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Completed this trail with my girlfriend on bikes and it was extremely pleasant. We chose to do just half and stayed west of Schenectady. Absolutely awesome with a little views and plenty of places to sit and take a break.

Took kids and they enjoyed it, except thorny bushes in the one part of loped trail!!!

Trail is poorly marked. Guns firing nearby the entire hike really took away from the experience.

A small hike on the way to Saratoga Springs. Decent hike to walk the dog if you live in the area but I wouldn’t go out of my way. Ticks. Lots of slopes but easy enough for a beginner.

This is a very short simple walk into nature; you won't get a workout here at all, but you will see nature in all it's beauty. The trail is NOT marked, but easy to follow. When you get to the end there is an "End of Trail" sign. Bring the kids.

3 months ago

this is a very nice trail! very well-marked and maintained. flows nicely through the terrain. Bridges and creeks throughout here and there. lots of different watering spots for the dog. beautiful Forest scenery. no real difficulties getting around anywhere on this trail. there are up and down slopes but nothing really difficult to walk. trail conditions are excellent today. beautiful day, great exercise! 8 May 2018

Easy to walk
Pretty nature to see and hear
Easy to follow
Close to home for an easy nature walk

Mud and water in some spots on the path
no variety of wildlife
didn’t see much
Can hear cars/traffic in background

This was our first hike of the season. We chose to do the red trail. It was about a 5 mile hike round trip. There were some really nice waterfalls although at one point in the trail we had to cross the water which can be dangerous. This would not be recommended for families or inexperienced individuals taking a stroll. Otherwise it was very pretty and we enjoyed it.

Great easy loop

3 months ago

Might be easy for some, but I found it steep and not well marked. will try it again in dryer weather.

3 months ago

The single path trail was fantastic, really enjoyable with great views. The loop, however, was incredibly difficult due to multiple gigantic downed trees and poorly placed trail markers. The loop is obviously not well traveled as it was hard to see. We lost the trail multiple times and ended up having to just give up and find our way to the road. The preserve map was little help as it does not really give you the trail route, just tells you where you are in the park.

3 months ago

A little steep to first get onto the trail but once on it’s a great trail.

Nice trail and easy enough for my dog and I. Trail markers towards the end got a little confusing and we ended up crossing the creak at a low spot to get back onto a spot we knew was the trail. We’ll do it again.

3 months ago

Took our dog and enjoyed it! The south trail was much better than the loop but kinda short if you just did that so we did the whole thing :)

Perfect for us and our chihuahua!

Idk if I’ve gone to the right place, but for where I went the trail is literally just a trail...Good for pulling out mind though.

nice day to take a hike with the dog. easy trail to walk. the longer route of this trail is just under 2 miles I believe. clearly marked if you stay on the trail and I believe it has distance markers posted here and there. there are a few bridges here and there which crossover some streams or creeks. took the long route which looped around the left and then eventually rejoined to the first two-way bridge and then back out to the parking lot. Trail condition today is very good, just saw one down tree which you only have to step over to continue on. basically pretty much level all the way through is trail. saw some people out today and mercury made a few friends to. nice day, good exercise!

5 months ago

first time I've ever tried to walk the green diamond trail with the dog today. had to turn back after 2 miles. could not make the first stream Crossing as it was too high and running rapidly. the trail itself was all ice and mud because of the warm temperatures. scenery was very nice from what I could see of it.should be spectacular in the summertime when I will attempt to hike it again. the walk back seemed slightly uphill all the way to the parking lot. lol. great exercise!

6 months ago

Very icy today!

Traction aids are a must until we get more snow.

7 months ago

A quick loop that my dog loves to do!

9 months ago

Wanted to like this nature walk but so to many garter snakes to be comfortable. Grass seemed too high as well.

is there parking space?

Nice trail. A little muddy in spots but was a pretty walk through the woods. Good trail for younger kids.

Parts of the trail are not marked very well hard to tell which direction to go next at times. Ticks were really bad pulled 7 off my dog when we got home. Make sure to wear high socks!

good jog areas

I got my workout here, it's beautiful. I'll always come back. Either just us or with our dog. Ticks were bad this year, maybe it will be better next year.

I live near the Canal Trail in Niskayuna and love it. The view of the Mohawk when traveling from Blatnick Park east towards the Hudson River is beautiful in any season and part of my bike commute to Albany. Yes, there may be times when you have to share the trail and be courteous with walkers, skaters and little kids but we all need to share such a beautiful trail system. I've ridden it from Buffalo to Albany and the section from the Rexford Bridge in Schenectady to the Waterford Flight of Locks is my favorite especially when you spend time riding the dirt trail around Peebles Island and Exploring the dirt trails around Cohoes Falls. Highly Recommended!

I love the trail. Very peaceful. Unfortunately it has gotten overgrown.

Great hike to the falls this afternoon with my daughter. The lower (blue) trail was a little muddy in spots, but not a problem.

We did the red trail loop. A little muddy this time of year but still a good hike. Went to the lower falls and took some nice pics.

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