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WOW. Beautiful hike with beautiful views all the way around. Future warning though: this hike is actually about 9-10 miles long. Bring plenty of snacks and water!! Took my friend and I about 5.5 hours to complete and my legs definitely feel the burn. Would definitely do again in the summer to see how the scenery looks then

Enjoyed this hike! Begins with a solid ascent through some pretty areas, including a few landmarks (dark, water filled cave). The view just past The Timp on the blue trail is worth the extra quarter mile hiked. We got half an hour of hail, which was interesting, and enjoyed the ridges after Bald Mtn which had densely packed trees around a narrow trail. Descent at the end of the red trail includes a load of loose, football-sized rocks. Be careful not to roll any ankles!
Only negative is anytime you have an eastward view, you look right at Indian Point nuclear plant...

2 months ago

Easy and relatively short hike around pond.

Awesome trail! It is indeed challenging but well worth the effort. We made a wrong turn and ended up miles from our car. Rookie error. But still no regrets. This app does not give the trail blaze colors so you have to cross reference and do some homework as the trails overlap. Can’t wait to take another stab at her though.

Great loop hike, particularly during leaf-peeper season.

Love this hike. The first couple of miles aren't too exciting - you're gaining altitude and though it looks like there should be views, you never really get any until the Timp Trail hooks back and goes along a ridge overlooking the Hudson, with views across and down river. The real payoff comes later at The Timp and Bald Mountain. To get the views at The Timp you need to go beyond what the AllTrails route shows. Just follow the blue blazes up a little climb and you'll see views back to the Hudson, then the trail rises again and turns to the west. From there you have great views over the entirety of Harriman State Park, across to West Mountain where you can see the shelter, and over to Bear Mountain, with the Perkins Tower visible. Great great views and a perfect place to stop for a bite and some water. From there to Bald Mountain the path is not too strenuous. Just go straight at the cairn when you cross the 1777 Trail. From Baldie you have more great views of Bear Mountain, the Bear Mountain Bridge and the Hudson looking north. Heading back on the red dot Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail, just keep following the blazes. There are a couple of tricky places where woods roads cross, so check your location. There are some ups and downs on this part of the R-D, as well as a few more good views. Finally the red dot trail curls around and goes south. Keep following it to the split with the blue Timp trail then back to the parking area. Careful, the footing is a little tricky on the pile of castings left behind after the railroad was abandoned. I did 9+ miles including The Timp views.

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5 months ago

Not really a loop unless you turn off on the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail for a few miles and loop back into the Timp-Torne Trail.

Sick views once you reach bald mountain.

Not an easy run, but a doable 7.5 Miles with just over 2000 feet of vert.

Free parking and easy access from the Timp-Torne Trailhead on Route 202 (shorter and easier distance from NYC than Bear Mountain).

Lots of wimpy reviews on here. I wear shorts, singlet, bring a few gels and a handheld water bottle, that’s it.


Awesome hike and views. Doesn’t always feel far enough away from civilization but still a great workout with cool scenery.

6/19/18 We walked south along the road from the parking area to find the trail and took the blue marked trail clockwise around the loop. It was an extraordinary hike but be cautious at the fingertip to turn right and follow the red dots on white background and not combined with blue hash marks.

This is a difficult hike especially when it’s hot and humid so bring plenty of water. There are great relics like and unfinished tunnels. Plenty of wildlife and lovely woodlands and scenic vistas especially the blooming mountain laurel.

Solid hike, decent views and a cool cave. Nothing too crazy but enjoyable.

Throughly enjoyed this hike...great views of the Hudson along with quiet walking in the woods. Ruins and the well graded roads are fascinating when the fact is considered that the construction took place from 1890-91 and was all done by manual labor. Large parking area off of 9W grants access to this adventure

8 months ago

Nice hike with a few river views between lengthy parts in the woods.
Note: Ramapo-Dunderberg trail (White with Red Circle) has been re-routed between the Tomp-Torne (Blue) intersection to the Timp Pass and differs from the maps.

Rock scramble with steep decline at the ends is challenging if you head west first. Make sure you are in shape for this hike, this is not on the easier side of “hard”.

Beautiful hike with amazing views and greenery.

This hike features many strenuous rock scrambles and inclines and a number of very nice views. This loop also passes over Bald Mountain which provides a great spot to view the Bear Mountain Bridge and the Hudson River below. The temperatures were in the 80s during my hike and with the trees still leafless, the sun was really beating down. I also saw about 7 deer and 1 wild turkey along the way.

10 months ago

A pretty good hike with a lot of scenic view spots. The landscape varies through the trail, and it is a great choice to enjoy the view of Hudson River as well as Bear Mountain Bridge. Some parts are a little bit steep but totally manageable. The only drawback is that at the bottom of the trail near the railway, the freight train can be very loud!

10 months ago

This should be an out and back trail. There is no need for the loop unless you just want to add miles and walk through the woods. Take the blue trail from the 9 up to the Timp viewpoint then just round the corner to see the Bear Mountain bridge. Beyond that, the loop is just a long climb down that you have to climb back up. You have to leave the blue trail, follow an old fire road by the creek and then meet up with 1777 trail and climb back up (with no views), kind of a waste and a real leg burner. I woulda been more than happy with the out and back

10 months ago

Take the blue blaze to the 1777 foot path blaze and connect back to the blue blaze to finish up. I'd just do an out and back to the Timp peak instead of the loop. The loop adds no value except additional miles. The loop descends into a valley only to reascend back up to connect to the blue with no additional sites.

Looking for a long hike I started on the Timp Torne parking lot and after follow the blue I switch for the red dot , having my phone with the App I just continued enjoying the views and the workout! It took me about 4 hours. I loved it!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

From 9W where the trail head launches the immediate 2 Miles are a strenuous 350 foot ascent. We hiked underneath a storm system covering the lower Catskills and the north side of bear Mountain...but it only rained for the last 2 hours. The trail was very icy and slushy in most parts and I would not advise hiking without micro spikes bc it would be way too dangerous. Please be advised that there are other trails that intersect with this loop and it is VERY EASY to lose your way! This is a difficult hike in every sense of the word when conditions are this icy and wet. We handled it gracefully, however you must bring heaps of water and food to complete this journey. The views of the Hudson and the torne are exquisite but I feel they are more pretty bc the trail demanded such effort to survive. Hiking this in February requires a careful calculus of time needed to complete this loop, and with our gear and current trail/weather conditions we were lucky to finish before darkness.

I would probably not hike here in warmer months bc of growth and the other trails that intersect as it would make it too tight in the growth and trafficked. However, it is without question a beautiful part of rockland county and the hike offers tremendous terrain, elevation gain and careful decision making.

Have fun!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Rocky in places. Easy to wonder off the trail onto another. But a great chalange.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My husband and I didn't do the loop, we ended up starting off at the parking lot off of 4wd rd and ended up at the Ramapdo dunderberg trailhead parking lot.. Difficult hike with great views. Definitely recommend.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dont recommend it as a beginner. Along the trail it does have some great viewpoints.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Careful around the loop at the end theres a mile long stretch where the trail becomes unmarked if you follow this loop exactly. Easy to get lost given theres a couple of intersections right there. Good trail, ran into a black bear close to the large cave on the trail

Good trail until the markers changed and then a bear.
10 miles out of the way for going off on wrong trail then doubling back then a bear and then having to double back the RD trail.
Lessons learned... Pay attention to the trail markers of the trail you are on. Get trail maps just not of the trail you are on, and bear spray just in case...

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

My partner and I walked this counter clockwise starting about 11AM. We were grateful for the shade provided by the trees.

There are some great views here, and a good range of interesting biodiversity. The short trail offshoots are absolutely worth the added time and distance. Highlights are the railroad tunnels, blueberries, stream crossings.

Like most trails in the area, there are long stretches that are very rocky or covered in shale. Hard soled shoes are the way to go.

If I was to do it all over again, I'd cut across half way to The Timp. Unless you're hiking for the miles, the reward just isn't there.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I did this trail last week. Very good challenge. The inclination will push you to your limits. Here are few tips:

Summer Time Hike:
1. Better take some serious insect repellents. Mosquitoes will eat you. Honestly speaking am still itching.
2. Caterpillars everywhere on the trees, watch out where and what you are touching
3. Its too bushy in some places, I would suggest not to wear shorts.

Complexity: Hard
Terrain: Muddy and Rocky in some places. Mostly rocky
Trekking Pole: Needed if you are not used to rocky climbs
Foot Wear: Hiking shoe preferably ( Even though my Keen worked very well, but I had to watch out for the bugs, caterpillars and Eastern Newt )
Scenic View: Lots of spots actually
Water Stream: Few small streams but better carry your own water.
Trail Markers: Mostly follow the blue trail, but at a point you have to take 1477 foot path for the loop.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Easter Day hike took red out of parking lot up and around to blue great views of Hudson River and bear mtn bridge

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Forgot that this hike was two different trails and followed the red dot trail a bit out of the ways, but glad I did, it took me to a gorgeous viewpoint. This hike kicked mine and my dogs butt though, definitely one of the harder hikes I've done. I seen 7 miles and figured it'd be a 4hr hike max, but it wound up being 5 and a half, mind you I stop a lot to shoot photos. Great views all through out the hike!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

view was great, but very tough due to long distance.. took 4 hours and 26K steps

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Great views.

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