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Really likes this hike. I wouldn’t really call it moderate. I barely broke a sweat. It gets a little steep towards the top but only for like 20 minutes. Everything before that is easy. The views are incredible. Lots of bang for your buck. Spent about an hour and a half at the summit. The only gripes I have about this hike is the boring road walking in the beginning. From the trailhead at the parking lot to where you’re actually start walking in woods is 3 miles and it takes you through a golf resort. Very strange. I went 7/21/18 and it’s been an extremely dry July so rainbow falls was kind of a bust. It was trickling. But it did allow us to hike up the trail on the boulders that would normally be covered in water

We did it in 6hrs total with two kids (6 and 9) and two dogs. Last third is very challenging. It kicked our butts but were happy to do it.

10 hours ago

Awesome. Probably the most challenging hike I’ve done to date. It involves many instances of climbing over some large and loose boulders. I wouldn’t recommend unless you were in very good shape. We summited in a little under three hours (both of us are/were athletes in college.) The only lame part is the fact that you have to walk ~2 miles through a road and country club if you access it from the free parking zone.

Great views, I hiked up Gothics and took the ridge over to Armstrong. You can get sweeping panoramas of many of the western High Peaks and Lake Placid. Pay attention to which way you came to the summit. There are two exits very close to each other that will lead you to different places. We hiked almost an hour out of our way by accident and did not bring enough water for the extra mileage. Overall, a great time.

11 hours ago

This was my first backpacking trip. Did this trip on a thursday friday overnight. We stayed overnight at high falls the first night and traveled in a counterclockwise direction. We relaxed at high falls after hiking from 10-3 the first day and then hiked to cat mtn and out the second day from 930-3 . The deer flies and mosquitos were pretty bad but not intolerable and although it has been a fairly dry summer there were some very wet spots, mostly on the western side due to beaver dams, so yes waterproof boots are a requirement. The fishing at high falls did not result in any catches.

great trail, good views and a nice workout. can't wait to this trail again!

From the parking lot, we went to the right and I think had an easier hike based on the amount of downhill on the way out and the fact that we finished this is under 1 hour 30 whereas most other peoples recordings were 2-3hours. So if you want a challenging hike, go left up the hill, if you want a moderate hike, go right down the hill. The views were great on this trail but there seemed to be a lot of broken glass and garbage not long after the entrance halfway up the hill. Also, lots of people were blasting blue tooth speakers. Why go into nature just to listen to rihanna? I'll never understand.

Amazing views from the firetower!

Steady incline for most of the hike with several areas being solid rock with no ground covering (which we referred to as sidewalk). Great views but quite busy!

Spectacular views but can get pretty muddy towards the top!

14 hours ago

Nice hike today - temps in the 70's with a slight breeze. It hasn't rained much lately so there wasn't a real lot of water flowing down. Trails were well marked and there were some roots and rocks along the way. Not a lot of others out on the trail - especially to the 2nd & 3rd falls. My Garmin hike app said it was 4.2 miles with an elevation gain of 551 ft. It took us 1 hr and 52 mins to go up and back.

Beautiful but poorly marked

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16 hours ago

One of my absolute favorite places. Beautiful scenery and trails with perfectly clear markers. Wide trails with lots of places to stop and look at animals or wonder. Great park!

16 hours ago

Solid moderate hike on one of the first days that wasn't horribly hot in nearly a month. First 2 miles is relatively flat, last 1.1 miles from the sign is steep with a large amount of exposed rock. Two of the steepest sections have railings and one has a ladder. Bugs were horrible below the sign. Roughly 1.5 hours up, 1.25 down.

Fire tower foundation has been replaced, but it does not appear that any restoration was done above ground level. You need to climb a 7 foot ladder with no fall protection to reach the cab from the top landing.

There's a decent amount of parking in a lot off of the road at the trailhead. There was VERY heavy trail traffic even on a Thursday, likely because the trail was recently reopened.

We hiked Big Slide on July 16 and found the trail challenging, but certainly worth it as the views along the way and at the summit were amazing!

What made the hike challenging was mostly weather and our own inexperience. It was extremely warm that day, and as this was only our second high peak, we overpacked in terms of food and so the weight of our backpack slowed us down as we made frequent stops along the way! We began our climb around 7:30am and when we returned to the car around 3:30pm, the temperature was 32 degrees Celsius!!! There were also many opportunities for taking pictures along the way, which we certainly took advantage of!

We began at the Garden Parking lot ($10 USD for parking) and returned through the Slide Mountain Brook Trail loop after we reached the summit. In total, we were about 8 hours - again, with more than a 'normal' amount of breaks along the way. The path begins moderately steep and continues that way until after the second Brother, where it descends for a bit before a steep climb (including some adventurous rock scrambles and questionable log steps) just before the summit. Unlike Marcy, which we did two years ago, the summit does not offer 360 degree views; however, the views from the Brothers are fantastic and the Great Range is right in front of you from the summit! The loop trail return descends steadily until John Brooks Lodge with some running water along the way if (like us) your supply is getting low by then! Once at JBL, the 3 miles remaining back to the Garden Parking Lot are flat and well marked.

A cooler day and a lighter backpack are the only things that could have made this any better. Truly a beautiful and rewarding hike!

Walk around at the summit. There are lots of good views

Great trail and amazing view of the lake at the top. The last mile was very rocky and had some steep steps to climb. Also, the distance given on this app is misleading. It is longer than 4.6. The trailhead said 2.75 miles as opposed to the 2.3 reported here. My GPS watch data supported what was marked on the trail.

beautiful! the stairs at the end are killer tho haha

Very well kept trail! For the first couple miles it is fairly flat with smaller gains in elevation. Once you cross the foot bridge the grade increases and continues until you get to the top. When the trail becomes more stone you are close to the summit. There is a foot path that goes right just before the fire tower. This provides some views but nothing like what you will see if you stay to the left. Total hike time was 3 hours with 30 minutes at the top.

Great short walk. Did it on a hot day so take water. Ruins really are ruins. Safety measures only, would be nice to have more information with layout if grounds and house

Can’t give it low enough. Gated off with construction going on .

Good for running and/or walking.

one of my favorite places to bike

We Hiked up the Macomb Slide and went on to do South Dix (a scramble) & then Hough. Really awesome 3 peak day hike. I loved the variety of this trail! Great views pretty much the entire time! They call it "un-maintained..." But, if that was true, then who's been out there cutting through the blowdown? Someone certainly has. Definitely a blast & would climb them again!

Took us 2 and a half hours to get to the top, and 2 hours and 20 to get down with a few minute breaks. Beautiful views, worth the trip, definitely a hard trail for beginners.

It should be an up and down, not an out and back, but it is so fun and rewarding! Amazing views!

Great for those looking for a challenging hike ending with a beautiful view at the summit. The hike is rather difficult due to some steep climbs over a rocky surface. It’s about 3.3 miles from the trail head to the summit, which took me about an hour and a half at an average pace. Would recommend to any moderate to experience hiker!

1 day ago

The trails are easy to follow, clean and easy going for walking or hiking.

Me and my dad did this loop in September 2017. The landscape is unique and combined with cascading 8 water falls makes the hike even more rewarding. We loved the hike and is fairly easy without much elevation gain. Plenty of opportunity for photo shoot. Parking is 8$ but under two hours, it is free as most of the roadside parking is just for 2 hours. So this hike is easily doable in 2 hours. Just a pro tip.

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