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trail is heavily eroded but awesome views and a good challenge. Would recommend boots but I did in sneakers and in the rain.

The beginning is very easy, but on the way back you realize how long this really is. Make sure to follow the signs for Indian falls /Marcy if you want to hike up to Table top first! Table top is easy to follow, but a very narrow trail. Going up Phelps is the longest mile ever! Totally worth it! 2 down, 44 to go!

I’ve been to Mount Washington and the views there are better than this. Although this is the highest peak in NY, the trails are well-maintained. First time I did this with friends and we did it for 7.5 hours, round trip. It was tiring but indeed gratifying at the summit because it’s cooler and you can see parts of Quebec/Montreal. Bring a lot of water (3L at least) and chewable candies, it’ll help you maintain your glucose and stay hydrated. Beginners will find this challenging but doable.

This was my first 46er 2 years ago. I hiked it in October and it was cool and bug free. The summit was foggy and there was no view, but it was a decent hike.

Kicked my ass. But got it done

Great experience! Started at the Adk Loj main parking area.The Marcy trail is beautifully maintained. Thanks to those who give so much to make it that way! We actually jogged with full survival packs! We went to Tabletop first. Great views of Marcy and some others. Trail has a lot of roots and wash ditches so slow cautious push worked best for us.On the way back hit Phelps trail.Loved it! Challenging and lots of bare rock to walk. Views are outstanding! We were impressed! We especially like the stream along the Marcy trail and the old Marcy dam area. We jogged back on the “Marcy Interstate “ as we call it now. I calculated the trip at 11.2 miles.A totally doable duo bundle for those in good physical shape. Start early to have plenty of daylight.Enjoy!

Marcy is the ultimate balance of challenge and reward. It’s a long, challenging 15 mile day with a lot of elevation gain, but it’s the peak that got me addicted to High Peaks Wilderness. It begins with a easy 2 miles to Marcy Dam, which has great views of Mount Colden. From there it’s 5 miles of rocks and badly eroded trail. The mountain runoff turned this place into a river on the rainy morning we hiked it. You don’t get any views until you begin the final push through the alpine zone. The above treeline summit of Marcy has spectacular views in all directions, you can see the whole range in all it’s glory. The clouds cleared for a brief 10 minutes as if the reward us for our efforts. When they came back, we headed out. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who likes strenuous mountains.

9 days ago

This was one of our primary goals on our visit to the ADK region. It didn’t disappoint! Our trip up was approximately 4 hrs and approximately 4.5 down. Very well maintained trail. Impressed with the fact the steward does a high peak 5 days a week. The views today were awesome from the top. Clear and cool on the top! Loved it. Its about getting the 46! One group made this this their 46th. Awesome to be there for that!

Chose to do the Avalanche Lake/Lake Arnold loop counterclockwise. Would not want to do it the other way with that steep part. Trails were dry, no bugs. Clear skies, great views of Algonquin, etc. to the West and Marcy, Giant, etc to the Southeast. We did miss the turn left/up from the lake (the sigh is high and pointed the other way) and had to backtrack a bit.

Good one if you’ve got little hikers in tow. Our 2 and 4 year old loved it. We chose the lower, less steep side and just went out to Echo Lake and back. Sorry to the people living in the fancy house on the lake. My kids loved yelling “ECHO!” across the lake.

Did this in 2015, no views at the top that day but still a great climb.

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The hike was ok

5 of us including an 11 and 13 year old did this hike 2 days ago. It took us 8 hours and 45 minutes with quite a few breaks and a longer stop on the peak.
Hike was quite easy aside from the ascent from avalanche lake to the summit of Mount Colden which is rocky and steep.
Was very glad to have done the hike counterclockwise as this would have been a treacherous descent.
The hike around avalanche lake was fantastic with ladders, and hitch up Mathilda’s - fun for all.
Doing an out and back to mount Colden via Lake Arnold would be easier and a bit shorter but not nearly as interesting or fun.
This was a fantastic hike - one of my favourites in ADKs.

Some deer flies but a great day. Beautiful views.

13 days ago

Nice hike. Took the short steep route up. I was worried a bit from some of the reviews since I consider myself a 55 y.o. beginner hiker and not in great shape. It was a little tricky, but not too difficult. Some nice views from that trail. Went down the easier gradual trail.

Did this on July 9, our 17th highpoint. Weather was perfect. This hike is no joke. I see other posts saying “anyone can do it” I disagree. It’s certainly not impossible but it’s long, and coming down seems endless. I would suggest bringing more water than you think you need, and get some training in before you do it. It took us 10 hours with a considerable break at the top. All that said it is a tremendous view and a well maintained trail. Good luck.

Nice and easy walk around the lake.

It was an awesome hike . The only problem was we started really late (930 am ) for such a long hike ! This meant that we could not take longer breaks . We just did like 10 minutes at the summit and few ones here and there . This considerably slowed us down on our way back . In terms of technically I would term the last 3/4 mile as difficult with boulder and rock scrambling . But nothing too crazy ! The first 2 miles to the Merci dam is easy and then there is a steady climb along boulders from Indian falls for next 3 miles or so . The distance gets to you at the end . We did the last half hour in the dark !! So one should definitely start really early for this one . It is definitely challenging and your legs will tell you that when you wake up the next day !

Beautiful views! Easy hike!

This hike is awesome. I was debating doing it cuz I had never done one this long but its totally doable and for my first high peak hike I couldn’t be happier. I made it to summit in 3.5 hours and was passing most people on the way. “It’s not that bad” is the perfect description. Anyone can do it! The incline is gradual. Mile 4 and mile 6 are the hardest. Very rocky and muddy throughout; hiking boots are a must. The last half mile is no joke, at some parts I was on my hands and knees climbing. Hiked it July 7th and very cold at top I was SO glad to have brought a coat. Also there are outhouses after mile 2 and around mile 6. Roundtrip is about 15 miles. Shoutout to all the dogs on this trail yall are champs!

16 days ago

Best bang for your buck hike in the Adirondacks. Good for the whole family, amazing summit views. Short trail is steeper, long is more gradual. Perfect for an afternoon or early morning hike.

Another great adk high peaks hike. Started at the loj and hiked to the damn then up to Tabletop first and Phelps on the way back down. Tabletop is unmarked and muddy like most of the unmaintained trails. Trail is narrow but it’s pretty apparent to follow and there is a summit sign on top. Cloudy the day I went up but it has some views. Going up Phelps was a climb for sure. A lot of scrambling and steeper sections which was tiring but not that bad. A great summit to kick the boots off and have a snack on. Not that busy as most of the hikers you’ll pass will probably be going up Marcy wearing tennis shoes and holding a Poland spring water ball completely unprepared for what’s to come. Be prepared

16 days ago

Cobble is fun. I do it regularly as a workout with a view more than anything. It’s fun that you can get onto a little mountain and in the woods right from main street in Lake Placid. A great starter hike to help get you in shape to do some hiking. I recommend doing it as a loop trail, up the shorter/steep trail (though it’s not that steep) and down the longer trail where you will pass echo pond. A fun mini hike that can take less than an hour round trip

18 days ago

Great hike! Easy start on flat ground turns to a moderate climb for some miles after Marcy Dam. Finish with some scrambling across rock slabs but not too steep. Windy and cold at the top even in late June! I summited in much less time than I thought, and I was able to add Tabletop and Phelps right from the main trail on my climb back.

18 days ago

After Marcy, the view was somewhat underwhelming. But it was still a view! Trail was muddy and root-heavy unlike sections of the main trail and added a challenging elevation gain.

My most difficult hike EVER! Worth the view at the top however. I’m 57, and it took me 5 hours up and 4 hours back. 10 miles of the hike are ancient creek bed. Very muddy and difficult! Bring 100 oz water minimum, a change of shoes and socks and Must have bug spray!

Beautiful views at the summit. We went up the steeper, shorter trail and came back down the longer way. I would recommend this to save your knees.

This is a nice hike if you want to stay close to home. It was extremely hot when I was on the Lake and wanted to be close for comfort so this was a great choice. The short ascent is relatively challenging but rewarding at the top as you’ll have views of some of the high peaks to the south and the lake and some nice views to the east. I chose to go back down the way I came but the loop is a more gradual decent. Total moving time can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or two depending on your pace.

It’s a grind up the loop from avalanche lake but you will be glad you climbed up it and not down. Views are incredible.
Took us just about 8 hours with a 30 minute detour.

Solo hiked to the summit of Marcy on 6/30/18. Well marked and easy to follow trail all the way to the top. Wet and fairly muddy most of the way. Left around 5:00 and only passed and handful of people on the way up. Very crowded trail coming back down with groups that got a later start.

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