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A beautiful hike! We hiked it with a group of 4 and it took us about 8 hours in total. Remember lots of water and sunscreen! The views are amazing. There were lots of dragonflies as well! Perfect place for lunch! Some spots along the trail were steep and challenging but mostly after the fork. We wished we did Iroquois too!

Interesting hike, training with a 40 lb pack a couple of weeks go. Rained most of the day, wind on top was gusting at 40 plus with very little visibility; could not see any other mountains. I did Algonquin and then Wright. Wanted to go to Iroquois but thought better of it due to the conditions and possible thunder. Trail is somewhat challenging like most of the 46, lots of large rocks. I did not have poles and recommend them.

This is a phenomenal hike that has all types of terrain and difficulty. The last mile after the fork that splits to Wright and Algonquin was pretty technical but truly rewarding. We did only Algonquin on this outing. It took us 7 hours with a good pace.

Great view! Totally worth it.

One of my favorite high peaks!

We did it in 6hrs total with two kids (6 and 9) and two dogs. Last third is very challenging. It kicked our butts but were happy to do it.

Gorgeous views from the top of Wright and Algonquin, but man, Algonquin kicked my butt. It was super humid out today and caused us to run through water much quicker than expected. I barely made 3 liters last until we hit the waterfall back on the way down. Felt accomplished to complete the two, a little disappointed we didn’t push on to Iroquois, but I had nothing left in the tank. Ton of respect for both of these mountains, they are challenging and pretty technical.

Awesome hike, but very difficult for anyone who just hikes regular trails. Mostly boulders fairly early in, then it just gets steeper with bigger boulders and shear rock faces. Views at the top are phenomenal though, even on a cloudy day. Bring poles for the way back down, which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought!

Lower part of the trail is beautifully maintained, middle part has lots of boulders, top is all granite. Just did Wright today. Had the dogs and they were toast. I was too. Will try it again sometime soon and bag Algonquin as well

Amazing views and scenery. The hike starts out relatively flat but gets very steep about 1.5mi in. Great hike for those who like rock scrambling and climbing over shear rock face. Every turn was a new surprise. It’s a must.

Great trip. Very rocky and hard on the old knees but worth every step.

Hike! The view was incredible, the trail unbelievable. DEC dodo a lot of updated work at Avalanche lake pass!

Incredibly steep for an unseasoned hiker, but that said it was so worth the effort. It took 2 in shape hikers and 1 out of shape non hiker about 2.5 - 3 hours to climb to the summit. The climb has tons and tons of rocks and rocky terrain. It hadn’t rained in a few days when we hiked but the trail was still mucky. The summit was astounding, however. I’m from the Midwest so I have never seen anything like that mountain range of the Adirondacks. I highly recommend going to either Wright’s Peak or over to Iroquois from the summit of Algonquin.

did this hike towards the end of May, the weather wasn’t the best, nor the visibility (it was very foggy) at the summit; but the hike itself was challenging and very rewarding!

What an epic weekend of hiking (Fri June 8th & Sat June 9th) with amazing weather conditions. We hiked Marcy, Giant, & Algonquin in about 28 hours with a little down time to eat and nap.

After sleeping in our cars for 4 hours we tackled Algonquin (8.5 miles) as the last of the three we planned.Sat morning. We started early like 6am and this was another awesome and challenging hike as well. The trail itself was very picturesque with streams, waterfalls, woods, etc. There is a lot more technical rock climbing on this hike. There was only a handful of people on the summit and it was the windiest of the three we did (pack a windbreaker for sure). Just more beautiful and breathtaking 360 degree views. I’m tall (6’ 1”) so the constant stepping up and climbing put a little beating on my legs but coming down was much easier and fun to be honest (jumping, hoping and butt sliding). The trail was much busier and congested going up as we were descending and we probably passed close to 75-100 other hikers. Round trip it took us about 6 hours.

Challenging hike, but very rewarding! The views were amazing. It was super windy at the top, hailed when we reached the summit, made for an awesome experience!

Nice hike. Boulder strewn climb. Couple areas where you have to scramble. Continual steep uphill for the last 3 Miles. Great cardio workout. The summit was spectacular. Very little mud but moderate amounts of water on rocks. Definitely recommend trekking poles for descent. Enjoy!

We camped at the MacIntyre Falls site so we could get an early start the following day. Everything above 4,000 was in a cloud and windy. At the top of Wright the wind was so bad we were crawling on our hands and knees so we could officially summit, but we got it and the picture. WORTH IT!

If you're staying overnight anywhere in the high peaks...bring a bug net and a wide brim hat...you'll thank me.

A challenging and rewarding hike. We had the summit of Iroquois to ourselves and it was gorgeous. I’m glad I had poles for my knees on the way down. Absolutely do this hike if you have the opportunity.

I didn’t realize this was a loop you could do. We originally were going to do Algonquin, Wright, and Iroquois but we ended up going back down because of thunderstorms in the region.

This is one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. It’s funny how hiking out wear 3,000+ elevation gain feels like nothing with switchbacks but not in the Adirondacks! Straight up boulders and stepping up endlessly. So worth it though.

We did Wright on the way down from Algonquin. Wright is a simple off shoot, if you make it to Algonquin you’ve done the hard part. Great views on both.

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Done in February 2010

Awesome hike. Really hard, steep and soooooo windy at the top!

Strenuous hike, but not too much so. Was my friend's first high peak! Took us about 6 hours round trip.

Did this yesterday...Lots of ice but so fun. This hike was not for the faint of heart though.

Amazing hike! Rocky, technical, amazing views at the top. We had three dogs with us some hard parts to do w a dog but not impossible! Windy at the top make sure to bring a jacket if you want to stay up there for awhile.

My wife and I hiked this trail on a very busy Saturday. Arriving at the Loj at 8:15 a.m. we were already parking almost a half mile down the road as the lot was full. The trail starts easy and flat for the first mile. You arrive at an intersection which is only visible from the front initially. READ BOTH SIGNS ON BOTH SIDES OF THIS POST!! The trail to get to Algonquin and wright goes straight at this point and follows the YELLOW blazes. If you stay on the blue trail it will take you to Marcy! At this point the trail becomes very rocky, and I don't mean large slabs of smooth rock, I mean many medium to small sized rocks. If you don't have good footwear here you could be looking at a rolled ankle of very sore bottoms of your feet by the end. The trail is very easy to follow, takes you mostly through the woods the whole time with little views until the summit. There are plenty of streams and a waterfall on this trail to supply you with drinking water on your hike. approx. .5 a mile from the summit of Algonquin you find the intersection to wright and a toileting area. Straight to Algonquin gets steep and seems to last forever. There is one slab of smooth steep rock that can be tricky especially. This is the first high peak that Ive done that I needed my hat and jacket. Algonquin is windy and cold at the summit. Speaking of which, make sure you get all the way to the summit! The 360 views do not open up until you get right to the very peak. If you don't make those last few hundred feet you are shorting yourself of an incredible experience!
We approached Wright on the way down from Algonquin and even though its "only" .4 miles, it is a steep .4 miles and again there is a rocky section that takes some creativity to ascend/descend. The wind and temperature was much better on Wright and the views were fantastic 30, but after just seeing the views from 1,000 feet higher, it seemed a little less impressive. In hindsight, I would do Wright first and save Algonquin for last.
We are not 46ers so we did not take the time to get Iroquois but I heard people say it was a very steep climb.
Overall, an incredible hike, incredible views, and a great day!

Things to know:
*As always, Parking on the weekend at the Loj is a disaster
*There are plenty of options for water along this trail if you run out and have filtration
*This is a very rocky and turbulent trail, very few "smooth" trails after the first mile

three amazing high peaks , loved Iroquois the best , took avalanche pass on the way back . 12 hour day .

Perfect weather. This was a great quick one. The summit is one of my favorite so far due to both the view of the surrounding peaks and the fall vegetation within the last couple hundred feet of the summit. Although the conditions had been dry it was still quite slippery in some spots. Looking up at Algonquin towering over you puts things into perspective. Some have rated this as difficult but its all relative i guess. Surprisingly there was plenty of parking available at the loj for a perfect fall Sunday morning.

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