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18 hours ago

It was a tough climb, but we had awesome views most of the way up, we also added RPR. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Amazing trail!! Gorgeous hike along ausable lake...many viewpoints as you get higher in elevation as well. Long hike in on Lake Road..was roughly 4 miles and took me a little over an hour. Hike up was challenging but not too difficult. Glad I chose the scenic route like I always tend to do!!

I didn’t think this trail was hard, but by husband did as he has bad knees. Summited in 3 hrs and about 2.5 hrs to descend. The views were nice although it was a cloudy day, I’m sure on a clear day it would be incredible. I would recommend poles if prone to knee strain.

I loved this hike as a solo; what a day. Yes you have to walk miles on the lake road to get in and out but it’s so nice. Absolutely take the scenic trail up. The effort is worth it, great views, changing and sometimes challenging terrain. Not hard for a confident and reasonably fit hiker. I happen to like wooded, narrow, technical terrain. Walking around and seeing the lake, hearing the loons from multiple vantage points scored this trail some bonus points. Ascending via scenic is harder and longer to the summit, making shedding elevation and the hike out a piece of cake. What a day. I ❤️this hike.

Fantastic view from the summit!

Took our kids and they loved hiking up through the trees and over the small streams. This was a moderately difficult hike, I wouldn't say hard. The views are stunning.

The views from Giant are amazing. It is the 12th highest peak in the range. Some of the best views in the Dacks!

Incredible hike. This was our first loop since my gf broke her back in January 2018. We arrived at the AMR gate at about 7:30AM Saturday morning with full packs. Headed up the Gill Brook trail for our ascent and made a quick stop at Indian Head (@9:45ish). Indian Head has some AMAZING views, so I’d suggest stopping if time permits. Hiked for another few hours and set up camp at the Elk Pass ponds. There was room for maybe 2-3 tent sites. With time to spare, we decided to leave our packs and head towards Colvin. The hike up Colvin wasn’t too intense (arrived at 2:30PM). Colvin has a very small survey marker, getting us our first High Peak of the weekend.

We were running low on water and stamina, so we decided against attempting Blake. After speaking with some fellow hikers, it seemed like a lot of work that we didn’t want to exert for a wooded summit. We made it back to the tent and made some dinner. We’ll have to come back another time.

Hit the trail Sunday at 7:30AM up Elk Pass. This was quite difficult, especially after filling up 4 water bottles (Elk Pass is your last chance to fill up!) and having full packs. There are views behind you almost the whole way up to the split. We got to the split at 9:15AM, ditched our packs, and ran 0.2 miles to Nippletop. Awesome views westward towards the Great Range and Marcy in the distance.

Trail to Dial was 1.9 miles and felt long. There were a few ascents and descents before you reached Dial, which felt kinda cruel. Headed out was pretty gradual and a nice breather from the steepness of Elk Pass. The way down bothered both of our knees and we were happy to get back to the car.

85 degree weather, sunshine, full packs, and 30-45 min on each of the peaks (plus Indian Head), got back to the car at around 3PM Sunday. Would consider a lighter day pack and faster pace if I were to do it again. Headed in to Keene for a well deserved beer! 38 more to go!

The one-star rating is only for the erroneous information that dogs are allowed on a leash. The prohibition on dogs is ABSOLUTE. Leashed is not an option and this prohibition has been enforced for over 130 years in this game preserve.

Great hike with the family. Wife and 10 year old son. Bring plenty of water as there is next to none to filter along the way. We found the trail very steep and unforgiving on the legs on the way down. Pretty much climb 3,000 feet in 3 miles. True Adirondack High Peaks fashion. I made the side trail to RPR in under 2 hours and was able to catch up with the family before they made it back to the car. Sore Legs for us afterwards.

A lot of rock scrambling but great views! The top was really windy!

This was our first 46er, so I have no basis for comparison, but this is one of the hardest hikes we’ve ever done, however, not that bad and worth every step. We did the hike, up and back in 5.25 hours with 3-4 rest/viewing stops and a half hour on top. Trail was mostly dry, temps were in the 80s. Two Nalgenes were sufficient for water. Found a set of hiking poles coming down and placed them at the trail register.

Took about 9 hours round trip with a roughly 25 minute break on each summit. Ended clocking around 14.1 miles total. Went up Elk pass to Nippletop first definitely seemed like the way to go! Would be tough descending that way.

1 month ago

Moderately difficult, begins with steep ascent including switchbacks until the Basin, where it levels. After the Basin, more moderate ascent and switchbacks which gives way to a mix of flat and moderate sections, finishing with some slab scrambles. Great view at the top! Wish I had been able to add the Ridge, as that was well within ability, but wasn’t able to that day.

Great hike! Watch for the yellow and white spray paint marks. Really rocky in parts. 2.15 hours up.

1 month ago

Such a majestic hike. Did this almost 4 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. It's not called the "Ridge Trail" for nothing! For much of the climb you will be ascending with what feels like nothing but the wide open sky at your back, and it is absolutely breathtaking. It's quite strenuous as well, at nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain in such a relatively short distance. There are so many rewards on this trail, such as the washbowl, the side trip to Giant's Nubble, etc. Not to be missed!

One of my favorite trails in the ADK. The trail starts at the Ausable golf course so the first mile or so is a walk along a dirt road, which makes for an easier start and finish, especially when tired. Once you reach the bridge, follow the signs to the left - there will be a "Scenic Route" sign. You'll walk along the lake and slowly gain elevation so take time to enjoy the views. The summit of Sawteeth is tree'd, so much so that I never saw the marker or really realized I had hit the summit. You can either turn back here or continue on to hit Pyramid Peak (Not a 46er, but has some amazing views) and Gothics. I would HIGHLY recommend you continue on to Gothics as the views are amazing! You can see much of the ADK and have a great view of the Ausable lake below. Take time to enjoy the views from Pyramid Peak to Gothics - just turn around at any point along that trail for great views.

Great hike! Love the switchbacks and the scrambles at the end to get to a gorgeous view. Took me about 5 hours round trip. Highly recommend but this isn't an easy hike! Not recommended for novice hikers. Not many streams to refil bottles but there's One about 50 mins into your hike. If you're into trail running this is a good One as well

Did this hike Saturday. Went backwords, via Bear den to Dial then to Nippletop. Not a whole lot of people on the trail that day. Maybe passed 3 groups (10 total). We started at 6:30 am and it was about 70 degrees at the bottom. Started getting windy and rained on about the time we hit the summit of Dial. Nippletop was great views for the first five minutes. Then it turned to clouds and no view. But we were able to get summit pictures.

My family and I hiked this loop counterclockwise, starting up the Gill Brook Trail/Elk Pass to Nippletop then over to Dial and back down Bear Den Mt and the HG Leach Trail. In our opinion this was definitely the way to do it. The Gill Brook Trail is beautiful and very easy to walk, the ground is soft and just roots, no large rocks that are typical of the high peaks until you get up closer to the ascent of Nippletop. The trail from Nippletop to Dial was fairly easy, mostly downhill with a quick ascent to the summit of Dial. Coming back down BDM and the HG Leach Trail was much steeper than we anticipated after seeing everyone say this was the less-steep path. Most of the trail was dry when we hiked, only muddy the top 1/3 of the trail probably. Overall a great hike, we had perfect weather. 9 hours roundtrip.

What an epic weekend of hiking (Fri June 8th & Sat June 9th) with amazing weather conditions. We hiked Marcy, Giant, & Algonquin in about 28 hours with a little down time to eat and nap.

What a beast of a hike. We started our climb of Giant (5.8 miles) at around 6:30-7pm. I mean a few switchbacks early on then just get prepared to climb right up the gut! Miles 2 & 3 are hard, challenging, fun and a little technical. We got to the summit just in enough time to see the last 5 minutes of the sun setting. Much colder at night and super windy also. We headed down in the dark with our head gears on and it wasn’t really an issue at all. We stopped a few times and went lights out and the clear night sky lit up with millions of stars. Awesome and highly recommended! Round trip it took us just about 5 hours and we passed just two other hikers the entire time.

Trail has quite a few ups and downs to it. I had gone clockwise which is usually against my better judgement as I like to get my elevation out of the way first if possible. I went in this direction because if I had enough steam and the sky cleared up (as it was raining out), I was going to hit up fish hawk cliffs and Indian Head. I had plenty of steam left after descending Elk Pass but it had begun to rain heavily. I will be back for those on a clearer day.

Trail was a little wet. Near the Nippletop summit it was quite muddy. No views above 3500 ft. due to low hanging clouds. The only view I had all day was from the Noonmark shoulder looking up at Bear Den, Dial, and Nippletop. Elk Pass had some brand new traversing boards to walk over the anticipated mud wallows which were nice.

I keep hearing about how steep the Elk Pass trail up to Nippletop is, but honestly it wasn't too bad. In my opinion: the Seward Mountain Trail (off Seward Mtn), Panther Brook Trail (off Panther in the Santanoni's), Cold Brook Trail (Marshall's shoulder), and the Slide Brook Trail (off Macomb in the Dix) are noticeably more difficulty. I'm wondering if this one gets more attention due to the volume of hikers using it vs. the others. This is not to say it is not steep- it is. It is just well maintained, easy to follow, water re-routes off the trail are great, and if you take your time (especially when it is raining) you'll be fine. Big plus in that I did not see any of that slick, red moss that plagues hikers on steep, heavily saturated, sun-soaked ascents/descents!

Very rewarding trail! That hard rating was not messing around!
The first 4 or so miles was super easing going on road just to get to the trailhead. It’s on private property so you’re not able to park any closer. The hikers parking lot at the bottom of ausable road is where you leave your car. Then you need to walk up that road with the golf course on your right. Once you get to the bend in the road veer left and the sign in station is there. But there’s still a bunch more of easy walking to go after that on dirt road.

Sawteeth was the very last trailhead along this dirt road. Once you get there, I highly recommend taking the rainbow falls trail first. It’s absolutely gorgeous but I knew we wouldn’t have the energy to go back that way after completing the loop.
Start the sawteeth loop following the scenic route. I wouldn’t have wanted to hike this loop going counterclockwise at all!

You start off along the trail with lovely views of the lake. After outlook 1 or 2 (i can’t remember which), the trail got a little more tricky to follow. It’s obvious this trail isn’t hiked often, but there are a decent amount of markers to keep you going. The steep incline was super challenging and at some points was straight up scaling rocks and rock climbing. Some areas had ladders which was a much welcomed sight. But you definitely earn it on this one. Once you finally reach the last outlook or sawteeth summit, it mostly all downhill and so much easier than the trail going up.

And of course once you finally complete the loop, you’ve still got that 4 mile trek back to the parking lot unfortunately. But man, do I feel accomplished after completely that whole loop! Make sure you’ve got plenty of water!

Did it in September and also in December. Both times were a challenge, (but well worth it!). Brought the pup with me for him first high peak. He loved it to say the least. Giant’s washbowl is always a nice place to stop and take in a view, it’s a good excuse to take a breather,or maybe get a little fishing in. The foliage in the fall is amazing. And the snow during the winter makes it just that much better. Very steep and tough trail but a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

made a late day hike yesterday definitely challenging steep rock sections with slippery muddy areas
and to add to it finished the last 1.5 miles with head gear in the dark seeing a moose on the way down.... views were great

went yesterday, still needed spikes for a bit near the top. this hike challenged me mentally with a steep portion of open rock. snow melt had made it wet so it was slippery in portions. was hoping for a quicker trek down but this path is steep and rocky the whole time. A map would be wise as trail markers aren't very prominent.

It was one of the greatest hikes on the Giant mountain trail today. It was challenge and fun hiking on icy and snowy sections. It was fantastic view in the breeze.

Just came back from Giant Mountain. It was a great trail, hard and technical. SPIKES are still a necessity at this time of year. The last mile was really icy and since it’s really steep, it’s very slippery. We managed do to it without our spikes (at first the mountain looked sooo great and without snow that we left them in the car...) but it’s hazardous, very slippery and it takes so much more time...

Still very icy, make sure you have proper shoes and spikes!! Challenging on the lake side, however, still beautiful. Weather condition for April 30 were still in the 40's-50's so cooler than normal.

3 months ago

This was a beautiful trail. I got some great pictures and had a good time. I climbed it with a few friends in October 2017. It’s a tough one.

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