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I thought it's was very fun and fairly easy. Great for mountain biking.

2 months ago

This trail proved to be elusive and possibly non-existent as of today (5/23/18). I attempted to locate the trail off of Densmore Rd by parking in the Middle School lot as suggested on another site. I was unsuccessful. I looked along the creek south of the school with no luck. I looked along the north side, across the street from the school, with no luck. I drove over to Cranberry Landing and parked in the back. I walked along the back of the property and found what appeared to be the entrance at the far eastern end. This entrance was wide. However, a path was not marked and only by chance did I notice a small overgrown path to my left. I took a chance and started down a very steep slope. A short way in and I started to hear the water falling. I made my way to the falls and snapped a few pictures. I then attempted to walk along the overgrown path (I am on the south side of the creek). I walked East and the path ended abruptly. I turned back and walked West. Again, the path ended abruptly. Many large fallen trees on both ends. Overall, I would say that this is definitely hidden. The waterfall didn't have much water flowing today and the path was overgrown and appears to not have been maintained in some time.

2 months ago

Picturesque, with lots of historical value as well! Especially beautiful in the fall!

mountain biking
7 months ago

One of my favorite Rochester mtn biking parks. GROC has done a great job maintaining these trails. I also frequent these trails for running with my dogs

If you are here for scenic views, be disappointed. If you are here to see nature and beautiful forest and wetland, look no farther. Birds sing, even late in the year. Deer bound across your way, and it is beautiful. A heron takes flight from the marshes and settles down again a distance away. Bring hiking boots, due to the mud. The trails are easily accessible, and at this time of year, the trails are mostly clear, save for the odd person Nordic walking the trails. However, the trail length of 7.5 miles is misleading. I followed the purple, then the green trails, and it came out to something like 4.0 miles. If you hiked all of the trails together, including the red and blue, you'd probably come out to 7.5 miles. Overall, though, it's definitely a place I'd come back to again, for hiking, birding, and just watching wildlife.

Awesome, historical space. Great elevation making this a tougher run or walk. Everything is paved road.

You get a glimpse into the better days of Rochester, back when when the city was prospering. Would definitely recommend.

I used to play paintball here as a child. I like that it's still managed and available for hikes .

great place for some history and beautiful views

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Lots of Deer flies, most trails washed out by running water, bad smell near Tryon Park rd. from drain under 590.

The mileage in the description for this loop is not accurate-- the Ridge Trail is 1.4 miles long, and the Wetlands trail is 2.1 miles, so the loop of these two trails is 3.5 miles rather than 7.5. The trails are walking rather than hiking trails, and are generally flat, wide, mowed grass trails. Sections of the trail are very muddy, with parts ankle deep.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

It's a nice scenic walk through the historic Mt. Hope Cemetery. People should know it's mainly trails on roads as a heads up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Took my kids and it was amazing. So beautiful even with the rain. plan to do the other half this week.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Not a bad place to explore around. There was a garbage and broken glass (and a not so hot smell) in some areas. The trails themselves were good, but I would rather do Bay Trail or Lucien if I am in the area. They are cleaner and roughly similar in difficulty and have more opportunities to get near the water.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Beautiful trail. Hiked near Brighton area. Would love to bike the entire trail sometime (60 miles towards Niagara Falls).

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Out of the 3 trails in that area - Bay and Rifle Range it ranks 3rd for me for hiking. It looked to be great for biking and overall a good little hike. There is broken glass and garbage laying around in spots and it is right next to 590. I would recommend one of the other two just a little further north.

Friday, July 14, 2017

such a neat place to go on a long walk/hike. holds so much history and it's so cool to see all the coliseums and headstones from the late 1800s and early 1900s. would definitely recommend. you also get a great workout with the hills that are there!

Very muddy and a lot of trees have fallen onto the path. I think the loop around the park was okay, but the trails within the loop looked more interesting (orange and blue I think).

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Not as good as the Leastman Trail

mountain biking
Monday, January 02, 2017

A great network of trails that span all the terrain, fast and flowy with some technical parts. I often take my dogs and they run with me, they'll go swimming too! Strongly recommend.

There are endless amount of trails for any desired duration and distance. Great winter hiking.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I live near this trail and there are most definitely waterfalls.

Friday, July 08, 2016

For me this is a mountain bike trail. Have never seen a hiker. Trails are challenging ups and downs. Numerous offshoots in all directions. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautiful walk, nice flat path.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Beautiful! Great scenery!! Hilly, open spaces!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm pretty partial to this one since I grew up in the neighborhood and came here a lot growing up but it's nice for a walk. I would definitely say don't run it because you could trip over a small headstone or grave marker and wreck your day not to mention if there are people there grieving, the last thing they want is you running them over.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I hiked the trail and managed to accumulate 8.2 miles in total of decent hiking. I prefer the wooded area more than the cut outs, but they were nice as well. The orange blazed/flagged trail was great, with numerous blazes/flags to keep you on track. This was not really the case with other off shoots or appendages of the 2.9 Orange blazed long trail. The only time I could see where I was is when I would come across an intersection marker. For a moment there I didn't know where I was, or the direction I was heading. It would be much more enjoyable if the paths were indicated properly. It is a great park nevertheless. It is well maintained, clean, with wildlife visually present. A great place to be.

I got to see beautiful white tailed deer, you can definitely go bird watching there. Its muddy in some areas but its nature.

mountain biking
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There are many trails in Tryon Park and they are great for mountain biking, hiking, trail running, snow shoe, cross country skiing and other related activities. As I understand it the "Lost City of Tryon" is actually in the old Ellison Park Extension on the other side of the creek from Tryon Park so I am not sure if this is a review of the same park in the heading. Also, the trail network is longer than 1.7 miles so it is hard to put a number on it. Depends on choices of offshoots.

As a mountain biker Tryon is one of my favorite trail system because it is so close to the city yet has fairly challenging trails and seems so remote! It takes a few times to find all that is in there because it has numerous access points and trail offshoot circuits. Something for everyone and a nice place to get a quick hour or less ride in or extend it out by connecting it with one of the the other 4 parks. Tryon is excellent for night rides as well but I would advise going with at least one other person for both protection and to pick up the pieces in a crash. Sometimes you get groups of young adults in there at night that I have never had any issues with but others have. I have maybe seen a couple people here and there but it is usually empty of people day and night other than riders.

There are 4 parks in the immediate area around Irondequoit Bay and Creek. Tryon is the most technical and has the hardest climbs with a lot of rocks and roots but, anyone that has had intermediate experience will not have many if any issues. Some beginners have complained it is to hard and dangerous in parts but I learned to ride there and do not feel it was all that difficult.

Anyone looking for a beginner park should go right next door to Bay Park West. Like Tryon it is a multi-use park so mountain biking is allowed much to the disappointment of trail fascist groups like "People for Parks" that have no problem allowing their dogs to run off leash but expect everyone else to follow the "rules" and only enjoy the parks all of our taxes pay for in a way THEY think is fun and acceptable..

The other two parks are on other side of Irondquoit Creek and the Bay from Tryon. They are both very nice and have great trails but mountain biking is not yet allowed. If you do ride there just be aware it is not legal but is basically the same as a parking violation or having YOUR DOGS OF LEASH as the trail fascists often do. I have no problems with dogs running free of the leash at all, I have two dogs myself. I just have a problem with hypocrites that are so quick to yell at others while breaking the rules and claiming it is "not the same thing as mountain biking...." Duh, it the municipal leash code, not trail restrictions code but, still THE LAW as you like to point out.

OK, sorry all I just had to put that out there. It is annoying and we have had a difficult battle getting our parks closer to what the rest of the nation is doing and actually encouraging outdoor activities that young and old can enjoy. No wonder Rochester is losing such a high percentage of its "young" people . The job market and for some the weather, is bad enough. Why not at least try to allow more activities "young professionals" educated here can enjoy?

FYI, there are a number of sites that have trail maps from others that have mapped rides, runs, hikes, etc. You can just Google trail maps for the area and they will be there if you are not able to find them here.

Sorry for my rant :)

Good luck and enjoy!!

road biking
Friday, April 11, 2014

This ever growing canal side trail is great for both hiking and biking, although given its largely nicely laid out and flat paths, it is a great opportunity for biking. I've always done random sections, usually the ones near Rochester, but for someone looking for a multi-day bike or hike, I imagine it would be fun to go for a full round trip of the trail, staying in a few of the small canal side towns as you go. The canal trail does a good job combining the nature of the area with the history of the canal. I also have also really enjoyed the few times I was able to see the canal locks in use.

mountain biking
Friday, March 28, 2014

I have always lived near Mt. Hope Cemetery and it has been my place to run with my dogs, hike and mountain bike and party when I was a teen. I am not sure who put this 14+ mile trail in but I suppose you could take all the many trails and end to end get 14+ miles. It is mainly technical short trails all over the place and mountain biking is not "allowed" off road there; but a lot of us do it because of the technical challenge in the old hilly sections. Having lived literally across the street or on the other side of Highland Park I know it like the back of my hand. If you are not careful there are many low and hidden headstones that will take you and your bike out. Also, many old rusted iron fence pickets and water pipes that will impale you. It happened to my friend and he ended up in Highland Hospital; though he was trying to hop the fence. Be respectful it is after all a cemetery. The residents of the cemetery do not complain :) but some of the visitors find it disrespectful so be stealthy and stick to the old hilly areas and do not hit any headstones or cause damage!

You can also tie this in with the city trails network starting there and then head east through the back high ground areas of Highland Park then Pinicle hill (private land but open with lots of steep climbs), Cobbs Hill/Washington Groove park (also not biking legal so be careful) and then down Winton Road to Tryon Park, West Bay (biking is legal)... and so on. It is a long ride, many climbs and some really challenging trails. Other than some quick rides on pavement between sections it is all off road single track. Most people do not even realize you can ride for 30+ miles of single track in the middle of Rochester with a few thousand feet of climbs when you take all the many park trails in. It takes some time to find your way but look on line at Tryon Bike, GROC and other helpful sites that have some trails maps. Explore it and you will not be disappointed but, again do not be to obvious! Not many people in these areas but rarely, someone will yell at you if you are in one of the "no ride" sections.

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