1 month ago

5 Star as trail itself was very nice with a combo of moderate to easy. We followed the blue trail (Stermie Rd) counter clockwise to the red trail making a right turn to the Farm (farm referenced) on Cherry Road and returning to complete the loop at the parking area off Sternie Road. There is also a small purple loop on the west side to make the trip close to 6 miles. Had a nice hike with the dogs.

Warning: the access is very deceiving from the map and may have changed since others commented. First, the farm entrance on Cherry was blocked with a gate and electric fence. While a person could jump it, having two dogs was not our choice. We drove around the park looking for parking. All parking areas are "permit only, cars will be ticket or towed" (see town of Bloomfield for info). So you have 2 options, get a permit or risk the ticket...