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17 days ago

Hiked 5/8/18. I’m glad my gf and I got this fire tower off our list #15. I will never do this trail again , it kicked our ass! The first bridge was cool and then ran into a dead end once at the water. Bridge leading across was washed up about 50 yards, thankfully found detour to continue. Ran into a few run down cabins and then it became difficult with many rocks and very steep. Once we got to the Fire tower the views were stunning. I’ll rate a 5 but I recommend a lot of patience and mental positivity for this trail!

first mile and half was easy, then butt kicking the last part. nice view well worth the effort. butt sliding was great down in no time.

This is a four star winter hike, because the Herbert Brook and Upper Works region are just so magical in the snow. The trail itself is icy and difficult to follow in parts, and of course there is NO view on Marshall’s summit. There are some nice views of Coleen on the trail, however.

A challenging hike a view of the high peaks from tower. Hard but worth it

Breathtaking views at the summit but only visible from the tower. Last mile or so is challenging .. most rock climbing but SO worth it

Truthfully, I'd like to begin by saying bush whacking should not be taken lightly. Although it was fun to feel like Lewis and Clarke in the woods with no hopes of finding a foot path, we definitely were not on the Willard Way for about 28% of the time. During the entire trip, we also felt 92% lost, 100% of the time. That 8% really saved us. Once we found the base of Allen, we felt like we conquered the great high peak region in one foul swoop. Allen itself was extremely wet and don't believe those who tell you it won't make your left foot slide back as you step forward with your right as if you were cha cha sliding on a steep mtn. On the way out the next day, finding the trail was creating our own "Way" back to the old road and skipping across each bridge to civilization. ✌️

Once we found the turn off from main trail to head up great views from fire tower. NOT well marked. About 50 yards past cabin , look left and one will see through over grown grass a trail marker.

I gave this 4 stars even though I do not want to hike again because the hike to Marshall is beautiful. I have no desire to summit again as there is no view. We hiked this as part of a Labor Day backpacking trip. Hiked in 6 miles Friday night to the Allen Marcy junction then hiked Saturday to Allen and Sunday to Marshall. Marshall hike passed Hanging Spears Falls which was incredibly beautiful. Flowed Lands amazing. Difficult climb for us as it was rainy and cold thanks to the Hurricane Harvey aftermath. Overall not a difficult climb comparably. This was 42/46 Peaks hiked for me and definitely not near the toughest just long. I would definitely return to the first part to Hanging Spears Falls and Flowed Lands. If you are not seeking 46er status I would skip the summit and just hike to these two spots.

Willard's Way is the only way to do Allen! Dry feet, a little bushwhacking; what could be better???

Rented bike just down the road from Cloudspitter and did the trail. Was beautiful and the free canoeing once you get there was a nice bonus.

Allen is WAY underrated! Particularly when using the old logging roads and the Willard Way bushwhack through MacIntyre East, Allen is an awesome day hike with great and unique views of many of the other Adirondack High Peaks.

8 months ago

The first mile or so is quite pleasant in fact just before $hi* got real I thought to myself this isn't all that difficult why did it get a rating of hard...it ain't easy
I recommend trekking poles if you have any sort of knee issues
Slid down some rocks rather than walk
But it was worth it
The views were top notch


This was my second time hiking this mountain. It wasn't a bad hike just there was a maze of trails that you had to be careful on which one to take. The summit was socked in clouds but overall a decent hike.

9 months ago

Short but steep climb. Views were fantastic of Calamity, Colden and Marcy.

great hike and even better bike ride. if your in the area it's a must, and if you're tired try walking the 1.5 RT to the farm complex as it will inspire you to return for the full adventure. note if you bring an overnight backpack there are ~8 camp sites around the Newcomb lake and a lean-to another ~1 mile up trail. I habe camped up here and it is very pleasant! However, do not hike the moose pond trail without map, compas, and extra food and water!! it is underused and undermaintained, with and older trail marked that is no longer used. I foolishly left my map at home and only had my compass, causing some concerning moments. it's also a very wet hike, but quite rewarding if it is completed.

mountain biking
9 months ago

We rode our mountain bikes to the lodge and had a picnic lunch. Challenging ride for our 11 year old son with the few long hills, but we made it OK with enough rest stops. Overall a beautiful trail. Just before leaving to come out, we noticed there were canoes in the boathouse for public use. If you have time, it looks to be a nice lake for a paddle.

It was a long wet day in the dacks. I wouldn't expect anything else. I parked at Upper Works and walked in. Nothing hard or crazy. Slow and steady assent to the flowed lands. Lots of mud and rain. After the second trail register it was only maybe 30 minutes to cairn which are right at the second lean-tos. From there it is about 60-90 minutes up to the summit. Pay attention because the trail crosses the stream several times and there are several heard paths leading up the mountain. The day I went there were no views.

10 months ago

Backpacked in/out July1-4 The trail was ridiculously wet and muddy make sure to follow the pink caution tape detour around the flooded trail. A fun decline/incline depending on direction headed 20' of elevation in 8' during the detour to get back to trail. The trail was full of great sights and we had a good time in spite of the rain. Was a bit much for my wife but over all not that difficult. plenty of small waterfalls meadows and rock faces. Trail could definitely use some love and care maintenance and could be all the more enjoyable with better views of the ponds. The waterfall at Henderson lean to is a must.


11 months ago

With Todd. Father's Day 2017. Just hours before w left for allen...

It was terribly wet and rainy on the day I had climbed. I ascended via Cold Brook herd path from the loj- just after Avalanche Pass. It was probably the best decision I had made... despite it adding about .8 to the hike. What very little the mountain offers in terms of view was even less appreciated on such a rainy, cloudy day. The highlight of the trip was the hike up the cold brook herd path.

Just at the height-of-land between Iroquois and Marshall about 1/4 mile from the cairn to take you up Marshall, I had spotted something White to my left about 100 yards from the herd path in the woods. Walking out there to investigate, I stumbled upon the wreckage from a downed plane. Relatively untouched from (what I would later find out) 1969.

Definitely one of the coolest finds for me in the High Peaks yet!

Gentle, good distant hike, filled with breath taking deep woods. The treasure of a great camp as the reward, splendid views of Adk mountains.... loons to boot! Great day!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Completed this hike on 3/3/16. I've done my fair share of hikes these past 6 months and thought that the last stretch before the summit was some of steepest I've encountered yet, maybe I was just tired, and the ice definitely didn't help. Had no views due to snow rolling in. Looking forward to completing this hike again on a clear day. Took us about 5 hours round trip.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

By far the hardest hike I have completed to date. Please let it be known that I am an overweight and novice hiker, so don't let my opinion deter you from your adventure. It's very quiet after you reach the actual Adams Mountain trail. It was a busy beginning with the surrounding trails and their hikers...but the actual trail to Adams is absolutely dead. It is STEEP and you will absolutely need hiking boots and plenty of water. The views? Second to none.

I have hiked all 46 high peak in the summer and half of them in the winter. It's about a 2 star hike in the summer only because the creek on the way up is somewhat nice. That being said this is by far the worst hike in the adirondacks. It is long and boring, the last 2 miles are one of the worst trails in the adirondacks and when you finally get to the top there isn't much of a view at all just a board that says mount marshall and lots of trees blocking a view of anything. Only do this hike if you are going for all 46 of the adirondack high peaks and don't worry about nice weather because like I said there isn't much to see on this mountain at all.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snowshoe hike on January 21st. very wet snow, foggy and warm. Jimmy Pond was very scenic...had to hike around the pond due to the floating bridge collapse, adding additional 0.5 miles to your hike one-way. the trail is well marked to 1.3 miles when you arrive at the cabin. a short distance later you will begin to bushwack hike to the summit for an additional 1.7 miles. The trail is very steep and in winter you will definitely need snowshoes with crampons. take your time. The summit is inaccurately marked.. it is actually 3520 feet in elevation with an overall +1800 feet climb in ascent. The views were remarkable when the clouds broke. ON a clear day, the tower offers a spectacular 360 view. Very isolated trail with little to no traffic for those seeking a more secluded climbing experience.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Great Hike! Did it on December 4th, we did experience some snow and ice nothing crampons and poles couldn't handle. Very steep trail so make you sure you take your time getting up there. Fire Tower offered stunning and beautiful views of Marcy, Colden, Algonquin and many others! I highly recommend this trail and would definitely do it again in the near future.

The hike in was very easy going. We noticed that there was a lot of blow down everywhere on and off the trail. While hiking we ran into rain then as we got further up in elevation it turned to freezing rain. After all that it started to snow lightly. The hike up to the summit was strenuous, it was too strenuous for one of the members of the group that we had to turn around with about a mile left to go to the summit. I will do this hike again.
*Update 11-18-16*
We hiked up to the summit on a very nice November day. A lot of the blowdown was cleared off the trail, but very close to the summit you needed microspikes cause everything was iced over. As we were climbing, we had nice views of Iroquois. It was warm on the summit today. The trails were very muddy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Easy 4 miles or so to the Flowed Lands. Head around FL toward Colden Dam and just after the Herbert Brook bridge pick up the herdpath up Marshall on the left. Easy to follow, just look for the cairns. Beautiful trail, but very muddy. Typical ADK :)

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