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3 days ago

Flat, good for time trial, speed, warm-ups.

trail running
3 days ago

Love it!

Nothing to see on the trail

Warm January day helped dry the one open trail. Good afternoon walk.

Where is the cave at turning point park. One of the last photos. It looks like it’s on top of a waterfall. Please help

This is less of a trail and more of a paved walking area through the woods. It usually had a lot of people on bikes. I liked to take my dog here but not on hot days because like I said it’s pavement. Very beautiful though!

I want to start by saying that this walk looked absolutely beautiful; however, I was not familiar with this area and brought my very active toddler on the walk and we had to turn around very early on for safety reasons. The path has a steep cliff for a majority of the walk and the guard rail is too tall to be effective for any super active little kiddos. Again, I would 100% come back another time but grandma and grandpa will most likely have to watch the little one.

I loved this hike. It was treacherous with a bit of everything. Parked n the peters kill lot went followed the trail there to the Awosting falls lot. Then took that trail bk to Peters Kill. Nice loop. So I basically started at the foot of the falls and hiked up. Some elevation, nice bridge, gorgeous views.

Amazing views, widest lake ever, well maintained walking trails, scenic views, big trees.

Nice gravel trail in the open. Close to traffic

Ruff for bikes. Lots of ruts, rocks, and mud.

Did this loop with my dog on Christmas Eve day. It was beautiful and safe and fun. One side is closed for the winter, but the east side remains open and easy to navigate.

Great Christmas Day hike. The boardwalk trail provides access to the river, amazing views, and opportunities to see wildlife. Keep it pretty - pack it in, pack it out.

Totally average with similar views to Breakneck, etc.
A good workout but overall not the most beautiful hike.

found it base on your review, Thanks Paul. It does have green blazes that are very widely spaced then they become old faded white blazes, but for the most part the trail is easy to follow as it makes it way over the top towards a view of rt 17 at this time of year. You need not worry about getting seriously lost as the trail does skirt along the back yards or within view of homes along the way. If you'd like to do some addtional expolring there go to "find a grave" type in chester cemeties and then " Board famliy" and " Davis family" with the GPS lat/long you can a find the little cemetieses but you need boots for the Board cemeatry ankle deep water around the little hill .

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23 days ago

First of all, what is highlighted on this page on the map and the elevation profile are NOT Goosepond Mountain Trail, they are of Lazy Hill Road. Goosepond Mountain Trail goes to the west of Lazy Hill Road and actually goes up and over Goosepond Mtn. If you approach the mtn from the south, at the Laroe Rd trailhead, proceed along Lazy Hill Road, which is a old road. After about a half mile, just as you approach a stream, there is a faint trail on the left, which is accessed by crossing the stream. It is then not too hard to follow the trail up to the top of the mountain. It rolls for a while and then climbs more steadily. At times it is blazed. At times it follows old woods road grades. I only went as far as the top of the mtn, and then went back to the trail head. It was a total of just under 4.5 miles round trip according to my phone GPS.

I did this hike Dec 23rd. I took the white trail up . I made the mistake of carrying extra pack weight as I am training for Washington. Most of the rock scrambles on the way up had ice on them. Some of the ice wasn’t even visible . Picking which way to climb up was a struggle . I would often start up a rock then have to slide down and go another way due to slipping on ice . I am a avid hiker . This is a great trail . All trails has been rating trails as hard that are not actually hard though. It made me underestimate the scramble on this path. Use caution taking this trail in the winter and use a hiking buddy for help . I was solo and didn’t have anybody to spot me in case of a slip. I did bail out earlier than I was wanting to due to fear of more ice ahead of me. I want to try it again in the spring . The views are stunning.

Definitely worth the crazy hike on the white trail. I climbed on Nov 11th when the fall trees were nearing its end (but still glorious). So I definitely recommend going for the hike MUCH sooner when the peak of fall can be experienced. Not for the faint-hearted so make sure you wear comfortable hiking shoes. Hiking sticks would have also been a game-changer when descending the trail. All the leaves were gorgeous on the ground but didn’t make the climb down any easier. All in all, definitely worth the hike!

We only walked the west loop in Dec. It was well marked and frozen at that time. The wooden pathway was interesting. we saw a lot of wildlife footprints in the snow; mainly fox, coyotes and deer. We will try the eastern loop at a later date.

Beautiful views of the River, lots of bird life. A ship was docked at Boxart St. The walkway 9ver the river was a little wet and icy but passable.

I had fun at this place. The lake was nice, the trail themselves are easy to walk, it was just beautiful, and the really big home was nice to look at too. All in all I would suggest people to come by this place when they have time. It’s a good place to spend a few hours on the weekend

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1 month ago

nice trails easily marked .

1 month ago

NYC’s best trail system imo. The orange, blue and yellow blazes will get ya about 6 miles combined and another 2 miles on the Bridle Path. All marked trails are loops so impossible to get lost. Close to trains, buses and ample street parking. Rarely crowded and Ive never encountered any n’er-do-wells. This is Queens after all and not the AT but some decent hills if you’re into that kind of thing. Bonus points for a fenced-in dog run at each end.

Great local place

i hiked this trail once this past summer, and twice last summer. it is one of the easier trails.Perfect for beginners - children and adult.

Short walk but nice and clean

Great Hike with plenty of variety and fantastic views.

As everyone else says, the first bit is intense! Wear good boots and be ready to use your hands. A lot.

No one else on the trail on a chilly November afternoon.

We tried to take the first trail to the left about a mile up to get back to the road. Could not find the trail, even though the app says we crossed it two times!

A great day out.


Myself and my 12 year old hiked the full loop today. We started at the beach parking. Headed north along the river, took the unmarked trail until it met back with the main trail. That added about 100 ft of Elevation and a bit of fun after about a 1.5 mile walk along the water.

Once you wrap the bend and get to the Knickerbocker Ice Company sign board, that’s when the work starts...

You now start following the green markers throughout. The entire trail is very well marked. The first drop off point is an amazing view, but it gets even better from there. Well worth it.
The descent is pretty kool, some narrow trails along drop offs. It takes you to the white trail, which was very muddy. We ended up taking the street adjacent to the state land and walking the rest of the way back to the parking lot that way. I believe it was because of the rain the day before.

If I were going to do this again, I think I would explore parking elsewhere so we can do more hiking and less walking. I think there are other places to park.
But the 6.1 mile loop was a lot of fun. 3.5 hours, with an 11 year old. Not bad.

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