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Took nearly 7 hours on snowshoes. Had to break the 2nd half of the trail.

Stairs going up for the greedy people I guess

My first hike ever. One of the days that changed my life, finding my love for the outdoors.

Go day after it rains.

Crampons are a must during winter and beware of falling rocks, but a beautiful hike down into the Niagara gorge. It connects to whirlpool trail if you want to make a longer loop.

Difficult climb chose to do it the other day after a snowstorm. The hike was beautiful with the snow covered trees but unfortunately we had zero visibility at top but we still enjoyed the loop. Would like to revisit in the summer!

Good elevation gain and great views.. I like it

5 days ago

My family and I hiked the trail while it was snow covered. A bit challenging due to the conditions...wear good boots with aggressive tread. The view from the summit is breathtaking. Highly recommended.

Beautiful and scenic easy trail. A hidden gem in the area.

5 days ago

I love this hike and do it probably 2 to 3 times a month. The views are amazing and the sunsets are killer. Take a headlamp if your adventurous and stay until dark on a clear night. The sunsets get better long after the sun drops below the distant mountains and the night sky is awesome if the stars are out w no moon. Yes there are rattle snakes and yes I have encountered them. They will come out to the ledge at night to warm themselves on the rocks before going off to find a meal. Give them plenty of space and enjoy their beauty! The water falls are incredible in the spring and early summer but tend to dwindle out as the summer gets hotter and drier. To get to the falls you will turn right when you get to the creek crossing at the top. There is a faint foot trail that you will see. To get to the first overlook cross the creek and turn to the right. You will follow the creek for about 35 yards and if you ascend the small incline and bear left you will see a faint foot trail that will take you through a small tight section of overgrowth and put you right out on the old rock quarry. There you will see the rock chairs and rock statues as some call them. If you continue on along the path it will lead you out onto another path and if you turn right at that junction and go about 100 yds it will put you out onto the actual ledge with the best views. The trail up to the top is steep and rocky with loose gravel/rocks but well worth the hike. Enjoy and I hope to see you at the top this year!!

Nice trail with good scenery.

Great hike, amazing views, and a lot of fun scrambles on this trail.

Great Views. Took Yellow Undercliff Trail all the way back instead of the Cornish Trail. Snow on trail was packed down nicely except from the upper ruins north on the blue trail to the red trail junction on the breakneck trail. I was the first through there. Snow was a foot deep in most places.

Went while snow was on the ground, very beautiful and scenic hike. Short and sweet.

We did this in a few inches of snow, which definitely slowed it down. It made the hike really fun and pretty so would recommend. Hiking in the snow actually means less mud and mess but definitely need to be careful with you’re footing. We aren’t experienced hikers but pretty fit and this took us 2hours 45. I’m sure on a dry day it wound have been a lot quicker, more like a 2-2:15.

We went clockwise around this trail and I think I would do the same if doing it again. The ascent clockwise is longer but more gradual. The descent then was pretty steep but nice and quick. Doing it clockwise means you have done the majority of the trail when you see the lovely views at the peak.

Great hike. Awesome views. Easy to follow. Trail markers every few hundred feet.

Awesome place!

This is a great park. Great for fishing, camping, hiking, biking, pretty much anything outdoors. Most trails are marked or clear to see.

11 days ago

Challenging. Short, but steep in spots. Good views from ledges. You have a chance of spotting hawks, turkey vultures or eagles. You also have a shot at seeing a rattler, so stay alert. Be careful with small children and keep Fido on a leash.

Great view at the peak, would be 5 stars but it's not much of a hike. Stairs on the trail and a road to the top strip it of being a 5 star.

Great trails but really need snowshoes in the avalanche pass , be well prepare in winter . A lot of « lean-to » near the trails. Enjoy !

A favorite.

Great views. Trail is pretty eroded in some parts from overuse, though. Should be rated as moderate.

Absolutely stunning view! A favorite of locals and tourists alike. A little rocky and steep but well worth your time. It is a must see if you are in the area. Just watch out for rattle snakes as it is known to have a few from time to time.

Short but great hike

12 days ago

Beautiful snowy day! Lovely.

12 days ago


...I learned that the hard way.

Okay, so I made a huge mistake and ended up getting bucked off an open trail and onto a closed trail. Upon arrival, I noticed the Gorge Trail closure was clearly posted. So I took off on the Finger Lakes trail instead, hoping to catch some good Top-Down views of Lucifer falls.

Well folks, I ended up missing a trail marker, headed off down a deer path and wound up on the Gorge Trail. I was stopped maybe an hour later by a state trooper who had been monitoring trail traffic. I received a citation and was escorted out of the park.

Please keep an eye out for trail markers if you're here off season.

I thought a citation was a little harsh especially as there were other hikers out on the Finger Lakes Trail and the Rim Trail. Since I wasn't from the local area, I had assumed since I saw other hikers that I was in fact, on the OPEN Finger Lakes trail. Unfortunately for me I must not have navigated a junction properly and it cost me.

tl;dr - watch where you're going here. if the trail is closed, they do not post markers at every junction, but only at the trail heads.

Enjoy the pictures I took though! They only cost me ~$500 in fines :)

Decent trail, but it's not a real hike. More of a walking trail. Lots of stairs and very close to the Bear Mountain resort. So if you prefer hiking in more remote areas then feel free to skip this one. That said, the view from the peak is decent. Just don't be a cheater and drive to the peak. Hike to the peak. This is All Trails. Not All Roads.

Loved it! Went hiking today after a snow storm so the trail was covered with snow and somewhat slippery. I was frustrated that I couldnt finish the trail due to the weather condition and construction so Im definitely going back during the fall!

very nice and peaceful walk, not really hike, along the river. the river views were amazing

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