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beautiful hike

Ok did this last weekend 11/4 and couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. There’s ice and icy slides. Do not attempt with out Proper authentic traction devices. I had my crampons on and that really allowed me to fully enjoy the endless views. Great hike if you have the right gear. Saw so many selfish people starting at ADK Loj wearing converses, walking shoes, jeans, no hat, bags, map..... unprepared is what I’m getting at.
Why aren’t there signs posted up at the start of the major trailheads saying Do Not Attempt unless you have XYZ essentials and recommended gear if any and a lot of money in the event you need to be rescued and failed to carry the essential items.

29 days ago

Short, quick and easy. First half in is flat, then an easy trek to the summit. I'd say this is great for kids and beginners.

30 days ago

Seulement à 2h15 de Montréal, la route est facile, le stationnement au bord de la route est gratuit et le hike est parfait! nous y sommes allés avec notre chienne husky et nous avons passé une journée sensationnelle. il y a tellement de hike cool dans les Adirondacks...

This was the right hike for the busy Columbus Day weekend - only saw ten other hikers. The trail was not marked but fairly easy to follow. The brook was high enough that shoes off for the crossing was the right decision, and on the way back the water felt pretty refreshing. Some nice little lookouts from both Street and Nye. I've heard people say this hike isn't worth it unless you're going for 46, but I really enjoyed it and thought it was a pretty relaxed day compared to a lot of Adk hikes - "only" about 2500 ft of elevation gain. The gorgeous near-peak fall trees didn't hurt!

Easy, quick hike. Went today, sadly it was cloudy, but they cleared just enough for a little bit of a view at the top! Also witnessed some small snow flurries when we at the top as well. Only one section where you really are going up, the rest is relatively flat. Was not able to find the true summit, we tried looking for 10 - 15 minutes for it.

1 month ago

From South Meadow Road, this is roughly 2.25 miles each way. Mile 1 is flat all the way to the pond. You gain all of your elevation in mile 2. A bit of mud, wet rocks and some trash (downed trees) to pick your way through, but hey, you're in the Adirondacks, right? Took us 1.5 hours each way at a leisurely pace. Not a panoramic view up top, maybe 160 degree views WSW to ESE from multiple viewpoints. Overall very enjoyable, will repeat.

Nothing too special about these two. There were no great views and the trail was a bit hard to find in one spot in particular after a major river crossing - but I’m going to blame that on the new fallen leaves obscuring the trail.

Unless you’re going after all 46 of the highest peaks, I’d skip this hike. It wasn’t too hard, there were no good rock scrambles, and all in all, it wasn’t a very noteworthy hike.

1 month ago

Did this hike with my wife for our first year anniversary over the Labor Day weekend. Weather was humid, but the trail wasn’t too difficult to navigate. Great views from the top, even on an overcast day.

1 month ago

Easy hike for the beginner but offers you a magnificent view of the high peaks. There are about 3-4 spots on the submit you can enjoy the view and take endless photos. The trail is well marked and maintained.

1 month ago

Now one of my fav hikes! Loved all of the rock scrambles & such s stunning view!!! Absolutely amazing.

I started off with no firm intent of doing all 3 summits, and Wright was a rough one to start with as it is pretty steep and extremely windy. But weather was otherwise great and I felt in great shape so off to Algonquin I went. There is a long portion above tree-line and thus fantastic views - you hardly notice you're climbing on that last part! Trip to Iroquois was fun and not very strenuous. To get there you need to turn right, instead of left, as soon as you drop below tree-line South of Algonquin. Round trip took me 8.5 hours with short stops on each summit.

This trail was tough but so rewarding. I was able to complete it in 7 hours, and I am a decently experienced hiker. I could see this taking 10+ hours, so plan accordingly!
I started with Wright which was the toughest ascent in my opinion because it had just rained and the steep rocks were hard to get a grip on. Algonquin was great, definitely tiring but doable, and the stretch from there to Iroquois was pretty easy as there is not much elevation change. There’s one large waterfall and several small ones on the way up. All in all a great hike - probably the hardest ADK I’ve done yet but spectacular scenery!

My daughter and I did this on Saturday, September 22 it was muddy and fun only saw 10 other hikers. Outstanding views from the south west corner of the street summit

1 month ago

Did this on a drizzly day. First mile is a nice flat trail. The small section around the end of the pond is a herd path that needs the brush cut back, but it is very short. Then starts the climb up. Took us about 1.75 hours to summit, but the weather slowed us a bit, a chat with orher hikers, and being very out of shape (office jobs do that to a person) meant a break or two. The view back to the pond was gorgeous when the rain let up and clouds parted. Spent about 30 minutes exploring the top and taking pics. Easy to descend. Ground and rocks were not slick despite raining most of the day and day before. Total trip was 3.5 hours.

Took us just about 10 hours, with moderate length breaks on multiple of the peaks and short scattered rests while hiking. Views were excellent, but the summits were a LOT colder than the woods so be sure to dress in layers! Definitely bring gloves, even if it is warm out. There is a lot of up and down in this hike, with very few flat sections. You essentially have to summit 6 times if you do Wright, Iroquois, and Algonquin in the out and back method shown here. I'd definitely do Wright first, because after that the rest of the hike seems easier.

Also, something that we did not know before we started is that there is a 4th mountain (in between Algonquin and Iroquois) that you have to hike called Boundary mountain. It isn't considered a high peak due to distancing rules, but it still has decent views and since you have to go over it twice, it does add some difficulty to the hike.

Here's a more detailed timeline of our trip:
Started at 8:00 AM from the Loj trailead.
Got to the sign splitting the Wright and Algonquin trails at about 10 AM. From here it took us less than an hour to summit Wright, but it was steep. The views were not that great, since it was early and too cloudy.
Reached the summit of Algonquin at about 12:15 PM, excellent views at this time. (As expected, the clouds from the morning tend to clear up by around noon.)
From there, we stayed on the peak for a bit and then left for Iroquois. It took us about a full hour (a little less) to get from Algonquin to Iroquois, and then the same to get back to Algonquin again.
We then left the peak of Algonquin at just about 2:40 pm, and arrived at the Loj at about 5:40 PM.
We were going pretty slowly on the way down due to fatigue from the constant ups and downs of the trail.
Also, worth noting that if you have never hiked out of the Loj before and are going on a weekend, try to get there early. We arrived at 7:30 and barely got a parking spot. Also, be prepared to pay $10 cash for parking.

Got to the Loj at 7:50 - parking was full, but we did not miss by much. Parked at the end of South Meadows lane, which adds 0.7 mile each way. Trail was quite muddy starting mid-way between Marcy dam and the lake. Took a lot of pictures with my good camera and stopped a number of times, so we were out for about 8.5 hours. Trail along the lake is very slow - a lot of rocks/ladders. There were 2 places where you actually had to put a foot in 2 inches of water - hopefully trail will be repaired soon. Saw some rock climbers on the face of Avalanche Mountain. Nice waterfall down Colden. Beautiful lake - this is a must see.

Great hike. Took us about 10 hrs and we consider ourselves average hikers. Arrived at the Log at about 7:45 am and the lot was almost full. I would suggest doing Wright peek first. You may not want to do it on the way back after you go up and down both sides of Algonquin. Very cold on the peeks dress warm.

Hiked Sept 19, 2018. High temp 64 real feel 70, Wind 5mph. Weather was cool and perfect for a hike. Wore fleece jacket at start and while resting at lake, shorts and shirt while hiking. No bugs at all, it was an unusually dry trail all the way. Gradual ascent on rocky trail after Marcy Dam. Ladders and boulders were a challenge for 75 year old legs; took 7 hrs round trip including half hour break. Consumed 1.5 liters of water.

Completed over Labor Day weekend. As my first non-high peak hike in the Adirondacks, I must say I’m sad to have waited so long to complete this trail. After the trail split at Marcy Dam, the hike becomes more rocky and secluded - my wife and I saw very few other hikers even on a busy holiday weekend. The views of the lake between the sheer rock faces are spectacular, as are the scrambles, ladders and bridges along the water. I especially liked hiking through Avalanche Pass prior to reaching the lake with the rock faces and downed trees.

Street and Nye are trailess peaks. However, the herd path is fairly easy to follow. There are several split offs that go around obstacles in different ways but they all seemed to meet up. The beginning of the trail is fairly easy. The trail is fairly level ground for about the first mile to mile and a half. Start out at the ADK Loj trail to Mount Jo, sign in and follow the Street and Nye trail sign. Cross Indian Brook a little less than a mile in. You will see the creek then follow the path to the right and in a few minutes you will see the crossing marked with several cairns. The trail picks up right across the creek with a short, but steep climb. Follow the trail along the edge of the embankment. We accidentally followed a different trail, but it met up. You'll see a large beaver pond. Past this you will have a stream on one side of you or another and cross it several times as you make your way up the mountain. After this there is a fairly steep climb up a rocky path, not quite a boulder scramble, just rocky. After this there is a steep winding path. I didn't realize how steep it really was until I was coming back down. There are fallen trees and debris to climb over throughout the trail because it is not maintained. You'll reach a die-back area of old spruce trees, you're almost at the junction of the two mountains then. There is a cairn and a sign scratched into a tree at the junction. We took the trail that goes more to the left and went to Street first. This is a narrow, winding trail that drops to the col first and then up to the peak. It's not as steep as the earlier section. The best views are off the back of Street. There are herd paths on the top of the mountain going to different views. There is a small sign at the top. We went back down and up a very short climb to Nye. There is a ledge on your way to Nye on the left side of you're headed up. This has the best views. There's wasps, there's rocks, there's a lot of up, there's trees to climb over, but they are 46ers. It took us about 8 hours and we're not fast hikers.

Great Southern view of most 4k footers on Street if you stay right on all the spur trails going past the summit. Nye has a nice lookout. Took 4.5 hours total (2 to Nye, 1 to Street, 1/2 for lunch, 1 down), but I’d imagine 6 hours rt if you take breaks and hike carefully going downhill. Pretty well maintained/trafficked for a herd path.

Nice mix of climbing and hiking through a forest and around a marshy lake. Trail is a little overgrown around the lake but easy to follow. Nice views from the summit.

Solid trail, did this one Thursday with my two daughters age 8 & 10 and it was tough at times for them but they grinded it out. Have to agree this trail gets a lot of hikers but the views at the top make it understandable. Highly recommend this hike but it’s a little tougher than the rating suggests, as we bumped into some people who probably should of reconsidered the trek

The first quarter (and, as a consequence, the final quarter) is a piece of cake: The Trail is very easy and perfectly maintained. After Marcy Dam the Trail is still not difficult but there are more rocks and roots. The final part from Avalanche Pass and the lake is a little harder, not very maintained (lots of grown vegetation, broken trees, weather damage, etc.) and a bit challenging for the less experienced but overall fun (lots of steps and bridges). I honestly don’t understand why this hike is rated as “hard” (perhaps due to the 11 miles distance?): overall, it is long but very doable.

This was a great hike. Very challenging but well worth it.

Peak #s 3,4,5 for myself. While it was a great, great hike, there were no views from any of the 4 peaks (Boundary) due to clouds + very high winds. Wright had some really difficult points - but Algonquin kicked my ass, bad. I was skeptical after reading some reviews that this should be labeled "Hard", but I was wrong. It took it's toll on me. Very steep in parts, but worth every moment. Alltrails tracked our day at 18.4km, not 14.3 thats advertised. Not sure which end the issue is on, but 18 felt more accurate. We took almost 12 hours, with little time on any peak, but with a very long lunch and very frequent breaks early on to allow one of our group to recover.

2 months ago

A good short hike to take if you have only 3-4 hrs. And want to see unobstructed 360 views from the top of a 4000 footer. Only downside is these attributes attract a crowd.

great hike! great view from the top and overall a nice trail. trail could use some maintenance (lots of downed trees) but overall well marked.

2 months ago

Great hike. Not many people so it was a peaceful hike in and out. Pretty large Beaver dam just past Owen Pond worth checking out.

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