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Went there recently with my son while the trails were snow covered. A bit challenging due to the ground conditions but worth the hike to see the view from the top. We went up to the Wheel House and plateau and didn’t go to the Fire Tower which was about a mile further hike. We plan on going back in the warmer months and explore more of this areas.

17 hours ago


it was a gorgeous hike and decently challenging just take your time on the way down I sprained my lcl going to quickly

Kinda hard to navigate I kept ending up on the road running path

Beautiful hike today in the snow. The waterfall was maybe even more spectacular than the last time I came in the middle of summer. Icicles and snow really added to the beauty. The trail was definitely slick (more packed snow than ice); spikes or poles would be a good choice.

Took nearly 7 hours on snowshoes. Had to break the 2nd half of the trail.

My first hike ever. One of the days that changed my life, finding my love for the outdoors.

Go day after it rains.

Difficult climb chose to do it the other day after a snowstorm. The hike was beautiful with the snow covered trees but unfortunately we had zero visibility at top but we still enjoyed the loop. Would like to revisit in the summer!

7 days ago

Did this hike March 11th, 2018. We seemed to be the only ones on the hike this day as we made fresh snow tracks in 2ft + snow. It was extremely pretty in the snow.. steep.. and it just keeps going up haha. The ledge is worth it in my opinion if you want a decent challenge.

The pictures look nice, but when we arrived there were “Private Property” signs posted all over. I’m not sure if it was because of the time of year or if gps just took us to the wrong spot.

Nice trail with good scenery.

Bring trail map and start early. Very steep in spots.

A long hike but much quicker than one would expect. The 14 mile length is deceiving, a slow hiker like myself being passed by most on the trail took about 9.5 hrs. Not a problem for a summer day hike.

Trail is crowded in the summer but well maintained and of a modest grade as far as high peaks trails go. Few to no views until you get to the alpine zone. Great views from the baren summit of course.

Great hike. Awesome views. Easy to follow. Trail markers every few hundred feet.

Awesome place!

11 days ago

Nice easy hike. Great views of the dam and high level bridges.

Nice Trail with lots of views. Lots of ups and downs.

Beautiful breath taking view!

Love it, nice and simple, just got lost at the end...(

Great trails but really need snowshoes in the avalanche pass , be well prepare in winter . A lot of « lean-to » near the trails. Enjoy !

15 days ago

I went up a day after a storm. Was pretty easy for the first 2 miles, but after that, snow got way too deep. Should have brought along a pair of snow shoes. One of the better hikes close to NYC.

Short but great hike

15 days ago

Beautiful snowy day! Lovely.

Hiked from Rt. 22 up to where the Appalachian Trail met the red trail. Pretty tough climb in the snow, but very difficult to figure out where the red trail continued when I got to the top. Decided to turn around and come back. I’ll have to return when the weather is better to do the lake loop from Quaker Lake Road. The section of the AT I hiked was nice but no real views or outstanding features. Crosses some farmland at the beginning, and you’ll have to scale a few ladders over fences before you get to the Nature Reserve trailhead.

15 days ago


...I learned that the hard way.

Okay, so I made a huge mistake and ended up getting bucked off an open trail and onto a closed trail. Upon arrival, I noticed the Gorge Trail closure was clearly posted. So I took off on the Finger Lakes trail instead, hoping to catch some good Top-Down views of Lucifer falls.

Well folks, I ended up missing a trail marker, headed off down a deer path and wound up on the Gorge Trail. I was stopped maybe an hour later by a state trooper who had been monitoring trail traffic. I received a citation and was escorted out of the park.

Please keep an eye out for trail markers if you're here off season.

I thought a citation was a little harsh especially as there were other hikers out on the Finger Lakes Trail and the Rim Trail. Since I wasn't from the local area, I had assumed since I saw other hikers that I was in fact, on the OPEN Finger Lakes trail. Unfortunately for me I must not have navigated a junction properly and it cost me.

tl;dr - watch where you're going here. if the trail is closed, they do not post markers at every junction, but only at the trail heads.

Enjoy the pictures I took though! They only cost me ~$500 in fines :)

It’s not a difficult hike but can be a long one. There is a lake near the mountain top though it is off the main trail route but worth the detour. This trail is recommended for those who are new into hiking or still developing likings for it.

Nice 2 day backpacking trip. It starts pretty steep and then eases out to the top of Hunter Mountain. Views at the top of the tower are breathtaking. The back loop is much easier with one water point on the way down and then a river at the bottom.

dog and i hiked this with a friend and it was very beautiful and nice and short. very icy! made a mistake in not wearing spikes but We survived. falls were beautiful

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