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2 days ago

Hiked this last weekend, and it was great! Took my Eno up, hung it, and relaxed at the top for a couple hours. Beautiful

First time hiker and I’m a big guy so as I was going I had to rest a bit but overall really not terrible. Decent inclines but well worth it if you’re there after a rainstorm or snowstorm to catch those beautiful waterfalls.

Good quick hike for people of all skill levels. We went right after a heavy rain and the falls were raging! The blue trail is easy to follow with a few nice view points. Ventured off the trail for a bit to examine this abandoned Dodge Colt (wonder what the back story is here!), it’s easily visible at the beginning of the blue trail descent.

Very easy, but nice views of the park

Scenic, fairly easy with a few hills.

Nice trail even when muddy and overgrown. Nice quiet views and decent climbs. Saw no one out there! I’d bring my hiking poles next time. Giddy up.

The Loop is back! The breach has been repaired. Go here periodically for a quick get away, nice hike with many options for a short to long walk

Nice little oasis away from suburbia. Plenty of trails with a fish hatchery as well!

This waterfall is truly one of a kind! So amazing. Hike in the winter is a bit sloppy and area around the falls is icy.

It was so nice. I really enjoyed going there. Forrest, sea, nice views, bridges, the buildings, etc :) different things to see.

Come here often throughout the year. Always a nice quick peaceful hike with great views.

Cranford Rose Garden makes a great date destination when the roses are in full bloom.

Especially nice during spring and fall.

Great for bird watching.

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17 days ago

Very difficult to follow trail markers.

I found the recording for the 5.6 mile path left me less than confident. It exposed rooms for improvement in the recording. For example, some directions vectors would improved navigation immensely.

Also an option to mark areas that appear vague such as intersections or bad trail segments.

The views along the trail are very good; scenic deeps words feeling with so many fallen trees makes it look like woods less traveled.

A lot of the path is used by mountain bikers and also makes good sections for running.

The 5.6 mike recording is made up of some windy segments that appeals more to bikers and to hikers feel maze like. I might suggest walking one of the recordings made by other colleagues.

Very snowy currently (March-April 2018). Pretty hard to do without additional gear, but still nice.

Had an amazing time! My friend and I both took out dogs for a hike and we all had a blast. There were a few spots where it was hard to pass due to downed trees and flooded trail(we had very wet feet by the end) but we had a great time. Not too hard but hard enough to make it worth it. And we had a lovely picnic by the lake as we attempted to dry out our socks and shoes.

The walk was okay. Nothing too exciting. But I also went on a cloudy March day. There is no views, just walking thru woods.

24 days ago

nice afternoon walk. several other people with dogs, everyone very nice along the trail. Even a couple cross country skiers left. all trails marked clearly. nice rolling hills and great view at the bench. Enjoyable day!!

25 days ago

Only made it as far as the fire tower, due to snowy conditions. The start of the hike up to the casino is brutal and almost totally uphill. Nice views from there, but the real money shot is the fire tower, with 360 degree views of the Hudson, the Catskills, a beautiful little lake. Fire tower could use some repairs and it's a little daunting to climb, but the view is worth it! Unfortunately knuckleheads gave coveted it and some of the nearby rocks in graffiti (same with the incline railway ruins). Also some litter on the trail here and there. People ain't no good. The descent was tricky, very steep in places so we really had to watch our footing on the snow. Probably needed winter boots. Would like to come back to hike the full loop when conditions are less difficult.

25 days ago

nice place for a good family walk with pets. a little bit of city view when you get to the top area.

Quick and steep, do not underestimate Prospect Mountain it will kick your butt.

25 days ago

Less hiking more rock scramble at parts but so fun!

rock climbing
25 days ago

A fun rock scramble!

Beautiful views

Very easy trail, we did it partially due to snow. We'll come back in spring and summer also for the other trails, there are many in the area.

One of my favorite trails. Short and not very challenging but great views. Well trafficked area so expect to have company. Great for a all ranges of skill.

Surprisingly good. Not a lot of options around White Plain to trail run and this turned out to be quite enjoyable. Enough interesting terrain that you could do a few laps before getting bored. About 1.5 of the trail had some interesting rock formations and gentle elevation changes to make the running very enjoyable.

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