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2 days ago

Great hike! We did this with our dog and really enjoyed the hike. Great views at the top!

It’s a beautiful hike!!!

4 days ago

Trail is finally dry but bugs have come out. Definitely should have brought the spray with me. Please- people with dogs, remember to remove dog poop from the trail and either keep them on leash or hold them when people pass. Twice on my hike, wet dogs that were off leash had jumped up on me. Not everyone likes your dog as much as you do. This is a popular hike full of people and tourists (especially now that the weather is breaking), adjust accordingly.

Great workout! And the most beautiful view you can dream of on the top!
I came before lunch and was all alone on the top.
On my way down in the afternoon I meet almost 15 people on there way op!
I prefer being all alone op there. It is a great experience.

Great hike with beautiful 360 view at the top. It doesn't seem to be used all that often and we had the top of the mountain to ourselves for an hour. extremely easy but beautiful stroll through the woods for the first half of the hike but then very steep hiking and scrambling towards the top. decently muddy but could be avoided. a little ice and snow but could also be avoided. Beware that dogs are allowed but if your dog is not an avid hiker you very well may need to carry them up certain points.

6 days ago

GREAT easy hike! Nice view at the top, all of the previously mentioned ice has melted.

Tough hike, but the 360 degree view is well worth it. Pretty easy at the beginning, but it quickly gets rough near the summit with lots of rock scrambling and ice.

Is it legal to camp along the Bloomington Bog trail and is it OK to leave your car overnight at the trailhead?


1 month ago

Hiked up Ampersand today (4/21) and there was definitely a good amount of snow on the trail. The trail is 2.7 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1777’. The trail starts off really easy but in areas where the snow melted, it was muddy. The hike was pretty much all slush.

After about 1.5 miles, the trail begins its elevation gain and steepens out until the very top. My only real struggle with the trail wasn’t the steepness but that it was exacerbated with the snow/ice. It would have been very difficult had I not been wearing spikes/crampons. If you misstep, you’re definitely sliding down a good 5-10ft on the snow.
Coming back down, I ended sliding down about a third of the trail because good footing was tough to get.

All that being said, the view from the top is worth it. Would do it again, no questions asked. Took about an hour and half to get to the top.

icy the whole way up but worth it for the views.

Beautiful hike! Challenging in some parts but the view is well worth it.

This trail has an easy start up until the old ranger cabin site. It gets steep after this, but very fun and challenging. This is a very good hike summer, fall or winter with 360° views. Springtime can be very muddy. There are several water sources along the way also.

Fantastic view , make sure you have snow shoes

Nice hike with good views
Not difficult though the trail was somewhat icy going up
Spikes essential
Decent was easy snowy trail with little ice

3 months ago

Completed Baker in and out in about 1 hour. Very very icy...not sure how anyone could complete this hike without crampons. Lovely view at top.

Awesome hike!!! Winter time crampons or snowshoes a must. !!! The summit has a gorgeous 360 view. Hike takes about 4-5 hrs. Enjoy!!!

3 months ago

Great mountain for starters!! Winter hikers I recommend using crampons, there is plenty of ice on the trail. However, the other side of the loop seemed a bit easier.

3 months ago

I loved this Mountain way more in Winter than Summer. Did some bushwhacking on the way up and the whole way down.

In response to others comments: Yes this is an easy mountain. There were rocks!?! Really!? On a mountain? No kidding...

4 months ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done!! Though, I am partial to the Adirondacks. The views from the summit are really exceptional!

Great hike and a little hard but manageable!

4 months ago

I would not call this trail easy if you are a new hiker. It rained earlier that day when we hiked so that added to the difficulty. Starts out right away if you take the right fork, straight climb, all the way up so just be aware.

4 months ago

Fun easy hike. Would be great for someone's first hike in the Dacks or looking for a warm up. There was 3 good outlooks near the summit. We hiked with a good base of snow. Used microspikes. Definitely need some kind of traction. Snowshoes would have been fun too. I want my mom to do this one - good mom hike.

Beautiful 360 view from the top. Beautiful trail with varying terrain. The hike kicked my butt and showed my how out of shape I am but that's ok the beauty was worth the struggle.

5 months ago

Nice little hike. Microspikes were handy toward the top. Great views!

Great hike today. The higher I went, the more I felt like I was in Narnia. Stunningly beautiful...bluebird sky, snow packed down, perfect. Super super windy at the summit. Definitely want to use microspikes. Poles with baskets are a plus, too.

5 months ago

Awesome sunrise hike ..

excellent for my 5yr old

I thought this hike was difficult towards the top. Without the proper equipment the ice made it even harder. Even so- I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on hiking Ampersand again in the near future.

I would rate this as moderate compared to other trails I have been on. Nice short early morning hike

Great Hike. Tough for me with little experience but well worth the struggle. be ready for a lot elevation gain like going up 200 flights of stairs. All uphill. The views are worth it. Multiple stopping points with great views.

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