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Started from upper works and made my way out, and past the flowed lands. crossing Lake Colden is really nice, when the lake is still you get an incredible view of Colden, mirrored in the lake ... its one of my favorite views in the ADK. From the Cliff/RF junction, I did Redfield first. Not too tough of a climb, and on top, you get some decent views, but it is not a bald summit. Doing Cliff was a bit more interesting. right from the junction, the mud-pit starts, not impossible to navigate, but some mud is pretty deep. The ascent does offer some good scrambles, where you are exposed, and that is where you'll see the best views. Once on top .. you've still got 20+ minutes until you actually get to the summit of Cliff. A decent hike, not in the top 10 of ones I've done so far. It is long. I'm not a fast hiker, but took me a solid 12 hours with a few stops to talk to other hikers.

What an acomplisment. Long walk in an out but the trail up, while slippery as wet rocks tend to be, was moderate and worth the covered mountains for the peak a boo is breathtaking. However, I will not be doing it again any time soon.

Was able to do the whole trail right around 2 hours up and down. Definitely a great trail for the short distance.

Good easy hike with family and small dog!

Hiked this trail on 8-2-18. It is.not difficult for anyone in normal health I was with two 50 that were able to easily complete the trip.
The trail was well maintained. The views are very nice. There is some interesting moss hanging from the trees. More like something you’d see in Louisiana. The top was busy with people chatting and relaxing. The fire tower offered nice views to many lakes and ponds as well as the mountains. I had binoculars with me which mad viewing even better.
I would do this hike again.

I actually really liked this trail. 14.2 miles** So many great places to explore, and the trail isn’t actually too tough, just loooong. At both the cairns on the trail, turn left, and make sure to follow them for all the stream crossings and you’ll be fine. Also beware of deep mud near the summit! It doesn’t look too bad, but i stepped in knee deep. I don’t know if I’ll summit Marshall again, but will definitely be back for the flowed lands and to see Hanging Spear Falls.

on Goodnow Mountain Trail

10 days ago

A very well-maintained trail with beautiful views from the fire tower. We thought it was perfect; challenging but not too steep. We arrived at 10:30am on a Saturday in early August. The parking lot was half full. When we finished, the lot was nearly full. Out and back took us 3 hours with a leisurely break at the top. We met a lot of friendly hikers. We stopped at the Adirondack Interpretive Center for a picnic lunch on the way home.

12 days ago

The views from the tower are really good. The trail towards the top gets steep but it's all worth it when you see the views. The trail breaks off on the left after the rangers cabin about 50 yards give or take. The trail was easy to miss due to no markers. It's marked now, with red DEC marker.

Very easy 5 mile walk in the the great camp. I didn't like the fact that there is horse manure on the road going into Newcomb lake. Spent way to many steps zig zaging around the crap. Owner of the horses should have to clean up at least once a week. I give it 5 stars though for the historic value.

14 days ago

Beautiful hike. Not a fan of climbing fire towers but I did it! Worth every step!

Not a bad day at all. Much easier than I expected. Much easier to navigate than expected. The cairns are key, follow them and you really cannot be lost. I wouldn't consider this a hard hike, maybe moderate? Also, to be straight, this is 14.2 miles - that extra mile may not seem like much, but mentally, ha, my brain was going crazy when I hit 13.3 miles and still had a good mile vertical to go :)

Started easy then get harder after the cabin. Last 1/2 miles is very steep, almost gain 1000 elevation. Trail easy to follow, no view on top unless climb up the tower. Solid 1 1/2 hike up and 1 hr hike down with fee short stop.

For me this is one of those peaks you hike because it's on the list. The trail is pretty easy, the payoff is limited views on a treed summit. The description says this is a 13.3 mile hike. My new Garmin Fenix clocked it at 15.2. Trail was easy to follow and very dry as there's been little rain this summer. No bugs.

Nice gentle ascent to the top. Nice views when you climb the fire Tower.

We did this hike as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge. As Fire Tower hikes go, this one is a nice one. It is well maintained (Both Trail and Tower) and it has 180 degree views. If you haven't spent much time in the area, I suggest you take the time to visit the VIC and if you paddle, Rich Lake!

Hiked the trail a few days ago with two family members, great trail but my only qualms would be with the other hikers.

There was some litter on the trail and kids not being supervised by their parents. One was running down the trail, cut through our group and tripped and fell hard down a 3 foot dirt embankment. Another caught up to us and turned to leave the trail!! We told him to stay on the trail and he listened.

Note to anyone thinking of doing this hike:please follow the basic rules of hiking:

What you carry in you carry it out. Don’t litter!!

Minors should be supervised at ALL TIMES.

Never, EVER leave the marked trail.

Step aside for the people descending.

Also if you hike a mountain with a fire tower realize that when you get to the top there could be people waiting to climb the tower. They are finite space so wait and ask the other people I the summit if they’re waiting. Don’t overcrowd the tower/stairway/landing!!

As others have stated, an incredible 360 degree view from the fire tower, with no scrambling! FYI signs posted today 7/13 at the trailhead stated the trail will be closed 7/16-7/20/18 for trail maintenance. If you're looking for another hike in the area with great views (no fire tower) I highly recommend Moxham Mountain.

Beautiful hike. 2 mile climb to summit is incredibly rocky and strenuous, took 2 hours to go up and 2 hours down with full overnight pack (pretty fit). Lots of people, that's what holds it back from being 5 stars. Being from Maine I'm not used to so many people on a hike. There's just not the population (or proximity to population) like there is in NY state. A lot of people just walked up in sneakers and a water bottle, not sure where they parked but it's a long trek in from the Upper Works parking lot. Not sure about access from the North East, maybe there's other good options.

Camped by Lake Colden where there are a lot of bears. Bear Vault canisters are NO LONGER ALLOWED in the park, so bring a Garcia can (or similar). The ranger had us put the canister in a large locker at his cabin for the night.

Started out intending to do Marshall, Iroquois, and Algonquin from the Upper works trailhead. There are supposedly two paths up to Marshall. The one we intended to take was either very poorly marked or not marked at all. The other trail (I believe, please double-check before making plans) is marked as Cold Brook Trailhead, on the northern end of Lake Colden near the DEC outpost.

They have been having problems with a bear at the Lake Colden lean-to. The bears in this region know how to chew through the Bear Vault canisters and our canister had to be stored inside another large canister at the outpost. We heard snapping sticks outside our tent that we assumed to be the bear and had to make noise to get it to leave. It won't hurt anyone but it is an aggressive bear and had been sprayed by the ranger as it walked toward our campsite less than an hour before we went to sleep.

We climbed Algonquin from Lake Colden - beautiful views - and skipped Iroquois due to a late start, although it's only about a mile from the peak of Algonquin. The 2 ish mile trail up to Algonquin is steep, rocky, and muddy in spots, but gorgeous and worth the climb.

This was a fantastic, short hike with extraordinary views from the fire tower. Bang for your buck, it might be the best views for such a short hike. The trick is to get there early, because by 10:30 AM the trail is very busy. We arrived at 8 AM and there were only two people on the mountain ahead of us. There were absolutely no bugs on the way up. I would easily recommend this for beginners and families with young children. It was one of the sturdiest fire towers I’ve yet to see.

1 month ago

Ok so I am 49 and pretty good shape. I left at 930 am with my dog. 1st you cross the Hudson river which is kinda cool considering if you ever cross the GW. Then you hit lake Jimmy. Next is the cabin so far all easy stuff. After a couple hundred yards up a knoll it flattens out and on the left is the trail. This starts out pretty moderately and at about 1.5 miles in gets tough and it is tough. So you know you have 1 mile left. However it is so steep that you cant go fast so you are just picking your moves over rocks, roots and slab rock. Although difficult its 2 steps left and 2 right a break and look for your next move. Last 1/2 mile is the hardest but you are treated to some amazing views. Back at car by 12 2 1/2 hours round trip. Being so far out lot was super busy and tons of people but not many that I saw only about 8.

1 month ago

Great views at times difficult hike. If you aren’t paying close attention to when you need to turn left, it’s easy to continue going straight and that’s a mistake. We went off trail for an additional two hours because of this mistake! Keep your eyes open for when you need to vere left! It’s not that well marked and there are other trails around. All trails was great and got us back on track, 4 extra miles later ;)

1 month ago

Great hike, not at all difficult. Did it 6/30/18 with my wife, 7 and 10 year old with no issues at all. Trail is pretty wide, no bouldering at all and the incline really was mild with plenty of more level segments to get a rest if you need it. Really interesting "octopus tree" with roots growing over a boulder early in the hike. Then towards the summit there is an old damaged horse barn which made for some cool pictures. The fire tower is open and well worth the view. If you bring a map you can locate the various lakes and other notable peaks. That was an activity the kids loved! We were up and down in about 3 hours and the bugs weren't too terrible. We started out early so there were only 3 people on the summit and that let us spend as much time in the tower as we wanted. On the way back down, around 10:30 am, the trail was starting to get much busier.

1 month ago

Awe-inspiring 360-degree panaoramic view of High Peaks, Santanoni Massif, and North River Peaks are available as your reward for tackling the extremely steep final 1.5 miles. There is no view unless you ascend the tower. Lots of rocks, slabs, water, roots, downed trunks, but so worth the effort. We tacked on a 1.5 mile round trip jaunt to Lake Sally, and the total time was 4.5 hours including an hour of rest time. Trail was used by only 9 others on Father's Day (6/17/18).

Family friendly trail. Nice and wide for when there is the occasional traffic. Fantastic fire tower at the top for a 360 degree view

2 months ago

Nice hike highly recommend. Easy start and mild up hill all the way nothing crazy.

Great hike, bugs were awful!

Great hike! Rather muddy at the bottom and the flies were pretty bad so bug net and bug spray is highly suggested.

Very good hike to the top. Very easy and i loved it. Weather was perfect

3 months ago

Amazing views of entire High Peaks wilderness! Firetower is a large one, and was open! Stunning views well worth the 4.0mi moderate climb up! Highly recommended.

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