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The railroad ties are still embedded in the path. This is a great flat easy trail along an old railway the used to Bring visitors up to the Laurel House. What a wonderful place that would’ve been. Too bad it’s just a fading memory.

16 days ago

Unfortunately it seems as if this trail is closed now. At the trailhead there are signs posted that the trail is closed about a mile in due to landowners of private property and hunting allowed during certain times of the year. Would have loved to try it but didn’t. Scarbuck trail is across the street so it’s not a complete waste if you came here expecting to do this trail.

We roller blade here every year - always fun!

one of my favorite places to bike

trail running
27 days ago

One of only two trails I could find in the area. 8mi round trip. Doesn’t seem heavily used...

mountain biking
1 month ago

Well I came here with my two boys to see what this trail is all about and I wasn’t too happy with it! First of all limited parking at the depot parking area by the station. It’s also so boring!!! I am used to seeing scenery and taking pictures and there was nothing to see except boring trees and scary buildings!!!

As we began riding my little one who’s 4yrs old almost lost control as I was directing both of my sons to your right, a fast biker came flying by and scared my little one , had him almost heading off a cliff. I screamed so loud... smh... As we continued I found that this trail makes no sense. There is fencing in areas but not where their is a cliff, where someone can actually fall off to god knows where... so as we continued we also passed abandoned buildings, quite scary you don’t know who’s around... you also pass by people’s back yards, barking dogs with probably a 2-3 ft fence which had us scared it would hop over as it was barking from my sons training wheels making loud noises!!!

I feel it needs a lot of improvements.. more fencing where their is dangerous areas where kids can fall off and perhaps a separate lane for fast bikers. Path is too narrow, there was a disabled person which their bike took up half of the lane causing us to ride on the grass. So I feel they need to improve on that!!

Very relaxing ride

road biking
1 month ago

Was a really nice bike ride

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail! Started in Cass park, grade change to Taughannock Falls was hardly noticeable. 9.1 miles to the overlook 18.2 round trip.

Nice trail with a beautiful view at the end. You will see Taughennock waterfalls from the other side than the usual few points.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice views took my 10 year old son on a bike ride some of the man made wood walk paths are hard to ride and missing some planks in a lot of places but over all it was fun and peaceful lots Of thorn bushes so make sure you wear long pants

mountain biking
2 months ago

We started at the base of the trail, which is right behind the community garden, at the south west end of Cayuga Lake. The reward at the top (end) was a fabulous waterfall, were we took a break for water and a snack. The 16 mile round trip was on cinders and very easy inclines and descent.

Beautifully peaceful in any season. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy, calm adventure with breathtaking views. Animal friendly as well!

Good for anMorning walk to get some miles in. Great for bird watching. Mellow terrain and food for kids.

road biking
4 months ago

Great trail for biking! The roads are very smooth and scenic. Light traffic and good for jogging, biking and roller blading. There a few steep hills but overall a great ride.

Leads to Walkway over the Hudson Valley River and continues into the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

Very pretty and easy to follow trail. Great for walking, snowshoeing, dog walking. I don't love it for running because the footpath is extremely narrow in some places and difficult to run. if you do run it, I recommend trail shoes even though the trail is flat and not very rugged, just because you find yourself wanting to run in the grass alongside the footpath.

Great hike, easy

very nice trail. it is well maintained for miles. It is a easy walk, family and dog friendly.

great for walking my dogs.

This is a flat dirt path, why is it rated moderate, it's so easy!?

Not a great trail, there are houses and roads right next to it. It's pretty flat and wide, and it's more of a walk than a hike. There's a train station at one end, in Sleepy Hollow, and parking at the other end.

paddle sports
9 months ago

Kayaking was great. So peaceful.

road biking
10 months ago

Awesome rail trail. Rented a recumbent bike at James Taylor's Leisure Ride bike shop in Poughkeepsie. Went south on the trail first, accidentally, as the goal was to ride to the Hudson River. Heading south toward Hopewell Junction was great though, this is a beautiful rail trail. Turned around then headed north then west to the Mid-Hudson Bridge. The views from the bridge were spectacular and the sun was just setting which added to the ambiance. A wonderful trail, go for it!

road biking
10 months ago

South road is 20.6 miles out and back, ends at Millerton due to construction. There is a detour on Route 22N to the northern section to complete the trail around Copake at the Massachusetts border in Columbia County which I've done before by itself. Total mileage is closer to 50 miles round trip from Wassaic according to my Garmin. Nice workout and scenery but a bit too flat for me. Bad cell coverage and dropouts in recording the whole trail on my old iPhone (south and north parts). Total trail not represented on alltrails.com, this section here is only the northern part. You can find the whole trail on other websites. Well maintained. One thing I did like about this trail is that you can pick up speed and sustain it for a while since there are not that many people on the path and there are long straight sections to see safely in front of you.

Loved it, some parts a bit bumpy, still a great ride
Bridge over the Wallkill River is closed for repairs, will have to make a trip back:)

Fun easy biking trail

Did the full loop and also completed Franny Reese State Park on the way. It was neat to do this as I've run the walkway so many times but never done the full loop. Everything was clearly marked and we ended up taking the elevator back up to the walkway which I had never done before. This will be my new running route!

Overall this is an easy walk, sunscreen might be needed based on the day.

road biking
11 months ago

A rail trail. Excellent for biking.

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