Great trail with great views and a variable topography. But I’d like to note that in order to see the bridges and achieve the 5.4 miles listed you should not follow the map shown. There is an option at the start of the loop to continue left on the red trail around the eastern reservoir or go right onto the blue trail between the reservoirs. The map shows a detour between the reservoirs that cuts off about 2 miles of trails. Stay left on red for the full experience. The 2 paths will join again at the park area. Also, if you follow the parking area listed here you should stay off the road so as not to get in the way of farm equipment. Spoke to the woman living there and she is fine with vehicles technically across the street but still on her property if you are well off the road. There are other parking options as well, at the park where the trail splits. Anyway, great workout. 5 stars if there was less people and more challenging terrain, but still an awesome hike.