Great hike, dog friendly, do-able in a few hours, nice varied terrain, plus a good vista at the top.

We did this loop in mid September. We took our medium sized 2-year old dog, it took us almost exactly 3 hours and we hike at a pretty medium pace, we stop for water and rest here and there, not in a rush. Most of the hike is on the top of the ridge, so you've got peeks of the view on both sides. The best view is about 15 minutes after you turn right after the initial ascent. There's an okay view off to the left, but a great view off to the right on a little rock clearing. There is a small parking lot at the start of the trail, and All Trails address for this was accurate. You could maybe wear sneakers on this hike, but I'd recommend hiking shoes/boots, there are a few places where you cross back and forth in creeks, plus a little slippery in places.