12 days ago

This hike is a big one but offers so much. I completed this today in 10 hours on the dot with 5-10 minutes on each peak and 20 on Dix. We started up Macomb (I recommend this way because traveling up Dix via the beckhorn trail is insanely steep and unforgiving and going down the macomb slide seems super dangerous due to the steep slide and loose rock/dirt). After walking in via the hunters pass trail (45 mins from trailhead), the slide brook trail starts by going through a campsite (which was awkward so we just quickly walked through the site to the cairn and trail). The slide is not to be taken lightly, definitely easier going up the side, it’s a real gasser. Got to the top of Macomb (wooden summit sign) in exactly 2 hours from sign-in. 30 minutes over to South Dix (summit- “ X- S Dix” carved in a tree). Another 30 over to East Dix (no summit sign, big high Boulder is summit). Then back to South Dix up to Hough which was a little longer and more challenging (summit- yellow trailmarker “hough”). From hough to Dix (summit cap in rock) was the most challenging as far as going peak to peak (I felt getting up the slide and to macomb was the bulk of the hard work for the day...until the Dix descent). Dix summit is one of the best in the Adirondacks. After Dix we went down the beckhorn trail which is one of the steepest trails I’ve ever descended. It’s comically steep. Once getting to the bottom we hit the 4.3 mile hunters pass trail back to the trailhead. The ascent up macomb and the descent were the hardest part of this hike. But each peak has an awesome view and great spots to hang out and it’s fun going to peak to peak here because you often have a view throughout the hike. An excellent hike if you’re looking for a long day, just be prepared!