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Schenectady, New York Map

Beautiful waterfalls! Do not expect to follow the trail without crossing the Platterkill River. The crossings are only passable when there is low water conditions.!!! We hiked after a rain and had to find downed trees across the River. Advanced hiking for sure. You can see a waterfall from the designated view point not far from the start of the trail. Follow blue trail.

All I can, we. did blue trail and then red to 1st waterfall. Easy!!

I just walked this trail for the first time. It's late Oct. and seasonal. This is a great little forest walk and excellent for what it is; a marshy trail nestled between a residential neighborhood and a highway. The ambient noise of the highway was not terribly distracting and a train whistle in the distance was charming.

The 1mi loop is about half a mile in from the parking are (accessed by a broad, grassy lane) and punctuated by somewhat questionable boardwalks over marshland. If I'd had younger children with me I'd have turned back until I walked it first. Now, though, I'd take my 8 yr old, but not my younger nephew.

I recommend water resistant footwear. My sneakers left my feet a bit damp. O also will avoid the area during biting insect season without a face net and tons of spray; it IS a full marsh.

I'll definitely be back and next time with my dog :)

Walked to the first falls today from the Hecheltown Rd. parking area. The trail was in good shape and reasonably dry. They've done some work on the steps climbing away from the dam and added some steps on the blue trail at the steep hill. The steps ease the grade and make climbing a lot easier.

There's some pretty good beaver activity going on just upstream from the dam. The trail before the dam is high and dry now, but another foot or two and it'll be under water.

Fall colors are at their peak.

trail was good until the loop. then it was blow outs, poorly maintained and difficult to follow. we kept hearing gunshots, to the point we got uncomfortable and bailed on the rest of the loop. made our way back to the road.

It’s definitely closer to 7.5 miles. Lots of up and down and crossing the kill 6 times (2 over bridges) which was fine but can get deep. Don’t expect sprawling views, there aren’t any. There are supplemental red marks on the trees as the official markers are few and far between. Had a hard time finding directions in some areas. The falls were beautiful. I would definitely rate this one as moderate.

Great trail. The dog loved it

I just got back from walking this trail. I am LOADED with mosquito bites. The boardwalks are crumbling and missing planks. I turned back about 3/4 of a mile in because it was too overgrown and I was sure i would expose myself to ticks. The place needs some TLC. It is a pleasant enough setting.

beautiful shortest hike BUT there have some mushroom

1 month ago

Nice woodland preserve, but the trail markings can be erratic. It's easy to wander down a clear path that tapers off to raggedy scrub. The blue trail markers in particular seem to be clustered so close together that it has two or three blazes on one tree, and three more on the next tree 12 feet away, and then five more blazes on the next five trees. Then, nothing....
So download the map before you head out, or follow the blue dot as you go, to make sure you don't end up climbing several extra ravine slopes in search of the path.

Trail was great today 9/23. Minimal mud and bugs! Good amount of hills to get your heart rate up, but still easy enough to enjoy the scenery!

Pretty cool little hike. Always figured it would be a waste of time, but I’ll def come back. Some good bird activity if you’re patient and have binoculars. Once you hit the bridges, the trail isn’t very well maintained, so I could see it being messy/ buggy but it was fine today (Sept 20th). Easy, quick, enjoyable, great for after work!

poorly marked trails ..gunshots off in distance .. couldnt even find the loop.. was a nice day ..heard some birds and an owl ..which was nice to hear . otherwise ..ok

We clocked 7 miles including the stone road. We were an electic group humans (61,56,49) two dogs (4 and 14) all made it. Total time 3.5 which is a little longer than usual. Really awesome senery and a nice combo of very steep short inclines and descends.

If you do the entire trail (north loop and back on South loop it’s pretty long. We clocked 6.3 miles. It’s hilly at times and can be tough for the elderly. We’re glad we left the grandparents home for this one. (And all our toddlers for that matter).

All in all it’s a great trail. Very scenic, picturesque and quiet. We didn’t see the waterfalls because it was dry but I’m sure they’re amazing when the water is running.

We recommend it. Try it out and if you can’t make the whole trail, there are smaller loops you can hike.

2 months ago

Love this hike. Be prepared for a few steep climbs, which are tricky when muddy. Access to the creek at the end of the trail was rewarding and refreshing. Good chance for the dog to splash around and cool off!

2 months ago

Lots of broken glass and shotgun shells

Pretty good views once you find them. We went on the orange trail and got a bit off trail due to poor trail management, it seems you should stick to blue and red to get the best experience. Cool geology and beautiful falls.

Hiked after 2 days of passing storms, trail was muddy but not too challenging. The river crossings were shin to knee deep with moderate current. Well marked trails but All Trails app was useful. The toughest part of the hike was the ascent on the South Rim Trail. Beautiful scenery, nice stream and river crossings, and grade changes made for a nice hike. Roughly took 3.5 hours from the Coplan Road Parking Lot.

My wife and I took our dog and our boys hiking there yesterday. Crossing the creek was a bit challenging at the North end of the trail and it was a bit muddy, but overall it was a nice hike and the trail was well marked. They need to fix some of the steps though, the wood or rock has slid and it leaves an exposed rebar rod sticking out of the ground.

A wonderful hike though it was a little dicey in parts. Winter appears to have brought some changes to the landscape.

One of my favorite local places. Always bring my dogs!!

Taking up hiking as a retirement activity and this was our first hike. Had a great day only wish we had known that the waterfalls would not be running. Will have to go back next spring!

Completed this trail with my girlfriend on bikes and it was extremely pleasant. We chose to do just half and stayed west of Schenectady. Absolutely awesome with a little views and plenty of places to sit and take a break.

What a great hike! We hiked the red trail from Coplon rd in flip flops! (Not recommended) Yes, it can be challenging at times. You might ask yourself several times “is this really the trail?” It is, and it’s awesome! This trail has everything, natural stone steps or roots or logs that nature put in just a way to use as stepping stones. There’s a stream and waterfalls, although the water level seemed low, but yay! That means you can cross the stream at the low water crossing point. You end up crossing the stream back and forth. There is some minor rock climbing/scaling. Beautiful cool paths through the woods that open into an open field and you realize you’re on the edge of a cliff! So beautiful. We had a great time

Took kids and they enjoyed it, except thorny bushes in the one part of loped trail!!!

Really nice hike! My dad and I had never been there before and had no trouble with finding our way. Follow the RED MARKERS and you'll be fine. you'll see that the trail comes to forks, just look for the RED markers. There are tons of signs to tell you which direction you're heading. Remember what road you're parked at too! There isn't much water on the falls and the trails were not muddy!

Poorly marked trail with multiple different colored trail markers. We ended up just winging it but found our way to all 3 of the falls

Poorly marked; not ok for first timers. Steep slopes and sometimes trail is close to the edge. Need appropriate footwear. Bring water and snacks.
The view is beautiful and you can see the falls, although they are not properly marked on the trail.

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