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North Elba, New York Map

This is definitely in my top 5 hikes ever. When I got to the Wright/ Algonquin split I wasn’t sure how the weather would hold up so I decided to skip Wright in case I had to come back another day. Partly cloudy at on Algonquin and Iroquois but being in the clouds was otherworldly. Once you get up Algonquin the trail to Iroquois is pretty easy as you pretty much stay above tree-line. As others say, don’t take the yellow arrow, but someone has labeled the the Iroquois path in sharpie so you really can’t get lost if you read it. (*Take this arrow on the way down to take you to Lake Colden and you can avoid climbing Alg. twice) It cleared up and so I did go back over Alg. to get Wright, but I would recommend if you can avoid this just to do Wright first. From the summit you can really see just how massive Algonquin is. Lots of rocks, views, and an overall amazing hike.

Trail was easy enough to follow along and despite the concern for the trail being unmaintained it was manageable for kids (11 and 13) and dog. I’d like to rate it higher but there really wasn’t much in the way of views or good resting/lunch places to make the day a memorable one. Love the 46! This one is not one of the best.

The fam did this hike yesterday. It was a nice day for it, warm but not hot and not really buggy at all. Started at the loj using the Mt Jo trail signs. The 'trailless' path was easy to follow from there for most of the hike. Crossing over the Indian Brook was no problem, water was low. I think it'd have to have literally just rained to not be able to cross in your boots. We reached the junction tree with St & Nye carved into it and decided to get Nye done first since there is zero view. It was a quick walk to the peak, then back and moving on to Street. This was also not a terrible ascent, most of the path is fairly flat until the final ascent to the peak. The peak itself didn't have a view but if you walk around a little bit you can find an opening with a decent view. From start to finish it took us 6 hours. I enjoyed the hike itself, I only gave 4 stars because the views are not great.

Completed on 8/12/18. Long hike up to Algonquin - left at 6:30am and got to the peak around 8:45. Lots of rocks followed by some very steep slab. Finally you get toward the peak and hit some rock scrambling on the way up. Views were OK in the morning but cloud cover persisted toward Marcy, so I headed out to Iroquois and figured I'd come back later to see if visibility had improved. Hike to Iroquois was fairly easy on the way there, apart from a very narrow trail and some tricky rock scrambling. But the views were amazing, especially down toward Lake Colden. Hike back up to Algonquin was no picnic - very steep coming up the back side. Hung out for a while, had lunch, then headed down toward Wright. By the time I got to the trailhead for Wright I was really feeling worn out, but I figured I might never be back so I pushed on up the very steep climb to Wright, where I was rewarded with the best views of the day, as the sun had come out. Trek back down Wright and to Loj was not much fun and seemed to take forever. Very memorable hike. Between this and Cascade/Porter on Saturday I knocked off 5 high peaks in one weekend.

Great introduction to the high peaks!

4 days ago

Amazing view!!!

5 days ago

Excellent herd trails, decent views. 6 hours including 20 minutes on Street's and 10 minutes on Nye's summit

Not a review...I'm new to the site and am curious if the distance is one way? I assume it is but wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance!

Did this on August 2nd. This was a great hike, the views weren't the best since it was raining, but the trail wasn't that hard to follow for it being unmarked and unmaintained. Crossing the brook was easy and after crossing that you cross another about 5-10 minutes later (we didn't realize that at first). The first 3 miles is easy to moderate and after that it gets pretty steep and muddy, nothing to worry about. We went to Nye first and then Street. The street mountain sign is to the left up on a tree and then there are about 3 different places to look out from. Wish we could have seen more summits, but my friend and I would say this is easier than Tabletop/Phelps!

Great experience for all hikers, wonderful views. Starts off slow but gets pretty steep and requires some endurance but nothing extreme.

11 days ago

Nice hike. Skip the tenth mile to Winch Pond. Many, many mosquitoes for the least inspiring view. We ran back out to avoid being bitten any more!

Marshall is a typical unmaintained trail along a brook. Tons of roots, goes in, out, and next to herb brook on both sides (look for cairns) with a fully wooded summit and summit sign. A boring hike that unless going for all 46 high peaks I wouldn’t recommend it. I paired it with Mt Colden, starting/ending at the ADK loj. This mountain took me 1:15 up and about the same coming down.

Did this one on July 30th 2018. Enjoyable day, glad it was sunny most of the way, maybe saw 5 other people all day.

I would suggest when you first encounter the creek to avoid the temptation to cross right away, but instead follow along downstream a couple hundred feet to where the cairns are - not because it is easier to cross but because it will line you up with the trail on the other side. The crossing involved a couple of bold rock hops, but nothing dangerous and no wet feet.

When you get to the summit of Street, take a few minutes to find a trail through the pines (no more than 50 yards) to get a stunning view of both the Santanoni Range and the Seward Range. This is one of the 3 or 4 best views in the Adirondacks simply for its uniqueness - you can’t see these ranges so close from any road or mountain

Amazing hike and breathtaking view at avalanche lake! Very rock scramble-y and rough terrain the last mile or so. The maltidas are awesome and all the trail build-ups like ramps and ladders are well maintained. Now my fave hike I’ve done in adk! There are places you can easily access swimming and in aug it’s not too cold! Took me and my 60 yo dad ~ 8 hrs

Easier than I thought get it would be to navigate a trail less peak. Beautiful summits and blessed silence along the way.

15 days ago

Wonderful afternoon! We loved the view. Started also in the afternoon and it was less crowdy once at the top.

Even though the views were limited, I really enjoyed this hike. There were no issues with insects or muddiness--my boots were drier than most days. I did change into sandals to cross the stream but barefoot would have been fine. Trekking poles help. The trail was narrow but easy to follow for the most part (overcast July day). Look for piles of limbs to warn you away from wrong turns (or add them yourself when you go). No view from the summit of Nye and a narrow window of a view from Street. It was not crowded at all even on a Saturday.

I chose a cloudy day knowing I wouldn't be looking forward to much at the summit. Considering there was a lot of rain this week, the mud wasn't bad, nor was the stream crossing.

We did both Avalanche Lake and Colden Lake. It took 7 hours with stops and around 21 km.
Awesome trail! Beautiful moss cliffs just before the Avalanche Lake. Fantastic lake vies and a path along it. Though it is very cold to swim and there are a lot of mosquitos and black flies. Colden Lake is not so beautiful. If you want to take photos of Avalanche Lake, you'd better do it in the morning because afternoon it is too shadowy.

28 days ago

Great hike for all ages. Nice views of the High peaks. Trail is a bit overgrown by the Beaver Pond, long pants and long sleeve shirt are helpful.

Four stars for the views from the ledge. Three stars for the trail, which is in dire need of maintenance in some sections (trail around the pond is way overgrown, many blown down trees across the trail in all sections). Easy, short hike, with great views. Really good "bang for the buck."

We knew heading in that these two peaks have limited views but for aspiring 46ers you have to tag them!After leaving the ADK Loj loop trail to Mt. Jo you go “trailless “. Herd paths are well defined.A word of advice: if there has been a lot of rain or snow melt you will get wet crossing a brook. Rock hopped ourselves but was rather dry anyway.As the trail gains elevation you encounter lots of logs to scramble. Nye offers little view. Street has some views. I climbed a hardy spruce and got some awesome pics!All in all a good trip. Our fav moments were finding a red eft(?) salamander in the trail. The cedar log bridge over a creek. Mostly the creeks themselves.Worth the trip. Need to be in decent shape though. Not easy but doable.Take your time and you will be rewarded. Lots of birds.

I’m currently just under half way finished with the 46 and this was my favorite high peaks hike yet and one I’d be interested in doing again. Took 7 hours round trip with 10-15 on each summit (minus Boundary). Started at 4:30am heading from the loj and turned right at the first split to head to algonquin. The trail starts with some woods and rock hopping for a while. Eventually the trail becomes long steep rock slabs for a large portion of the trail, it was quite unique so far to what I’ve experienced (you’ll see what I mean when you go). Some soul crushingly steep and long sections of trail as well. Then as you leave the tree line it’s a long but amazing scramble to the top (as it is on all 3 peaks). Full views for all these long scrambles finishing off to the summits so that makes for a really fun hike. Made it to Algonquin in 2 hours 20 minutes. Was cloudy and windy this day so we didn’t stay too long (though you can tell this hike might have the best views of any hike around) and quickly went over to Iroquois (after going over Boundary mountain first). Make sure you take the correct trail at the split (follow markers and cairns down back side of Algonquin to trail split but take the trail to the right to Iroquois as the sign pointing you left goes down to Lake Colden, it’s easy to have the brain on auto-pilot and end up taking the wrong trail here). Narrow trail after getting back in the tree line. Took only 1 hour 20 minutes to get over to Iroquois and back to Algonquin. Similar awesome and enormous rocky summit with huge views. Started down towards Wright and went up from trail split. Took between 20-30 minutes to summit from split. We had great views for a few minutes then back to cloud coverage. We left and went down. Overall the terrain and hike was great. It might be difficult with young children and dogs due to the long and steep slabs and rock scrambles. There are much more friendlier mountains to hike with dogs and younger kids.

I personally loved this hike! It wasn’t muddy or buggy and even though they were wooded, the summits were still a nice place to chat and eat lunch. Make sure you check out the lookout at the top of Street that’s just a bit past the summit sign! Such a beautifully green trail. The stream crossings were fine except the crossing the big one in the way back got us mixed up a bit so pay close attention to the trail there. (Hiked 7/13/18 - 8&9th 46ers)

A nice hike if you’re looking for a walk in the woods. Otherwise, not much of a view/payoff at the summit. Between trail split and Nye summit there’s a boulder on the left that offers a nice view. I had no issues finding the path on other side of the brook, which leads downstream. Also, you can look for Cairn in middle of stream as a guide, but I imagine it could be washed away in high water. At end of heart lake, take Nye ski trail which leads to herd path. Have fun!!

My daughter (7) and I really enjoyed this hike! The trail was really easy to follow (you do need to pay attention for the cairn to cross the brook - we had no issues spotting it). No technical or difficult climbing is involved. An easy climb for us.. These mountains do have some nice views - you just need to put in a few extra seconds of effort to find them. It was pretty hot, we drank regularly and had a lunch on each summit to keep our energy up. When we got back to the Loj, my daughter took a quick refreshing dip in Heart Lake. That's how you finish a hike!

As others have stated, it's a good idea to bring a GPS & map - even though the trail is obvious. Some people on here have complained about bugs and mud... So what!?! Those are the things you face hiking in the Adirondacks!

This is a really nice hike on a well maintained trail. I made it in 2.5 hours to Algonquin Peak. The trail is mostly rocky, so you need a proper footwear. The views from all three mountains are fantastic. Wildflowers are amazing! Thumb up for the Mountain Steward on Algonquin Peak.

1 month ago

Very fun hike for the whole family. Nothing really steep, mostly a long gradual walk with short climbs. Starts with a good mile or more flat walk in the woods to a pond. I found navigating around the pond (go left and keep looking for trail markers and the trail) to be the trickiest part of the hike. Rock hopping and trying to not dunk a foot. Once around the marsh the trail starts going up gradually to a super unique summit that’s a great spot to kick off the boots and hang out on. Unique views of the high peaks and a river valley. Great hike to get in shape to hike bigger peaks and only takes 2-4 hours round trip depending on your pace. I was up top in 45 minutes at a decent pace.

Street and Nye are certainly not my first recommendations for people to hike but if trying to become a 46-r than they must be hiked. Or if someone wants a less populated hike it’s worth doing, though there’s many better ones to choose still. Wooded summits with some partial views. First couple miles are a flat’ish woods walk before going up after crossing the river. For being unmaintained the trail is easy to follow and obvious, though locating the trail around the river crossing may take an extra minute or two since people have crossed the river in various places. The hike took me two hours to the trail split. Once reaching the split, Nye took me 7 minutes to summit, and then back at the trail split Street took 21 minutes. Overall a 5.5 hour hike at a moderate pace with minimal stops. Ate a PB&J for maybe 5 minutes at the split for a boost of energy, summits didn’t have many good spots to hang out on so I didn’t stay up there long before heading back. The trail is muddy like most, but also very green and narrow towards the top. Happy hiking!

1 month ago

Incredible climb even on a cloudy day. Started with a moderate climb to Wright, and the clouds whiting out the atmosphere made it seem like you could slip off the slabs into nothingness. But the wind was blowing and the clouds shifted to offer a partial view of Algonquin that was breathtaking. Path to Algonquin was challenging in a similar way with more slab and steep sections where you want to use your hands. Unfortunately, on the way to Iroquois I missed the herd path and headed halfway down the other side of the mountain before realizing my mistake to hike back up again. Otherwise, the extension to Iroquois is flat and an easy addition to the trail. Wish there were better views from the latter two, but the clouds covered everything.

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