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Awesome hike! I suggest you go early bald mountain is very popular! Beautiful view from the fire tower

6 days ago

This place was busy but...The kids had a blast on this trail. Awesome views. Check out my full write up with pictures and other things to look out for.

Very easy hike that leads to a beautiful lake!

Easy hike if you are en experienced hiker. We saw a lot of people at this heavily hiked mountain who were not experienced, and thought it was hard. So if you are out of shape or not experienced, dont expect this to be a flat, simple walk. It has a couple of steep spots and is rocky, and spectacular views at the top and at several rock outcroppings before the summit.

Very very easy hike ! Great views and the tower is in pretty good shape.
Perfect for families and beginners
Lots of rocks and somewhat steep areas but more fun than difficult
Black flies were terrible so come prepared !

steeper than expected ..but so glad I did it .. gorgeous view!

Beautiful short hike for the family. We went in the evening and watched the sunset from the firetower. Someone had set up a large telescope on the peak, and invited us to stay and use it. We ended up staying there until midnight looking at stars, mars jupiter saturn and pluto in the perfectly clear sky. Thank you, telescope man. It was awesome!

We did a slightly modified version of this trail in July which was primarily hiking down the mountain. We parked at the McCauley mountain ski lift, took the chair up to the summit for $6 then hiked the mountain back down to the lodge. As that took all of 20 minutes or so, my sons and I decided to hike the rest of the way down to Old Forge as my wife drove the car down to do some Shopping. The hike down from the ski lift back to town was far more interesting than the hike from the summit. There are a number of marked trails to bring you down through the woods including a bike trail. There were a couple of junctures where it’s easy to veer off the recorded path so keep an eye on your location in relation to the recorded path on the map if you want to follow the trail as posted. At one point in the woods there are also yellow “to O. F. “ signs you can follow to keep you on track.

Beautiful view.

Beautiful views at the fire tower.

Been there numerous times and the view is amazing. Best to go on a good clear day to really get a great view! Some spots are more difficult with steep climbs, but is kid friendly just keep them near as when you get to the top as steep drop offs are near.

Hiked with a 3 yo and had my 1 yo on my back. Steep in some parts, but a good workout and climb! 3 yo was tired at the end but loved it! Husband was there to help him but encouraged him to try on his own and he did it! You need to be more cautious going down if you have a baby on your back, but it is totally doable. Climb down backwards if you need in the steep parts. Slow and steady wins the race :)

great hike... nice bouldering.. beautiful view

more difficult than expected but worth the hike. this is the first fire tower I've been to. great view.

Have taken this trail multiple times in the past. Makes for a great quick bit of exercise with a great view at the top with the fire tower. Viewpoints throughout the trail! Great to do with friends/family.

Amazing view from the fire tower! We made the hike with three kids and our Pomeranian. The trail was well maintained, with little mud and pretty easy for our group.

1 month ago

Just a beautiful hike! If you are able to park in the newer parking area on Mill Brook Road, the hike is only 2.6 miles total! Just drive beyond the larger Bear Creek Road Parking area if you desire. Even if you start out at the larger area, this is still a very doable hike for all ages, and the lean-to site is RIDICULOUSLY picturesque. The lean-to is not 25 feet from the shore, and if you are lucky there will be canoes and paddles at the shore for further exploring. Just an amazing hike.

Great hike! Nice hike for our three kids, 12, 10 & 10. No mud at all. Few steep spots but nothing in comparison to other moderate hikes we’ve done nearby. Fairly easy. Great views!!

This easy hike is perfect for beginners! I hiked Bald Mtn several times during the summer, fall and winter. Good for snowshoeing too.

Great hike! Took us 51 minutes to complete the whole hike... we tracked it and it was 1.94 miles from start to finish (with all the extra walking we did for pictures). It also took us longer that normal because brought both our dogs and stopped a few times to let them drink water. It definitely it’s a quick incline, but such a great and quick hike with beautiful views! The fire tower is awesome too, if you’re not terrified of heights (like I am)!

1 month ago

We did the smaller loop that’s part of maple ridge and didn’t go up to McCauley. It only took an hour. The look outs indicated on the map at the trail head were very over grown and there weren’t any views to see.

Only not a 5 because it was raining and we didn’t get to see the amazing views since we were up in the cloud. But it was a very fun hike

This is our first mtn with the family. We were able able to do this trail very easily. It was really fun and beautiful! The fire tower at the top was a super cool bonus for pictures. The 5 of us (2 adults, a 9 year old and 2, 12 year olds) did this hike up and back in 2 hours, stoping often for pictures.

awsome trail full of Rocky pathway fun to jump and skip around. great views dog friendly.

Steep in some spots but very manageable. View was great from the top of the tower!

very fun, steep and a little tricky at certain points, but very manageable.

1 month ago

Did this hike yesterday...We originally were going to start at the Bisby trailhead, but just as we arrived some hikers had already turned back because they said there was a mud hole so large/deep that they couldnt get around or through it. So we drove into the Nick's Lake site about 3/4 miles up the road and paid for the parking ($10). The lake itself is beautiful, but the hike really wasn't what we expected. We started to the left, keeping the lake on our right the whole time, and were the only ones to sign the register for the day at that time. The first 4 miles or so we're SWARMING with mosquitos. Even hikers strength deet didn't work. This was really unfortunate because it forced us to kind of power through the hike to outpace them, leaving no time to stop, rest, or really enjoy our surroundings. So we thought of this as more of a workout than anything else. We paced pretty fast and finished the whole hike in just about 2 hours. The terrain was easy enough to navigate and the trail was well marked. A few wet/muddy spots and three or four very short but somewhat steep inclines. The last mile or so of the hike was the only part that we could actually enjoy, by then the wind picked up off the lake and the trail winds through an area covered in pine needles with no muddy/standing water so the mosquito swarms were finally gone. I would reccomend that if anyone does this hike during bug season...start to the right (keeping the lake on your left) that way if the bugs get too bad you have a shorter/easy out. This was far from our favorite hiking experience unfortunately.

Awesome little hike with the family

Did it with my daughter and a school field trip. Had fun. Was challenging for an older guy like me. My daughter and her friends barely broke a sweat.

Very easy and short hike with decent views. Easy for the you kids and small pups.

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