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Family friendly trail. Nice and wide for when there is the occasional traffic. Fantastic fire tower at the top for a 360 degree view

Nice hike highly recommend. Easy start and mild up hill all the way nothing crazy.

Great hike, bugs were awful!

Great hike! Rather muddy at the bottom and the flies were pretty bad so bug net and bug spray is highly suggested.

Very good hike to the top. Very easy and i loved it. Weather was perfect

1 month ago

Amazing views of entire High Peaks wilderness! Firetower is a large one, and was open! Stunning views well worth the 4.0mi moderate climb up! Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Hiked 5/8/18. I’m glad my gf and I got this fire tower off our list #15. I will never do this trail again , it kicked our ass! The first bridge was cool and then ran into a dead end once at the water. Bridge leading across was washed up about 50 yards, thankfully found detour to continue. Ran into a few run down cabins and then it became difficult with many rocks and very steep. Once we got to the Fire tower the views were stunning. I’ll rate a 5 but I recommend a lot of patience and mental positivity for this trail!

Hiked this yesterday (4/28/18). The trail was very muddy for the first mile which wasn't bad. As you get higher in elevation the trail is covered with packed snow/ice so bring micro spikes. It started to rain on the way down and parts of the trail became waterlogged and at times it was like a waterfall. Had a great hike and enjoyed the rain!

first mile and half was easy, then butt kicking the last part. nice view well worth the effort. butt sliding was great down in no time.

3 months ago

I climbed this trail with my bro, both equipped with snowshoes! In winter, this trail is beautiful! We took some amazing pictures! The view from the fire tower is phenomenal! It was really cold and windy up there, but it is so worth it!

3 months ago

Great view from the tower and a nice little cabin at the top to read up on its history! Just a few days after the storm (3-11-18 hiked) so snowshoes were a must. First time snowshoeing and I’m glad it was done on Goodnow! A couple little icy streams along the way. There was another cabin of sorts about 3/4 of the way at the top but it appeared to have mostly collapsed under the weight of recently accumulated snow.

Great hike! Great view!

2/2-2/4 Nice hike to the lean-to then another nice hike to times square but Couch took its toll on me... I'll be back for StAntoni and Panther when it 80-100 Deg warmer ; )

An interesting hike with great scenery. Good view of Marcy. A long hall and difficult to follow the trail in knee deep snow. Ended up off-trail twice and had to backtrack to find the proper route. Completed Cliff too, a 14-hour day. My headlamp batteries were dim by the time I arrived at the car.

4 months ago

Have hiked this trail at least 20 times starting as a youngster. It never disappoints and views from the fire tower will are amazing!! If it’s a windy day, the tower does shake. Climb anyway!!!

This is a four star winter hike, because the Herbert Brook and Upper Works region are just so magical in the snow. The trail itself is icy and difficult to follow in parts. If you look around a bit on the top, there is a rocky outcropping with nice views.

This is a fantastic winter hike. Through the flowed lands and up the Calamity Brook is fast and easy atop the packed snow. The scenery is really unique from the rest of the high peaks. Climbing up Redfield is definitely a challenge, but worth it — there are some nice views just beyond the summit. It took us about 10.5 hours to just do Redfield; with Cliff it would have been over 12. So a long day!

Beautiful hike today up Goodnow! Great views from the tower, with hardly any ice on the trail (I was fine without micro spikes, just wore my trail runners). What a great day to get outside.

Awesome trail with awesome views...was alittle icy but nothing you couldn't get through. I'd say this trail is a strong moderate.

A challenging hike a view of the high peaks from tower. Hard but worth it

7 months ago

Great view from the tower!

7 months ago

One of my all time favorite hikes! Beautiful scenery on the way up and the views from the fire tower are amazing. I agree with the moderate ranking but well worth the hike.

If you have limited time to do hiking in the Adirondacks, pass the Santanonis.
Views: 2/5
Terrain: difficult with multiple bogs and mud (through it not around it!)
Total time: 8:10-7:40 RT 11.5 hours, should have been 10 however my friend and I spaced on the right turn off the road onto the DEC trail and had to loop around.

The DEC trail with blue markers is fairly easy to follow although difficult due to the wet terrain. The turn off to the herd path at the lean to is clearly marked. From there it is a moderately difficult ascent to herald square. At herald square to your right will be a trail and easy ascent to Panther ~25 minutes round trip. Also at herald square a rock with an

Breathtaking views at the summit but only visible from the tower. Last mile or so is challenging .. most rock climbing but SO worth it

We went for sunset and sunrise in mid October.. Took 2 hrs round trip. The view is beautiful , totally worth it. Mind you it is muddy so bring water-resistant hiking boots. Bring extra clothing for the top of tower as well since it is very windy .

Just gorgeous and very well maintained trail.

Awesome hike , fantastic views was 2.0 miles to tower

A 4 mile round trip this hike is considered moderate. We thought it was a bit over moderate. Lots of rocky uphills and mud. The view was amazing!

The trail was great, a little thin at some point where we had to walk ourselves and our dogs in a line. A touch muddy at some point but mostly solid with tracks around the mud pits. The view from the top is amazing and well worth the quick hike!

Once we found the turn off from main trail to head up great views from fire tower. NOT well marked. About 50 yards past cabin , look left and one will see through over grown grass a trail marker.

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