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perfect place for a picnic lunch

The view from Whiteface is fantastic! Walking around the summit you'll get a 360 degree view that on a clear day lets you see Montreal. There's a short dip from the parking lot after which the first mile or so is a steep incline following a tow path. There is some scrabbling toward the top of Whiteface after you pop up by the road, but otherwise it's a path with some rockier sections. The spur off to the summit of Esther is the easiest part-- it's a rolling forest path. No view from Esther, just the plaque letting you know you got there.

Easy to start off. Then goes into a rocky, consistent incline with several rock scrambles. About 3/4 of the way up you come to a steep, narrow cut out in the rocks, just big enough for one person to fit straight up. After that is another steep climb up rocks. To the left is a smooth rock and to the right is a space so narrow I had to take my pack pack off and go up sideways. If you are terrified of heights like myself I do not recommend this. I had to turn back because it was a straight drop to my right. There is a nice false summit a little before this part with beautiful views and plenty of places to sit and eat.

First off, the distance RT is much closer to 4.5 - 5 miles, the trail has some switchbacks that are a bit off the path on here. Second, the hike was fun. There was some scrambling, which was a a bit tricky, but myself and my father had no issues. I loved the rock scrambles, makes this hike a fun one, different than other scrambles I've done. Once you get up onto the exposed rock, the trail can be very tricky to follow. There are a few trail markers and some rock cairns, go slow and look for these. Have some sort of map just to be safe.

Definitely moderate plus. Quite a bit of scrambling is involved, but well worth it for the views. Very interesting terrain. We got off trail once or twice, but quickly recovered. Probably not recommended for young children. The distance to summit seems longer than the listed 3.3 miles. Otherwise an excellent gem of a hike!

Easy spot to get to you as it is close to the road. Tall cliffs and little waterfalls make for an enjoyable sights

Vraiment une belle trail pour les courtes sorties. Parcous assez facile ce qui est bien quand tu veux y aller relaxe . Une nuit passé au lean to m'a permis d'écouter des cris d'animaux que j'avais jamais entendu. Le parcours à par contre besoin d'une petite restauration mais sans plus. Jai apprécié stationnement dans bois sur par bonie

Vraiment une belle trail pour les courtes sorties. Parcous assez facile ce qui est bien quand tu veux y aller relaxe . Une nuit passé au lean to m'a permis d'écouter des cris d'animaux que j'avais jamais entendu. Le parcours à par contre besoin d'une petite restauration mais sans plus. Jai apprécié

Coming from a group of fit 30 yo, this was a great yet strenuous hike (and that's without the detour to Esther) Enjoy the the first flat part, as it gets pretty steep about 2k in. Trail is well maintained and beautiful. Views on top are very nice, but somewhat crowded and less of "lost in nature" vibe. Many people get there by car. Washrooms hard to find. Overall, great hike, would def recommend. Took us 7h including one hour lunch break. Have fun!

I can't lie, this one kicked our butts! Started at the reservoir at 7am, before the parking lot gets full. Marble Mt. seemed like it was never going to end! The little break at the top of Marble was much appreciated, and the going to Esther was much easier after that. Made it to Esther in 3 hours. Not much to see from the top of Esther and the trail was VERY muddy. Trail back up to Whiteface wasn't bad. We made it to the summit of Whiteface at 5 hours. Cloudy with no views, unfortunately. Headed back down and made it back to the car at 9 hours after a slow downhill- we are very cautious on the downhills. I never know how people go so fast! Total time: 9 hours Total Distance: 13.5 miles

This began as a pretty hike and turned into a rocky steep straight up climb. After 4 miles, and no lookouts or pond in sight, my friends and I decided to head back out. I will try the other trail listed on this app. This one was disappointing. This one said Cooper Kill Trail. Nothing about a pond. So I missed out seeing it.

22 days ago

Great Trail, lots of bang for your buck! Views are amazing!

Hiked Whiteface and Esther on a hot and hazy Saturday. I started from the reservoir (Wilmington Trail) which made the hike a tad longer with more vertical.

The reservoir route gives you a gradually climbing warm up section on a woodsy trail and then gets down to business after a couple of miles. On the whole I found the trail quality quite typical for most of the hike. It gets a little wacky (mostly piled boulders) when you hit the road area. Once past that, the open ridge section up to the summit is beautiful with 360 views while you hike. There were dozens of tourists at the top but it was kind of a fun scene. Lots of people to meet and help with photos. Was about 10 degrees (C) cooler at the top.

It's a lot of vertical so start early and be patient or its a long slog. I spent almost an hour at the top for lunch so the whole hike took me about 8 hours. Went through 3+ liters of water. My knees were very happy to see the bottom ;-)

This was a great trail! We decided to start at ASRC. Marble Mountain is tough, but it’s over pretty quickly. Once you get past Marble Mountain, there is a constant incline until you get past the trail marker for Esther. We skipped Esther as we are not planning to be 46er’s. Another couple we spoke to said the trail for Esther was very muddy and the views were “just ok,” so glad we skipped it. After Esther, it levels off for a bit and then gets right back to it. The final push from the stone wall was a challenge, but the views from the summit made everything worth it! We started on a Saturday at 10am exactly, very little traffic on the trail until we got closer to the top around 12-1pm. The “early group” had started their descent around that time. The Summit, however, was cluttered with people who had driven up, taking up a lot of sitting room for the hikers who wanted to rest their feet. That’s my only grumble. Nevertheless, the views were absolutely stunning, even with the crowds. Challenging, yet incredibly rewarding! It took us 3 hrs to reach the summit from the parking lot (skipping Esther) and 2 hrs from the summit to our car. Poles would have definitely been helpful, but not necessary.

27 days ago

Easy trail, good view. Very little effort for a good reward. Did it with 3 month old, 2 year old, and dog as a test run to see how the kids behaved in the carriers.

So the trail name is really Cooper Kill Pond, not Kiln. This trail is awesome, the second mile is a bit of elevation, but not terrible. And the leanto and pond are amazing. There was literally not another single person on the entire trail with me today. I did not stay overnight, just hike in and back out, beautiful once you get to the pond, the silence was absolute, it was a complete sound void-amazing. The trail itself was meh as far as scenery/interest.

Hiked on Friday, 8/24. This trail was a lot of fun, but probably a bit ambitious for me as a beginner 46er just 9 months out from ACL surgery and three weeks after a mild ankle sprain on the same leg.

This was my second high peaks hike and I set out with about 5 liters of water and changes of socks and shirts as well as cold weather apparel and emergency gear. I really only needed the water and a snack. Don’t overpack in the summer.

I started slow on the Marble trail at 745 and took tons of breaks up the climb. I made the summit at 845 AM. There were some very nice hikers who were bringing their pup up to Whiteface there, and we advised them on the summit location.

Then, I hit the hardest park of the climb, the hike between Marble and the Esther split. This portion of the trail was less steep than Marble but very uneven (trouble for me since my footing was so important). My climbing partner, also suffering from balky knees, decided to turn around at this portion.

I made the fork on schedule and chose to go to Esther first - I got to Lookout’s indistinct summit at 1039 and then made Esther at 1123. The path was very muddy and I had to patiently slog directly through in order to ensure solid footing. I lost a good portion of time and energy at Esther, and I think a beginner is better off doing this after Whiteface.

I made the turnaround and, despite the advice of a few well intentioned trail friends who told me to turn around based on my tired and muddy appearance, pressed onto the summit of Whiteface.

It took me two hours to make the road up to Whiteface from Esther, significantly longer than my trail plan. I would’ve turned around at the road but these great guys from PA convinced me I’d get up no problem.

I hit the final ridge and the precipitous drops off the side and breathtaking views were really worth it. If you want to hike and get a summit but are afraid of falling, the Whiteface trail is not for you.

I made the summit at 145, approximately 9.6 miles according to my activity tracker. The return was 5 miles down, so I’d suggest a distance revision to 14 miles for this hike.

As a piece of encouragement for beginner hikers, there’s no shame in trying and doing your best and knowing your limits. But trust the experienced hikers around you and don’t fear turning around or cutting something out of you cannot manage.

I chose Whiteface because the road gave me options near the top of a very high summit. I’m glad I went up the traditional route, but I don’t regret stopping to talk and taking longer to get work there. It’s about the journey and the story, not just the summit.

Easy hike with beautiful views!

Great hike! Definitely more than moderate because of the rock scrambles and elevation change all within about a mile. The 3.3 miles listed here is only to the FALSE SUMMIT. It’s closer to 4.4 miles round trip to the summit. If you haven’t seen the marker, you’re not to the summit yet! Take your time and enjoy the views!

Great hiking with some challenges at the beginning when you up straight.
Most of the hiking is in the woods so you don’t see a lot while climbing but got different type of grounds (rocks, mud, flat, etc) which make it fun.
We didn’t see much at the top as we were in the clouds but that was a bit magical :)

Overall amazing hike!! The hike starts out pretty flat and then quickly starts ascending for about a mile and a half at inclines between 15-40 %. That was definitely the toughest part but you get a pretty good break at the junction of marble mountain and whiteface. The views make it 100% worth it!! The only downside was that the terrain was quite rocky (easy to trip a lot), and very muddy at certain points despite the beautiful weather.

Nice place to visit with friends and or family. There is an entrance fee and a very popular tourist attraction. If you are looking for a challenge and more quiet time with nature, you may want to avoid this one. But, if you are looking for something relaxing and family friendly, this is for you! Nice falls!

Absolutely beautiful! Lots of scrambling! Lots of birch trees and ferns and moss.

only worth it with clear sky. the man in the toll booth was very unhelpful.

1 month ago

Short hike with great views and it was easy enough for my 11 year old dog!

Did this on 8/5, one of the hottest days of the year. It was more difficult than I had remembered the first time I had done it but I haven’t been hiking as much lately. Took us 7.5 hours, including at least 30 minutes at the top mingling with the tourists and enjoying the stellar views.

1 month ago

easy hike, gorgeous views at the top

It wasn’t terribly difficult. I found the first half to be quite a bit of a workout but nothing terrible for those in shape. We summited Esther after around 2.5 hours and hit Whiteface an hour and a half or so after that. The views on Esther were some of the worst I’ve seen on a hike. The mountaintop is entirely wooded. It was very muddy the day we hiked it making this trek somewhat less enjoyable, but that’s part of the journey. Whiteface would have had some great views if it wasn’t for the fact that we were inside a cloud and couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us. I wouldn’t do Esther again and wouldn’t recommend it at all unless you’re going for 46. I wouldn’t mind doing Whiteface again but I’m much more looking forward to skiing down it than I am climbing again.

Really awesome trail! I would say it is medium to difficult. If one has any back or knee issues I would not attempt this. The views at the top are amazing.

We had a great day to hike catamount. Perfect half day hike. Agree with Elocin the last .8 is challenging. But fun.

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