Provides great access to Boughton Park in Bloomfied-- the park has a parking area only for those with permits (residents of West and East Bloomfield and Victor) so the rest of us can hike in using this AllTrails route. A few pointers: as others have noted, drive past The Apple Farm, turn right on Cherry Street and park on the asphalt just before the little farm house. Walk down the road, past the farm house and along the field. You will see a red marked trail to the right but do not take that! Continue to the end of the field and you will see a red marked trail to the left that takes you around the field and up into the woods. Stay red all the way until runs straight into a blue marked trail and take that. It's about a mile and a half to the ponds from your car.
As we returned to our car today, we met up with I think a gelded steer (?) on the path- I am not very cattle-savvy. Very friendly but scared of my dog who began barking and the bovine galloped back to the herd.
Anyway, this is about the best hike in the area! Enjoy!