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12 hours ago

I loved

I did this loop counter clockwise starting with Lower Wolf Jaw. I left the road at the first sign/bridge and hiked the woods. Very nice hike. Trip down Sawteeth is steep and covered with shredded leaves (like someone dumped lawn bags all over the place. Low traction slipped and went down twice.

Easy trail. Kids had a great time. Doubled back to the little waterfall after summit. Worth the hike!

23A is not the correct parking lot. That lot is dangerous, very small, and easy to get boxed in. Continuing up the hill on 23a, there are 4 more parking lots that are much larger, much safer, some even closer to the falls. There is a parking lot behind the Mountaintop Historical Society--take the rail trail to the falls area (also cool to check out what the area used to look like back in the day). Laurel-House Rd Parking---can hold up to 50 cars, has porta-johns, is wheelchair friendly and it's a .3 mi hike to the viewing platform, .7 to the pools. Schutt Rd, just past Laurel-House road---another huge lot with porta-johns and trail access to the falls. North South Lake campground---trail access to the falls but you might have to pay a cheap day-use fee (still better than walking down 23a, super sketchy).

This was a moderate trial (easy at times with some hard points). It was well marked with great views and was great for our 5 year old lab.

18 hours ago

A nice easy walk. A wide trail with small elevation changes.

19 hours ago

Working on the Adirondack Waterfall challenge, we decided to visit Death Falls, aka Hidden Falls which isn't too far from our home. A little park-n-hike to a beautiful waterfall , at just about 3/10th of a mile, it didn't take anymore than a 10 minute walk to get there. Hidden in the trees on a small brook, this little GEM is a must for all ADK waterfall seekers.

if you want to make this a much better hike and not pay the high price of $6 for parking right on old stage road you'll see a small parking lot that can hold around 10 car or you can parl along side the road if full. this spot will take you too 2 great overlooks. you see on the this map the dotted line call high point road. the second overlook is were hang gliders jump from. then take escarpment trail that will take you into the park and you'll be on Indian trail. this will make your hike a 100 times better.

Hopefully this will be one of many.

I loved this hike! I'm an asthmatic and I forgot my inhaler, so I had to take frequent stops, but the view from the top was completely worth it. Absolutely breathtaking!

Aspiring 46er and this was a great hike due to the great views at the top(past the summit sign). The flat start with intense elevation gain at the end is definitely a challenge! Took us 11.5hrs which includes an hour spent at the top.

Kicked my ass. But got it done

1 day ago

Excellent hike. Trailhead was not difficult to find based on the AllTrails directions. It took us right to the parking lot which had signs towards the trail across the street. The path was wide for the most part and very easy to follow. There was one confusing part about 1mi into the hike which was a fork in the path. There were two wide paths so we did not know which one to follow, but we stuck to the right and it took us the correct way. At the end we took a swim in the water which was cold but felt amazing as it was a hot summer day. The hike back was a breeze, mostly downhill. The hike to get to the falls was not very challenging and perfect for a quick and easy thing. Mostly shaded. Took us 40min, and the way back was maybe 20min. Would do it again! Very fun.

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1 day ago

It’s okay, small waterfalls but peaceful to walk along.

very easy. great for a hot day

Beautiful park with spectacular views of many waterfalls. Multiple stone stars take you up, down, behind and close up to the falls. Great experience!

Great hike! Took my 5 month old Vizsla and made it all the way to Mt. Marcy and back with no problems. The receptionist at the camping office was super rude but other than that it was a great weekend.

We know this trail but didn’t actually hike it. We came in via the ASCR trailhead so we could hit Esther Mt. on the way out. A high peak “double dip”.Pretty good route. Lots of grade.Beautiful scenery!About 8 miles or so.Good workout!

2 days ago

Very easy walk towards the waterfall. The hike around the rim is a nice walk but the views are not as great as expected. Some days the waterfall is underwhelming.

Gorgeous views from the top of Wright and Algonquin, but man, Algonquin kicked my butt. It was super humid out today and caused us to run through water much quicker than expected. I barely made 3 liters last until we hit the waterfall back on the way down. Felt accomplished to complete the two, a little disappointed we didn’t push on to Iroquois, but I had nothing left in the tank. Ton of respect for both of these mountains, they are challenging and pretty technical.

Wonderful views. Several of our health apps said mileage was 7.5 not 6.2. Was easy to follow and today not to many hikers.

Great hike!

I’m currently just under half way finished with the 46 and this was my favorite high peaks hike yet and one I’d be interested in doing again. Took 7 hours round trip with 10-15 on each summit (minus Boundary). Started at 4:30am heading from the loj and turned right at the first split to head to algonquin. The trail starts with some woods and rock hopping for a while. Eventually the trail becomes long steep rock slabs for a large portion of the trail, it was quite unique so far to what I’ve experienced (you’ll see what I mean when you go). Some soul crushingly steep and long sections of trail as well. Then as you leave the tree line it’s a long but amazing scramble to the top (as it is on all 3 peaks). Full views for all these long scrambles finishing off to the summits so that makes for a really fun hike. Made it to Algonquin in 2 hours 20 minutes. Was cloudy and windy this day so we didn’t stay too long (though you can tell this hike might have the best views of any hike around) and quickly went over to Iroquois (after going over Boundary mountain first). Make sure you take the correct trail at the split (follow markers and cairns down back side of Algonquin to trail split but take the trail to the right to Iroquois as the sign pointing you left goes down to Lake Colden, it’s easy to have the brain on auto-pilot and end up taking the wrong trail here). Narrow trail after getting back in the tree line. Took only 1 hour 20 minutes to get over to Iroquois and back to Algonquin. Similar awesome and enormous rocky summit with huge views. Started down towards Wright and went up from trail split. Took between 20-30 minutes to summit from split. We had great views for a few minutes then back to cloud coverage. We left and went down. Overall the terrain and hike was great. It might be difficult with young children and dogs due to the long and steep slabs and rock scrambles. There are much more friendlier mountains to hike with dogs and younger kids.

Marcy is the ultimate balance of challenge and reward. It’s a long, challenging 15 mile day with a lot of elevation gain, but it’s the peak that got me addicted to High Peaks Wilderness. It begins with a easy 2 miles to Marcy Dam, which has great views of Mount Colden. From there it’s 5 miles of rocks and badly eroded trail. The mountain runoff turned this place into a river on the rainy morning we hiked it. You don’t get any views until you begin the final push through the alpine zone. The above treeline summit of Marcy has spectacular views in all directions, you can see the whole range in all it’s glory. The clouds cleared for a brief 10 minutes as if the reward us for our efforts. When they came back, we headed out. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who likes strenuous mountains.

Really great trail and beautiful scenery. The trail is short with a bit of elevation gain as you follow the river. The falls have a unique shape, with a large rock dividing the cascades. There’s a short set of stairs that bring you to the pool below. We spent a lot of time climbing on rocks, exploring the gorge and taking in the scenery. Unfortunately swimming is not allowed, so if you are looking for a place to cool off, this isn’t the place to go. But if you just want to visit the waterfall, it’s definitely worth it.

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2 days ago

lower path and upper path have great views. upper path is a bit more of a hike than the lower path which is more of just a nature walk.

Main entrance is closed

Very nice trail. The trail is wide and easy to walk. We walked the red trail to blue loop. A couple of somewhat steep climbs, but most of the trail is blacktop so walking was easy. We were pleasantly surprised with this trail and will definitely go back!

This is a great hike with some great views and things to explore. We first stopped at Sams point which had great views. From Sams point we went at ice caves which was really neat to see if you've never been there before like myself it was nice and cold in the caves which was refreshing being so hot out and there was ice in one spot yes ice. After the ice caves we went to the falls but unfortunately the falls only had a trickle of water coming down it. On the way to the falls the views where spectacular. If you've never been here before it's definitely worth checking out, you won't be disappointed.

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