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Did this one today, later in the afternoon, so I finished in the dark. I like a hike that lets you warm up your legs before you hit the steep pitches. This hike is ideal for that. Today, even at lower elevations, there is snow and ice, so micro-spikes are essential, especially going up that final pitch to the summit. The views are totally worth it, although the lower set of stairs have been removed, so access to the tower is nil. Again a great hike, but micro-spikes are a must.

up and Back in 2 hours 15/mins pretty easy other than last 1/2 mile cloudy not much to see and tower is closed off missing bottom stairs.Not a bad hike I would do again

Did it with my 4 and half year old daughter. The end of the trail is steep and combine with the half hour rain it will be an hard trip for my girl. We did it in aughust and we collected blueberry and raspberry. She did not like that the tower is close. Honestly, this hike was too hard for her. The last half on our way back she sleep in my arms. An apologyse father.

Nice trail, we did it in 4hrs with two kids age 6 and 9 and a puppy. The steepest part of the trail is the last quarter. It can be slippery too. we went on a beautiful july saturday and we were 10+ on the somewhat small summit under the firetower. it was a bit crowded. Then again it's hiking season ;)

Beautiful hike. In the beginning the trail is a logging road and it’s not marked besides the start of it and where you get put back on the trail. Moderate hike that turns into a harder hike towards the top as the incline gets steep and rocky. You can’t climb the fire tower due to people destroying it. I’d suggest to bring bug spray because the black flies are absolutely horrible.

This is a funny trail. The first half-ish (maybe give/take) is on gravel through a smidge of woods. You encounter dozens of butterflies who accompany you a good bit of the way. After that ends, you’re on a flat strip for about 10 min. Then the sweating, stopping, and wheezing begins. It ends with a beautiful flat carved out trail and then you hit the incredible summit. The trail is well maintained and accurately rated here. The only thing I wish I had known was how long the gravel portion of the hike is. The markers peeter out and you wonder if you’re where you should be. This is definitely hard but well rewarded! Bring bug spray too. The flies are everywhere.

A truly secluded beautiful hike. Abundant wildlife through various habitat ranging from old logging trails to steep, rocky inclines. The top half mile is steep. Many little streams crossing the trail during the last mile which made it nice for hiking with a dog. We had the entire trail to ourselves- we were the only hikers on a sunny Sunday which was a huge blessing. The fire tower is not active- it’s still beautiful to look at and an amazing summit. We saw signs of bear and moose today!

Did this two years ago. I’m a novice old hiker and this was a nicely challenging hike with a fantastic vista at the top! After a slow rise through an old logging trail the trail kicks in and your on you’re way. Gets steep at the end with some slippery rocks but the trail is well marked and should be no problem for the fit and somewhat adventurous hiker.

Great hike, went on May 5 and the top 1/3 was still knee deep with snow. Made for a pretty intense summit. All in all it was a beautiful hike and the views from the top were amazing

Saturday, October 07, 2017

A great hike. Secluded. Remote feeling. Fairly typical hike, the closer you are to the summit, the steeper the trail gets. 4 hours round trip with half an hour on the summit.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Originally thought we were hoping Debar. this mountain has a long incline up and not suitable for beginners. about 2.5 miles in, we were not seeing an end nor an and to incline. very challenging hike.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A secluded, quiet hike (on a weekday, at least), which I enjoyed. The top half was wet with slippery rocks, but it's been a wet season. It's a shame the tower is off limits, as the western (I believe) view is blocked by trees at the top.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Nice little hike with some worthwhile views. Jogged the first 2 miles on the road and trail and only had to slow down for the steep up at the end. Our gps clocked this at exactly 5.8 miles as stated, not sure why other people say it's longer. 1.5 hour round trip

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Really great view at the top; could see pretty far to the east towards Vermont. Firetower is not climbable.
The hike to get there is mostly gradual until the last mile or so. From the parking area, the trail immediately joins a road, you go right on the road for a short while and then the trail goes off to the left. Soon you join another road and again go right on this road for a while. Much of the hike passes through a heavily-logged area so its not that attractive. The trail again goes to the left off the second road and makes its way to the summit. Saw lots of wildlife; including a fisher and hundreds of butterflies licking the minerals on the road. Also saw lots of moose tracks.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This is a really rewarding hike. I'm not a big hiker and this was the first hard hike I've ever done. I was doing fine until the last mile or half mile. It gets pretty steep with a lot of rocks towards the top. Other than that, there's a beautiful view and it was definitely worth the work!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Completed as part of the ADK Fire Tower Challenge. Incredible views, definitely worth the hike. As others have stated below, the hike is more like 7.5 miles round trip and is very challenging the last 3/4 of a mile or so.

Note: Rangers/DEC staff recently cleared many down trees and the trail itself is in great shape.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

This. Hike. Sucked.
Not because of the views or the fact that the fire tower was out of service when I went...but because I was an idiot and didn't break in my new hiking boots prior to this hike. The hike is hard, it's rating is accurate. I am overweight and new to hiking, but this one was a serious kick in the butt. The views are gorgeous and worth the effort, just make sure you have plenty of water and comfortable hiking boots.

The trail is well maintained, but the initial walk to get to the trail is kind of weird. It's a bushy kind of beginning to the register and then you're walking on a service road (?) or a road that you can tell have been driven on by someone, for a decent amount of time. The hike was longer than this app describes, so don't be surprised if you're on there for a while longer than you would anticipate.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

I hiked this newly opened firetower trail during peak leaf season. Although I had a light rain at the beginning, this hike proved to be a pretty spectacular view, full of colors and a panoramic view of the Debar Wilderness area of upstate NY. The trail begins off of Rt 26 near Loon Lake, and follows a short distance via a herd trail to a logging trail and follows this road to the foot of the Loon Lake Mountains. AT mile 2, you begin the steady ascent up a draw to the summit-- not difficult and the trail is reasonably in good condition. Remnants of phone wire and telephone poles can still be seen along the trail. The Firetower itself is in bad shape and unaccessible. but the views from the rocky outcrop were incredible during peak leaf season. They should definitely add this firetower to the challenge!
Total distance RT 6.6 miles in ~ 3.5-4 hours
exactly 3.0 miles to the summit with an 1631 ft ascent. max summit elevation of 3324 ft by my garmin....overall a great hike with a good views for the effort.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Great 3hour hike for 2 x 23 years old males. The first half is soft but beware of the 2nd half.
View is amazing BUT the firetower is broken so not accessible.
WARNING to out of shape people : do not attempt if you are overweight or have kids because that last 30 minutes is gonna kill you.

This was a great hike! Got a little challenging toward the end but the view was worth it!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Great hike for all and not too many hikers. Another Hidden gem

Friday, August 08, 2014

First hike in many years. The last section is pretty steep for beginners but a great day was had. Only met one other hiker and had the summit to ourselves.

Fire Tower not accessible

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