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1 day ago

Great little hike, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do some of the longer mountain trails. It gets right to the climb without a long intro/flat woods walk. Nice view at the top overlooking the town.

Amazing views

4 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. I highly recommend this trail for all levels of hikers, especially those who want to get back into hiking. The trail has some steep, challenging parts to keep it interesting; and as always, the views are incredible.

4 days ago

Did this hike a week ago while visiting Saranac Lake. A nice hike to stretch the legs and get the heart rate up a little, but not strenuous. Afforded nice views of the town and lakes and a different perspective from the high peaks.

Perfect morning hike. Some steep rocky patches, but worth the climb for the amazing views. 3 hrs round trip plus time to enjoy to top

great weather awesome view ... recommend early start.

Great trail, beautiful view on top

Great, challenging hike, but the views are outstanding. Brought my Great Dane and there were a few spots that were challenging. I stopped with her just shy of the summit where the open rock face starts, she probably could have made it, but wasn't sure if she'd be willing to try coming down. I went up the rest of the way without her (someone stayed with her) and as I said, the 360* view was well worth it. Parking is limited so I'd do the hike first thing in the morning, especially if you prefer limited traffic. There were 23 groups of people that signed in at the trailhead after us and we met all of them on the way down. There are plenty of streams for dogs to drink out of and the top had large puddles.

12 days ago

Fun little hike. Can be done in under an hour total if you move at a good pace with a good 15 minutes up top. Views aren’t high peaks-calibur but for a small short hike in town they’re still well worth it. Can be done as a loop trail, though the “other trail” is a little tricky to find when up top but not too difficult to navigate. Some steep parts to get the heart and legs pumping. Great for kids and to get yourself in hiking shape. Very enjoyable.

One of my favorite hikes in the Adirondacks. Very easy to follow, amazing 360° views at the summit, nice woods walk to start the trail and get warmed up. This hike usually takes me around 4 hours total with a 20 minute break up top. Highly recommend. This peak is a major bang for your buck.

Fun hike. Harder than expected but we prefer a challenge. Beautiful views.

View is outstanding!! Very fun hike with my two kiddos (8 & 10). Fantastic beach directly across street from trailhead (just a short hike to reach it).

Started off easy but got pretty hard near the end, so worth it though!

very easy hike. wonderfully amazing views at the summit though. good for all ages

I’ve done it twice! Nice work out with great view !

Hiked June 14, 2018. Spent a drizzly day walking this trail from Fish Creek State Park. We started near site C5 bathroom and went on the blue trail to Floodwood Road past all the ponds first. Then walked down the road to return on the red trail. Red trail is less scenic but we did find some moose tracks near a newly built bridge. Definitely recommend the blue trail first do you can enjoy the ponds and multiple canoe carries before you are tired. Previous writer correct in terms of some bushwhack and bridge out on blue trail. Red trail had all bridges in tact with little need to go off trail. Also, the All Trails App takes a detour on the blue trail that we did not find that cuts out going on the shores of Horseshoe Pond. The actual blue trail markings take you along the shores of Horseshoe Pond. If you follow the blue trail markers it will bring you to the right place. It took us 4.5 hours to follow the actual Trail and adventure onto most if the canoe carries as well as search for moose. It could take a bit less time without sight seeing. It is 7.7 miles to 8.7 miles (longer to scout the canoe carries) from the Fish Creek Trailhead. Worth reading about in Discover the Northern Adirondacks Trail Guide. Take a map so you can name the ponds. Enjoy.

Awesome hike!

A great hike up to Ampersand Mt today and gorgeous paramount view on the top!

nice hike took under 3 hours at a moderate pace. really enjoyed the rock staircases!

Awesome hike. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fairly adventurous climb with a breathtaking view at the peak. It’s took about 4 hours, not including lunch at the summit. Rock scrambling required, with some helpful rock “stairs” at some of the steeper sections. Limber up and wear boots with good traction.

wasn't as kid friendly as I expected

1 month ago

Short and sweet but somewhat taxing steepness at times. Best view is not really at the summit but moreso at the top of the red trail

on Baker Mountain

1 month ago

Beautiful views at the top. Mud and some steep uphill sections made this a bit of a difficult moderate although it’s a short trail. SO many bugs already though (Memorial weekend)- bring bug spray and patience! As some other reviewers recommended, we went up on the left and down on the right side of the loop. I wish we had just gone out and back on the right side. It was far more enjoyable and scenic!

I greatly enjoyed this hike, though I have only reached the summit of a few other mountains in the ADK, this was perhaps my favorite due to the amazing view. I did find the hike moderately challenging, though the trail was well maintained and I appreciated many stones having been moved to form "stairs" along the steep portion. If you are willing to put a moderate effort in to this hike and allow for a few rests along the way, you will almost certainly enjoy this hike. I believe that this hike took me about 4 hours to complete, including a 30 minute laze at the summit. Happy Hiking!

1 month ago

Great hike! We did this with our dog and really enjoyed the hike. Great views at the top!

It’s a beautiful hike!!!

1 month ago

Trail is finally dry but bugs have come out. Definitely should have brought the spray with me. Please- people with dogs, remember to remove dog poop from the trail and either keep them on leash or hold them when people pass. Twice on my hike, wet dogs that were off leash had jumped up on me. This is a popular hike full of people and tourists (especially now that the weather is breaking), adjust accordingly.

Great workout! And the most beautiful view you can dream of on the top!
I came before lunch and was all alone on the top.
On my way down in the afternoon I meet almost 15 people on there way op!
I prefer being all alone op there. It is a great experience.

Great hike with beautiful 360 view at the top. It doesn't seem to be used all that often and we had the top of the mountain to ourselves for an hour. extremely easy but beautiful stroll through the woods for the first half of the hike but then very steep hiking and scrambling towards the top. decently muddy but could be avoided. a little ice and snow but could also be avoided. Beware that dogs are allowed but if your dog is not an avid hiker you very well may need to carry them up certain points.

2 months ago

GREAT easy hike! Nice view at the top, all of the previously mentioned ice has melted.

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