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Great spot for pictures on the boardwalk and a nice trail for all ages if you want to go out and back from the train. Sometimes a bit busy with day trippers from nyc.

My husband and daughter did the full length as an overnighter. I heard there were nice views along the way too..

Nice loop around Green Mountain Lake at Lakeside Park. The only slightly strenuous part is the hill at the east side of the trail, which features an outdoor chapel dedicated in 1956. The trail splits just before this hill, so there are two ways up - one that tracks close to the lake and another that goes directly up over the hill. The trails in both Lakeside and Murrow Parks could be better marked, and my understanding is that efforts are underway to do so. This hike features some nice lake views, especially from the west side. The portion of the trail that follows the lake shore is accessible right after the stone bridge on the service road. At the trail head you can either walk around service road or take the little shortcut across the spillway to start. Plenty of parking, either near the park entrance or west, past the athletic fields.

Did this hike on a Friday morning in June, but instead of taking the yellow trail cutoff I took the longer red loop all the way around. Lots of shady woodland hiking, lots and lots of deer, and the trail was a wee bit overgrown in places. You cross the Appalachian Trail at two places and follow it for a short time. There are unfortunately no real views until you get back to Quaker Lake Road and walk alongside the lake back to the parking area. Good vigorous 4 mile hike with some good elevation at the beginning, then mostly leveling out. Wooden plank walkways in a few places, with one especially nice one just as you empty out onto Quaker Lake Road. There is a blue trail spur off to the side of the red trail that I did not have time to check out.

WONDERFUL hike, need to come back and complete, just did 4 hours round trip, nice challenge , my legs are definitely taking to me! Lol

Of the trails that run above Lakeside Park and Murrow Park, this is the only one worth checking out. This is basically most of the red trail, then at one point you can cross through a stone wall past a Blair Witch sign on a tree. After a short walk through the woods you cross to Ralph's Wild Briar, a fun little narrow trail that snakes through the woods before depositing you on part of the Summit Trail, then ending at an abandoned farm house. There's also a cool old hollow tree near a picnic bench. According to the map the county provides there was once a ski tow at this location, but there is no longer any sign of it.

This was a nice trail. We took the yellow to white to red. The yellow trail was a nice change of pace from the regular trails with the random history and questions about identifying trees. The white trail (Appalachian trail) was a little confusing and trail markers were not as clear or obviously placed, it may have been due to the crazy winter and a lot of down trees but the hike was nice and more intense then the yellow and red. The red trail was nice as well but it ended on the road and the walk back to the car on the road was blahhhhhhh I would only go back if I can find a different path to try and avoid taking the road back. Oh and a big point, at least it was for me, as I picked this place based off of the lake.... you at NO point get close enough to the lake to even feel like this trail surrounds a lake. So if you go there just know that you will not have a “lake view”. :)

Hiked from Rt. 22 up to where the Appalachian Trail met the red trail. Pretty tough climb in the snow, but very difficult to figure out where the red trail continued when I got to the top. Decided to turn around and come back. I’ll have to return when the weather is better to do the lake loop from Quaker Lake Road. The section of the AT I hiked was nice but no real views or outstanding features. Crosses some farmland at the beginning, and you’ll have to scale a few ladders over fences before you get to the Nature Reserve trailhead.

Good trek right in NYC's backyard. This is route is just over 40 miles on the AT. It is easy to get to from the city...just take the Metro North to the AT stop in Pawling. This is a SOUTH track. The first camping spot is an AT shelter (Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter). The second is part of the Clarence Fahnestock State Park. There is a campground there but it is closed between December 2nd and April 14th. Make sure you check for camping availability prior to heading south into the park. If you are here out of season, the hike to Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter and back to the AT stop is still a great overnight trip.

Began this hike from route 22 and explored some of the trails in the Pawling Nature reserve. Saw at least a half a dozen pileated woodpeckers. Morning well spent

very fine tracking course, but should think of time. it took almost 5 hours to complete in a fast pace.

Started off route 22 on the Appalachian. In and out semi loop. Nice farmland crossing into woods. Met up with conservation trails to loop around Quaker lake and return. Was difficult to find the red. Did a bit of trailblazing to find it eventually.

In and out Appalachian Trail at Pawling Nature reserve starts along a beautiful boardwalk to woods to cow pastures to rock scramble to cats rock overlook.
You can shorten trip to cats rock by starting at W Dover Road

...I only went about 1.5 miles in because I was short on time, but it's great having a hike like this so accessible both by car and train. It's a good mix of hills with some flatter sections.

I live 15 minutes from this trailhead and it's by far one of my favorite hikes around. Hiked up Cat Rocks from W. Dover Rd on my birthday in January to watch the sunrise. Have also made the trip from both ends..Metro North Station and Route 55. I highly recommend this wonderful hike

We only did 7 miles from the train station to Cat Rocks and back but well worth the trip! Had some nice variety along the way and Cat Rocks is a great spot to have a snack and enjoy the view over the valley before headed back or going ahead further on the trail.

Great 5 Miles Hike

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Entrance is not easy to find. Pick up a map in the store next to the train station. There are three trails. White shows the Appalachian trail. Yellow is a short. Did not do the red trail. The trail was difficult to follow in the fall with all the leaves on the ground. I could not find the entrance by route 22.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Well marked trails, easy to moderate hiking, also good for trail-running.

Awesome, great scenery and hike

Great and varied hike. Fun spot for a picnic!

Really enjoyed it, what and awesome hike! We did the first 2 peaks- then turned around. So I think
It was 3.4 in and 3.4 out?
Anyway- if you start right at the Appalachian train stop and start going you'll have a blast

Great views the whole way

Had an excellent time here. I love the AT because of how well kept it is. Great hiking for just about anybody!

A nice, easy afternoon. Prepare for mud. Diverse foliage & terrain. Good wildlife. Saw a coyote when I was there. Bring binoculars. Plenty of places to rest, eat & relax. A good trip for beginners.

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