Photos of Whitehall Trails


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This hike had some really amazing views and well worth it. We did start off in the wrong direction , the trailhead was not marked so it was relatively easy to walk right past. The trail is off to the right of the main four wheeling trail. look for blue blazes (although we had a difficult time spotting them throughout the hike) we decided to do the loop clockwise as we would be going down what looked to be a very steep on on all trails rather than going up. when the trail splits off at the loop the blazes change to white , which were even more difficult to spot than the blue . right at the beginning of the loop you're rewarded with views of Vermont , and you can see Equinox and Stratton Mountain in the distance. After that you begin the descent down to South Bay. we had a difficult time finding the trail due to fallen leaves, and lack of any other traffic on the trail. The blazes seem to be completely missing in spots that desperately needed them, we had to wander to find them. After reaching South Bay we started to ascend back up the Saddle, there was quite a bit of loose rock, which combined with the leaves made it quite a bit harder. Got especially turned around because something that looked like an obvious trail was not the trail to be following. VERY important to look for the white blazes. Overall this was a GREAT hike , but one more thing to note, there seemed to be quite a few hunters at this location, so keep in mind to wear bright clothing and make yourself heard.