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New Scotland, New York Map

Super easy, child and pet friendly. Great views!

3 months ago

Ok. Especially if you like the challenge of finding trail markers since there are some places where you’ll definitely get momentarily stuck trying to find the trail.

It’s a decent outing with a good chance that you’re going to have the trail to yourself.

walking on the edge of the cliff protected by fence. really nice view from up the mountain me

This was by far one of the most amazing trails I have been on. One note is that this is a state park and it costs $6 to park all day, but its definitely worth it. They also have a dirtbike, snowmobile, and awesome playground. to start at this trail head to the visitor center and it is just down the hill. there are three paths. Indian is the middle with the large stone steps. It has caves, cliffs, waterfalls ( better just after a heavy rain, and if you have kids be on the lookout for all the orange newts and salamanders around them) and breathtaking views.....minus the big ugly white factory that your eyes draw to. Went with 2 dogs and our 4year old. Minus a few slips on the wet rocks she was easily able to do it and loved the cave.

5 months ago

Beautiful! Newts everywhere, they are so cute!
A little slippery and steep in parts, so it would be tough for little kids or elderly to Do the full loop- but lots of easier access spots to check out too. Beautiful visitors center!!!!

A little crowded but very pretty

It’s open again but lots of débris on the trail so be careful. Lovely hike!

7 months ago

I live ten minutes from here and I do this trail at least twice a week. It is a spectacular trail for kids, as there are no sharp inclines or difficult parts and the trail is clearly blazed so you don’t get lost. I took my 1.5 year old son on it last week and he loved it. There are many opportunities to see wildlife on this trail. Everything from geese, snapping turtles, red winged blackbirds, beavers, herons, ducks, and rabbits can be seen very regularly on this trail, especially in spring when all matter of wildlife is flourishing, thanks to the wide range is ecosystem that the marsh/pond provides. The one half of the trail that leads you through woods along the ridge of the pond and it is a great place to see trees fallen by beavers

Lots of nature to observe on this trail. It is well maintained and was nice to bring our group of parents and little ones to visit!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Neat trail... Didn't see any interesting birds.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Hiked this today after work; the first mile of the trail is really nice well marked, nice track, BUT the second mile and a half was a downer; not well marked, no bridges over muddy areas and/or streams. After climbing a nicely routed switchback, there is a long section of what looks like and old rock slab road along long rock walls which would have been property lines in the past. The section goes for almost a half mile without a single marking making the trail-goer wonder if they are lost. Overall, I give this trail a C+.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Escarpment Trail connects with the more popular Indian Ladder trail at the park. I went for the Indian Ladder but found it much shorter than expected, so continued along the escarpment for a couple miles. It actually goes quite a bit farther than the 1.4 miles that this states -- if you look at the dotted line trail on the map here you can see it goes much farther than the red marked trail for this listing.

Anyway, the trail follows along the ridge providing excellent views around every corner. It is relatively flat and easy to walk. Few muddy spots and easy to traverse. Very beautiful -- a great day hike if you combine the escarpment trail and the Indian Ladder.

4 months ago

6 months ago

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