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trail running
1 month ago

This is a nice trail; I would rate it around an easy moderate or a easy+. The trail is well marked and generally maintained with only a few blown over trees. The map on the right is incorrect though. The trail actually runs up to a road at the halfway point and starts down (if you do North to South) on the other side of the gorge. There are a few waterfalls but it is hard to see them due to tree growth. Not much wildlife, I say no one on the 5 mile run, lots of mushrooms. I would have no reservations about taking my dogs here. If you trail run, it took me a little over an hour at a reasonably easy pace. Incidentally, I would do this one barefoot if you are into that.
Tip 1: The Ranger has put up signs that state that you shouldn't start on these trails after 3 PM. He told me that this is usually a 3 to 3.5 hour hike and it can get dark before it is completed.
Tip 2: On the South trail coming back down the trail seems to go to the "lookout tower"; a wooden platform. There the trail ends (another trail is closed on the south side of the platform). You have to go back up to the last red marker which says Picnic area to pick it back up. The Ranger said that many people get confused at that section as I did. Thinking that the picnic area was a spot to stop and eat I continued only to find the trail ending. What they mean is that the picnic area is in the direction of the parking lot.