much level terrain to rest your legs on. I started from the ASRC and it looked like parking filled up around mid-morning or so.

Whiteface was definitely unrelenting, but a beautiful hike all around. Weather couldn't have been better yesterday for it either. Summitted in about 4 hours starting from the trailhead, not the ASRC. The Esther trail seemed a tad overrun so we decided to push forward to Whiteface. Glad we did - we were digging deep at the end on this one!

15 days ago

Amazing. We stayed in Lake George/Diamond Point and drove the 1.5 hrs up to Catamount
following Google Maps’ instructions. Shockingly easy to get to, and a beautiful drive. No gas stations, except for one in Keene - be prepared ahead of time. The hike itself started out easily enough, but suddenly took a sharp uphill climb. Before we knew it, we were hand over hand climbing. Two false summits presented themselves - both with stunning, dizzying views. After the second false summit, there was about a 30 minute climb over bare rock to the very top, which was absolutely worth it, but a little more than what I would consider “moderate.” Hikers looking for a moderate to easy climb may wish to stop at the first “summit,” or the second. The trail is well marked in places, but towards the top it is very easy to become confused. As other reviews state, look for small rock cairns, the small yellow trail marker circles, and in particular, at one daunting point, a blue bandanna on a small tree. Despite all this, the hike took a solid two hours to the summit and two more back to the trailhead.

We left from the ASRC and ascended up Marble Mtn to the Whiteface trail. There isn't a trail register at the small parking lot at the ASRC, just a small "Trail" sign pointing down a path. From there you come out to a gravel 'road' that leads you to 2 'unmarked' trails. The trail to the left says it's for bikes or snowmobiles. The trail straight ahead is the Marble Mtn trail you want to follow. It starts ascending immediately, after almost a mile you reach a small lookout spot and continue to the Whiteface trail. There is a sign at the herd path for Esther, which is unmarked but easy to follow. Not much of a view at the top of Esther, other than a small spot at the summit where you can see Whiteface in the background. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the summit of Whiteface from the time we got back to the main trail from the Esther summit. There was some snow and ice as you approached the road up to Whiteface. Views at the summit were beautiful. Overall a great hike.

25 days ago

An incredible fusion of nature and man made spectacle

Amazing views on top! I like the scramble towards the top and middle of the trail has a good incline throughout, but the beginning was a bit too flat and drawn out for my liking. I tried to do it with my dog the first time around and had to stop at the scramble, about 0.3 mi from the top, as he couldn't do that part. I have a very hardy and athletic dog, who is able to do almost all hikes with me, therefore I'd say leave your pooch at home for this one, as you really do want to get to the top for the best views.

on High Falls Gorge

26 days ago

I was pretty annoyed at the high entrance fee ($12/person) but the views turned out to be worth it. I would call this more “sightseeing” than hiking. It’s like a series of boardwalks and stairs around the gorgeous falls. I can imagine this gets pretty crowded- a tour bus arrived as we were leaving. If the parking lot is full, you may want to find something else to do.

very challenging trail but totally worth it

May 5, 2018. We started at the Atmospheric Research Center - just my 12 year old son and me, with snowshoes on our packs. Trail was dry and beautiful -- misty morning with some spitting rain. A few muddy spots but not bad at all compared with a lot of other Adirondack hikes. After the Marble Mountain summit where the ski lift used to end, we saw more ice. The ice started to accumulate and it was hard to walk, sometime we had to pull ourselves up by the trees on the edge of the trail and thinking "how will I come down this." People with microspikes passed us. Then snow started to replace the ice at upper elevations. We put on our snowshoes, which have metal teeth beneath, and things got much better. The bootpack right now is very narrow, and if we stepped on either side one leg would slide off and twist you while your other leg still had purchase -- tough walking... keep one foot in front of the other and be careful where the bootpack is crumbling. We post-holed in more then 3' - 4' of snow. My got one leg in so deep we had to dig it out -- even with my help, we couldn't pull him out of the compacted snow. I post-holed to my waist several times. Snowshoes were helpful, but very awkward if you slid off the boot pack. I wrenched one knee near the top. The arete is magnificent right now -- some snow still around, but many rocks exposed and the weather turned clear just as we were getting up there. We reached the summit, but I was unable to go back down the trail because of the pain in my knee and we had to give up on Esther, which we were saving for the descent. At that point I could only take small linear steps, so we walked down the road, 5.5 miles (I think) of steep downhill pavement back to our car (which is nearly harder on your legs than taking a trail!). The road is mostly clear of snow but not yet open to cars, and the amazing Iron People were already riding up it on their road bikes.
We recommend you take microspikes and snowshoes at this point. Snowshoes alone might be enough given how much snow is still on top and if it doesn't freeze again. They bite nicely into the icy spots. Given the forecast, we think there will be some snow for at least another couple of weeks, particularly in the shaded trails on upper elevations.

This was one of my favorite hikes. We went for Whiteface first through Marble Mountain then went to do Esther (which didn't have any views to be honest).

Whiteface was amazing though!!

1 month ago

Absolutely beautifull views! Be carefull that you have to pay however to enter these falls.

1 month ago

I did this hike yesterday, April 27, 2018, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it for the time being. I did it as a double summit of Whiteface and Esther via Marble Mountain, and had a really hard time with the snow. I consider myself a pretty careful hiker but the number of postholes on the trail (especially leading up to Esther mountain) was crazy. I had to dig myself out of some of them cause they were more than hip deep.

Save this hike for the summer when all the snow is gone or in the winter when it’s all iced over.

If you do decide to do this hike, park in the parking lot of the atmospheric science and research center in Wilmington, NY. The trailhead is marked with a little wooden sign that says “trail”, which will lead you down a gravel road. The start of the trailhead isn’t marked, so when you come to a sign that has an arrow pointing left for a bicycle trail, go straight up. This is the start of the Marble Mountain trail which is 0.9 miles. Again, the start of this trail won’t be marked, it’ll just look like a path that goes straight up the mountain. There’s no sign in or registry.

great view, challenging hike.

Love this hike. I’ve hiked it from the bottom, drove up it, snowboarded down it. Just an overall great mountain. The part where the trail turns into the road is great. And the part of the trail from the road to the top of the mountain is great, so many views.

Ideal day for hiking, overcast & 60s. Started from the ASRC, had a little trouble finding the trailhead (it winds down to the left of the loop in the road and behind the building). Very steep for the first mile to Marble Mtn, but Marble gave us the best view of the day. Headed up and over to Esther first, no view but beautiful fog. Lots and lots of mud. Finished on Whiteface, foggy and no view. Saw a hiker who had a Corgi in her backpack, our day-maker for the lack of views at the summit.

We were up & down in about 8 hours, had a group of 4 people with various fitness levels. Definitely one of those hikes where the quality of your hiking boots make or break your experience.

Fresh snow covers the ice created during rainy period. Some drifting above 3,000 feet. Light snow today with limited visibility. Summited Esther first, then Whiteface. Saw four backcountry skiers come up the access road, which is plowed and covered in ice. Rigorous hike and quite steep on top. The final 400 vertical feet along the ridge was impressive. Could see alpine skiers dismounting the Summit Quad chairlift. Wind relatively calm today. Started at the Wilmington Reservoir. Noticed most people access the trail from the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, 110 Marble Mountain Ln, Wilmington, NY 12997, which shortens the hike by 1.3 miles.

A great hike. All the other high peaks I have done have started off slow and gradually worked up to a higher incline. This one felt like we were going up the whole way. It did make going down pretty easy though. We picked up some micro spikes before making the hike and I think it was one of the best moves I ever made. About a third of the trail was ice, and the stairs going up to the top were, too. The stairs were extremely windy, so we went back down the ridge from the top. Much easier even with the small ice ledge where it meets the road.

Winter hike was a little more demanding than expected but overall worth the two high peaks you get out of this trail! Don’t forget to plan on it being windy and even colder at the top. The peak buildings are closed during the winter as a reminder. Trail was easy to follow and would recommend.

Beautiful views. Have done in both winter and summer. Great hike!

One of my favorites! The only downside is the 2 mike walk to the base of the mountain from the parking lot.

Snowy/icy and windy at the peak. Was snowy on the way up for the bottom half but on the way back down it melted - so lots of deep wet spots. Absolutely gorgeous up there though. The second half of the hike was amazing.

Fantastic hike. This was our groups Plan B, as the Adirondacks Loj trailhead was very overcrowded, parking was over 2 miles down the road past the bridge! We were not disappointed as this smaller peak was very challenging and rewarding.

Awesome last weekend of October to hit both Whiteface and Esther. 7 hours RT to complete. Not too busy at summit as the tourism season was closed. Very windy but sun-shined filled. Came across some small patches of snow and ice at peak.

Amazing trail!! Beautiful day! So glad we were able to hit Ester as well took us 8 hours to do both! Worth the effort!

Amazing hike, but a tough scramble near the summit. Got a little bit lost going up. Look for cairns, pay attention to footprints and tree limb barricades directing you to the easiest path to follow up. Also, look for blazes on trees and the rocks. Excellent views on top and had complete solitude on this Sunday afternoon.

8 months ago

I started at the ASRC and met this trail at the marble mountain summit. The steepest part was the beginning up marble mountain and the last mile to the summit of whiteface. It took me 5 hours but I was moving fast. It was 13 miles round trip including hiking Esther on the way there. Overall very fun hike but definitely steep and rocky at parts.

9 months ago

Great mountain and views. Overall a fairly easy climb aside from the chimney and some of the open rock segments.

This was my first high peak and I am not in the best shape of my life it was tough especially towards the summit for me at least. Very Rocky and I would say 85% of the hike was directly uphill (go figure being a high peak and all). We started our climb at the reservoir, we skipped Ester in hopes to accomplish on the way back but we burning day light so we unfortunately didn't make Ester The view at the Summit was so beautiful completely worth the hike! I just wish it wasn't so touristy at the summit (you can drive up to the top in your car) All in all great hike! .

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