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A challenging and rewarding hike. We had the summit of Iroquois to ourselves and it was gorgeous. I’m glad I had poles for my knees on the way down. Absolutely do this hike if you have the opportunity.

I didn’t realize this was a loop you could do. We originally were going to do Algonquin, Wright, and Iroquois but we ended up going back down because of thunderstorms in the region.

This is one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. It’s funny how hiking out wear 3,000+ elevation gain feels like nothing with switchbacks but not in the Adirondacks! Straight up boulders and stepping up endlessly. So worth it though.

We did Wright on the way down from Algonquin. Wright is a simple off shoot, if you make it to Algonquin you’ve done the hard part. Great views on both.

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Done in February 2010

Awesome hike. Really hard, steep and soooooo windy at the top!

Strenuous hike, but not too much so. Was my friend's first high peak! Took us about 6 hours round trip.

Did this yesterday...Lots of ice but so fun. This hike was not for the faint of heart though.

Amazing hike! Rocky, technical, amazing views at the top. We had three dogs with us some hard parts to do w a dog but not impossible! Windy at the top make sure to bring a jacket if you want to stay up there for awhile.

My wife and I hiked this trail on a very busy Saturday. Arriving at the Loj at 8:15 a.m. we were already parking almost a half mile down the road as the lot was full. The trail starts easy and flat for the first mile. You arrive at an intersection which is only visible from the front initially. READ BOTH SIGNS ON BOTH SIDES OF THIS POST!! The trail to get to Algonquin and wright goes straight at this point and follows the YELLOW blazes. If you stay on the blue trail it will take you to Marcy! At this point the trail becomes very rocky, and I don't mean large slabs of smooth rock, I mean many medium to small sized rocks. If you don't have good footwear here you could be looking at a rolled ankle of very sore bottoms of your feet by the end. The trail is very easy to follow, takes you mostly through the woods the whole time with little views until the summit. There are plenty of streams and a waterfall on this trail to supply you with drinking water on your hike. approx. .5 a mile from the summit of Algonquin you find the intersection to wright and a toileting area. Straight to Algonquin gets steep and seems to last forever. There is one slab of smooth steep rock that can be tricky especially. This is the first high peak that Ive done that I needed my hat and jacket. Algonquin is windy and cold at the summit. Speaking of which, make sure you get all the way to the summit! The 360 views do not open up until you get right to the very peak. If you don't make those last few hundred feet you are shorting yourself of an incredible experience!
We approached Wright on the way down from Algonquin and even though its "only" .4 miles, it is a steep .4 miles and again there is a rocky section that takes some creativity to ascend/descend. The wind and temperature was much better on Wright and the views were fantastic 30, but after just seeing the views from 1,000 feet higher, it seemed a little less impressive. In hindsight, I would do Wright first and save Algonquin for last.
We are not 46ers so we did not take the time to get Iroquois but I heard people say it was a very steep climb.
Overall, an incredible hike, incredible views, and a great day!

Things to know:
*As always, Parking on the weekend at the Loj is a disaster
*There are plenty of options for water along this trail if you run out and have filtration
*This is a very rocky and turbulent trail, very few "smooth" trails after the first mile

three amazing high peaks , loved Iroquois the best , took avalanche pass on the way back . 12 hour day .

Perfect weather. This was a great quick one. The summit is one of my favorite so far due to both the view of the surrounding peaks and the fall vegetation within the last couple hundred feet of the summit. Although the conditions had been dry it was still quite slippery in some spots. Looking up at Algonquin towering over you puts things into perspective. Some have rated this as difficult but its all relative i guess. Surprisingly there was plenty of parking available at the loj for a perfect fall Sunday morning.

Awesome hike on a mid 80 degree fall day! Algonquin, Iroquious, and then Wright.

Excellent hike!! Started at the Heart Lake LOJ at 7:30 am. The trail started off fairly flat. Heavily worn up to where Marcy and Algonquin split. Follow the signs towards Algonquin and Wright. Wright was beautiful at the top with stellar views of Algonquin, the high peaks region by Keene, and Whiteface a little further off. Algonquin was definitely more of a challenge than Wright. Lots of steep rock to climb. We brought trekking poles but there are parts that are steep enough where hands were more useful. The top of Algonquin was beautiful with a complete view Marcy, Colden, and pretty much a majority of the high peaks region! IMPORTANT!!!! On the way to Iroquois there is a sign than says "foot trial left." DO NOT FOLLOW THIS IF YOU WANT TO GO UP IROQUOIS!! The foot trail will take you down to Avalanche Lake as it says in the description. The narrow path to the right will take you to Iroquois. The second mountain is Iroquois. You will have to go over a smaller peak, back down, and up the second peak will be Iroquois (elevation change not great enough for smaller peak to count as high peak). All in all it was a fantastic hike with time to relax and enjoy the views. Definitely a challenge and would recommend to others looking for a good full day of high peaks!

Excellent hike. The last mile to the top of Algonquin is very difficult. Great waterfalls on the way up. Very hard on the knees coming down.

No view at all owing to weather, but can't fault the mountain or trail for that. Plan was to combine with Algonquin and Iroquois, but with no hope of a view, turned back after Wright.

The first bit of the trail is easy, then comes the steep and endless rock- this will leave you huffing and puffing and hating yourself for not working out more often.
The descent to boundary & Iroquois is a nice break and the climbs up aren't too terrible considering what you've just accomplished, plus there is NO way you're coming back this far just to do Iroquois.
On the way back to the Loj stop and climb Wright! Approx .4miles with the second half uber steep and exposed at some point you will probably begin Hating your life, but hey! It's not that far.

All in all this hike is hard but enjoyable with some time to eat at the summit expect to be 8-9hrs the 360degree views are fantastic and 123million % worth it

the trail starts out very easy for first two miles, then comes a moderate climb to the split. The trail to Wright is angled but fair for .4 miles. the views are excellent, though I personally was glad we did this first of the three since I'm not sure we would have appreciated it as much after seeing Algonquin and Iroquois views. honestly I thought the views vere terrific.
After Wright it's a brisk and steep climb to the top of Algonquin, but certainly worth the effort. lots of space on the top to recover and enjoy your surroundings! We we're one of several groups that tackled Iroquois last. We left our backpacks and scampered through the lovely alpine vegetation trail to some sweet views on Iroquois.
Warning, Avalanche pass was closed for repairs so we had to resummit Algonquin to backtrack to the Loj. This was by far the most challenging stint for an older novice. we tried to deterine the entire length of this trip (ranger said 10 miles there and back but did that include Wright's .4+.4miles?, other places sat 9.1mi.)It felt long no matter what it was All in all a challenging but very rewarding hike. My group and I will talk about this trip for a long time.

I love everything about this mountain, right down to the history behind it. I highly recommend hiking in the fall, the colors are outstanding.

Awesome hike! One of my favorites so far. We did Algonquin, Iroquois, back over Algonquin then Wright. It took us about 7 hours to do.

Best high peak I've done to date, though tough! Had done Wright previously, so came back to do Algonquin and Iroquois. Took just over 9 hours for the two of them with about 1/2 hour on Algonquin and 15 min. on Iroquois to enjoy the views. Really enjoyed the trail from Algonquin to Iroquois, but be sure to turn right at the bottom of Algonquin and head through a small opening in the brush. The turn came sooner than I expected and I would've gone the wrong way, if not for a couple people who pointed to the small opening. The views from Algonquin are amazing! Let 7:30am, returned to the Loj at 4:30pm.

Hardest hike I've done to date. Took me about 10 hours to complete, but I also hung out on each summit for at least a half hour. Weather was perfect, but I can see this being really tough while raining or just after rain with the amount of rock scrambling you have to do. If you're going from Algonquin to Iroquois, when you come to the trail sign that tells you to go left, walk straight into the woods. The opening is small, but there's a heard path there that takes you to Iroquois. I encountered a few people that took that turn left by mistake. The turn takes you to Lake Colden. Last but not least the views are amazing. Check out the pics I posted

This trail is DIFFICULT. going your own pace is advised. We were lucky and on our way up had wonderful weather however it had rained the day before so the rocks were a little slippery coming back down. the last stretch to get to the summit was i bit more difficult then the rest of the hike and the trails were well marked. We were both out of shape and hadn't been hiking in over a year so it did take us all day but beautiful views once at the top!! Well worth it!! What peak isn't? :)

This is an awesome trail. Did it with two friends of mine, less advanced at hiking than I am and we were fine. However, this is not an easy trail....it is DIFFICULT. We ascended at 2am to reach Wright Peak for sunrise. IT was raining and that makes all the rock surfaces slippery and hard to climb, especially the last 0.4 mile to the summit. The trail is very well marked, and it gets busy around 9am. Super fun climb, lots of varied terrain, great plants, and the alpine plant reintroduction program is great too. The view on Wright Peak is amazing and this hike it 100% worth the challenge, prepare for a hard but rewarding day in the Adirondacks. Bonus: portapottys at the trail head are the cleanest I've ever seen.

Loved this trail!

Took me 9,5 hours not including the time at the peaks to do Alqonquin --> Boundary --> Iroquois --> back to Algonquin the same path and then Wright peak before coming back down.
An awesome and challenging full day hike for me. I was hiking this trail after a full day of rain and so parts of the trail were very muddy and parts were very slippery. Used trekking poles on the way up, but couldn't use them on the way down as it was just too slippery. Used my feet, knees, and butt to traverse some of the steepest parts of the open rocks. For me, coming down is more of a challenge as compared to hiking up. Boots with good non-skid outsoles are a must!
The views are nothing short of amazing on a clear or a partly cloudy day.

AWESOME hiking. Tough. Start early if you want to get all three in the winter. Need good foot traction so read the reports.

This is a pretty crowded trail but the path is large enough so that this is not a problem at all. You start in the forest and soon get out of it with more rocky path with fantastic views. Sometimes this is hard as it is almost climbing! Don't underestimate how much water is needed for this one. Weather conditions can turn pretty fast as well. The view point at the top is amazing ! This is the second highest peak in Adironacks. It is totally worth it!

Not a very difficult hike. Last 1/4 mile is exposed and can be a little steep at parts. Plane wreckage has been relatively picked over unfortunately, with a plaque still marking its location. Bald summit with what would be an amazing 360 view if not for its bigger brother Algonquin impeding a portion of the view from the south. Still, great views looking north and east on clear days. Summit can be a bit windy making it a bit cool even on a summer day. Trail can be quite popular during the summer months as many hikers combine Wright with Algonquin and Iroquois, so be prepared to share the summit.

Went up in winter 2016. Had low visibility so didn't get any views at the top, but I'm sure they would've been spectacular. The last section above treeline can get pretty windy and there are huge cairns the size of people marking the way; and I understood why when I descended in a snow squall. Make sure to check out the plane wreckage near the summit, I didn't get a chance to see it while I was up there. Just be mindful though not to step on any of the fragile alpine vegetation. Definitely want to go up again; looks to be an awesome summit to visit in the summer.

Great hike, took us 7 hours with an hour rest at the top. Black flies were out in force! Parking lot was full by 09:00. 60 degrees 15 knot winds at the top, BEAUTIFUL view! 85 degree's at the bottom around 16:00. Great day, but I am still sore 3 days later!

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