Raquette Lake

7 reviews

Did this hike on an unusually hot Fourth of July. The description is very accurate. The first part of the hike is very easygoing. The trail to shallow lake becomes a little more difficult with exposed roots, some muddy patches and the bog. Here you will need to cross the small tributary using three long logs serving as the foot bridge to the other side. Once you cross the bridge you are a little more than halfway to the lake. Most of the trail is in beautiful wooded paths, the exception being the bog. We found the second half of the hike to be very buggy. The canoe mentioned in the description is now just shattered remnants lying near the shore. For whatever reason this does not appear to be a busy trail although we found it well maintained and clearly marked. We only saw one other family on the hike on this busy holiday in the Adirondacks. Overall it’s a pleasant hike if you can withstand the bugs.