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on Halcott Mountain

26 days ago

I hiked this on a solo attempt in November of 2003. I will never forget it. No trail, I just followed the contour lines up and my friends description. I summited in no time, already planning a second hike on my way up. On the descent, clouds quickly rolled in and the whole mountain was wrapped in fog. All the features across the valley I was using for reference disappeared. I was young, and panicked. Started almost running down, and slipped. Pulled my groin. I should have stopped to regroup and hike back up to start over, but couldn’t. Long story short, I ended up at base of mountain on the north side. WAY off trail. Took me the rest of the day to find the road and hitchhike to a bus and back to my car. Lesson learned: don’t make decisions while panicking, and obviously use a GPS! Haha. I didn’t have one back then. Great hike otherwise tho.

Prepare for a long day ahead if you’re taking this trail! There are steep inclines heading up fox hallow, but once you’re over panther it becomes smooth sailing.

Be patient for a hour and a half and you will appreciate every single step you took up.

Loved the hike. Great views on both sides of the cliffs (High Falls on one side and New Paltz on the other)- went out to Table Rock first and then did the Bonticou descent (we went down instead of up the scramble.)
The descent was exhilarating- but it is not for the faint of heart. I suspect the ascent would be a bit easier.
Walking the trails by Table rock was beautiful- but need to take care as some of the trails are next to the cliff edge

Great great hike. The rock scramble up to Bonticou Crag is fun and challenging - only really tough in one or two spots. But it's short and the views from the top are great. There are also some nice views along the Northeast Trail and Table Rocks is a great place to chill out and have lunch before heading back. Not a ton of elevation gain, but a rewarding hike nonetheless. We took the Farm Road back to the parking area through some nice wildflower meadows and then finished with the Million Dollar View.

Great trail and superb landscapes! It’s a great, 3-hour hike (more or less with a few stops) with a variety of terrains and beautiful points of views. Keep you eyes open and beware of snakes, we met a timber rattlesnake right on the trail (first part of the trail going to table rocks). Highly recommended!

Beautiful views. Beautiful rocks and one amazing lemon squeeze that I barely made but did it!

I love a rock scramble and this one has a pretty good one!
Great views of the Catskills!

Did this trail in reverse last Sunday by taking the rain rock scrambles of Bonticou Crag first and following the yellow trail to Table Rocks afterwards. Weather was overcast with clouds but the temperature and humidity was perfect for hiking. Watch your footing on the way up of Bonticou, the most technically challenging part is where you need to be able to get good footing wedging yourself up. Very similar to the Lemon Squeeze a few miles away! We took some detours so all in all it was 7 Miles in 3 hours with a 30 minute break.

The trail is pretty narrow once you get about 1/2 mile in. It’s rocky, I wouldn’t recommend doing it after a big rain storm. I would definitely recommend long pants for this one! There are some heavy incline parts but also nice flat breaks. View is pretty great!

Glorious views from the top of the crag. The rock scramble wasn’t bad except for one place where the rocks are very high; took me awhile to find a foothold/handhold there. The trail up the rock scramble is very well marked.

Great loop woods hike carriage roads rock scramble and awesome views what’s not to like about that

This a route to take if you want to hike Sherrill first. It’s a nice hike up the old logging roads until you start your bushwhack. The way up was like in tiers until we hit some lager size rocks that we had to navigate through. The summit is flat and you have a view of North Dome that’s a mile away.

9 months ago

There’s no trail. It’s kind of a bushwack with herd paths emerging and disappearing along the way. Better in winter without the nettles. Steep for the Catskills and a short climb from 42 to the cannister. It’s not anyone’s favorite of the 35 because of the lack of views and stinging nettles in summer but I think it’s an underrated hike. There are a few nice waterfalls and a series of well preserved stone walls that I was told date to the early 1800s.

10 months ago

Not a bad hike, but truly a trailless hike. It’s pretty much up starting at the parking lot. Overall there was some views

Not too strenuous, but amazing views. Not quite as good as the lemon squeezer, but fantastic nonetheless

Not too strenuous, but amazing views. Not quite as good as the lemon squeezer, but fantastic nonetheless

Saturday, August 05, 2017

We were unable to find the trail, so we just started climbing up the mountain and bailed after about quarter of a mile.

Very nice trail but it is not near Shandaken New York

Monday, October 26, 2015

It was lovely in the winter no navigation needed just follow the tracks

Sunday, November 02, 2014

This is a required hike for the 3500 Foot Club (Catskills). It is a trail-less peaks and it entirely uphill from the parking lot to the summit. The ascent is about 1700+ feet in 1.5 miles! Lots of stinging nettles and canes near the summit. I spit-up one of my lungs about half way up this steep mountain. If you find it please let me know. There are limited views from the peak and no entirely clear views. Probably not the sort of hike you'd want to do just for the fun of it. However there is an abundance of small water falls (two different streams) near the base of the mountain that make for good pictures, if you know what you're doing (I don't).

2 months ago

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