West Park

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1 month ago

This is hallowed ground for any nature lover and I was honored to visit John Burroughs cabin that was built by Burroughs in 1895. As I walked around a thunderstorm rolled through and I took refuge on the porch of the cabin; the porch which not only Burroughs spent time observing nature around him but he also entertained Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Ford on that very porch. John Burroughs (1837-1921) is the father of the modern nature essay, he published over 300 articles in the most popular magazines of his day along with 27 books on nature in his 60 years of writing. Burroughs also singlehandedly inspired Teddy Roosevelt to launch his conservationist agenda, which ultimately saved numerous wildlife from extinction as well as much of the pristine forest and natural wonders of the US.