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17.9 miles!!! BRING SPIKES!!!!!!! Again it was not 14.1 miles it was 17.9!!!!!

We really enjoyed this hike. Had our dog with us and she made the climb with no problems as well. We went up the short trail and down the long. Really enjoyed the views! All of the ice mentioned previously is gone now.

Most of the initial trail is just an uphill walk, with private properties on either side. However once near the base of the mountain it gets radically steep, a lot of climbing up exposed roots. This trail isnt very technically difficult but the sheer steepness of the last portion to the false summits and summit makes it very taxing on the legs. I made the mistake of getting on this trail after doing an overnight 30km hike in the nearby 46ers. Thinking this would be a nice way to burn some left over energy. Nope! I would venture out on saying this trail is closer to hard then a few of the trails rated hard in the adirondacks for sure.

Best hike ive been on, beautiful and really challenging.

Great Hike on a beautiful morning. I suggest leaving early this time of year, without leaves on the trees by the end the sun was really coming through. Easy to follow trail and luckily went on a good weekday and only saw a one group on the way up and a few on the way down. Trail to Porter was icy and muddy, spikes were helpful. Cascade is where the real beauty is, save more time to spend up there on a nice day. Highly recommended this hike for inexperienced hikers (like myself).

Cascade was an easy hike with great views, there was some ice and mud, but nothing to be alarmed about. Going towards Porter after the Y intersection was not as great - very muddy, icy, and flooded. I would recommend staying off of Porter for the next few weeks.

Great hike! I was expecting it to be much more difficult than it was. It was a foggy day, so o didn't get to enjoy the views. (last July 2017) I have to go home it again on a nice bright, sunny day

Did it in April 2017. Still snow and ice towards the top. Also just a generally very crowded trail. Probably the easiest high peak I’ve hiked so far.

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Bring your microspikes. Ice and snow before and after Y intersection to cascade and porter. I would go to porter first just for the length and then cascade for short hike and great views. 2 peaks in one trip Enjoy.

Friend and I did this as our first hike. We are not in super shape so took our time but managed to accomplish. The view from the top was 100% worth it. Met some great people and would definitely recommend.

Great hike on Saturday, 5/5/18. Conditions were muddy for first mile, then ice flows on trail. We debated microspikes the whole way up. On the one hand, the ADK 46er weather advisory basically said "anything over 2750 ft is filled with biizzards and white walkers". On the other hand, teenagers in tennis shoes were gleefully returning from successful summiting.

We recommend micro spikes for sure, probably for next 2 weeks until ice melts. Especially if you want to do Porter. Crossing the saddle from the Cascade trail to Porter was like sliding down frozen water slides. I would just pick a tree to slide into so I could stop. That's with spikes.

Overall, amazing day in the mtns. Great views!

Easiest and most accessible of the high peaks with great views. However, do not be fooled, this is a rugged trail and mountain weather is changeable. You need good footwear, water, lunch, sunblock, and seasonally appropriate clothing. Don't be that person hiking in shorts and sandals in the snow or after dark with no headlamp.

Was not in great shape when I did this hike but it was wonderful. A little steep in some sections, need to be careful of trail markers toward top of Giant, but very beautiful views at top. Enjoyed Giant much more then hike across to Porter but doing 2 mountains in one day felt great!

perfect day. hiked in a t-shirt despite the snow covered trail. microspikes are essential. the biggest challenge was dodging ice balls falling from the tops of the trees nearing the summit. some were the size of softballs and completely solid, they could really do some damage if they hit you! surprised to have the summit to ourselves! Porter was quick and fun, very snowy! wish we thought about packing sunscreen.

ﹰGreat trail ! -- we went up the short trail and down the long trail --- both trails COVERED in ice. spikes on your shoes are an absolute must! Short trail has a few steep pitches with larger boulders - long trail is more mellow but even more ice right now -- long trail also follow a stream so be careful not to get your shoes too wet!

Solo hiked up Cascade and Porter Mountain via Cascade Mountain on 4/23/2018. Weather was a nice 60+ degrees with clear blue skies.

Even though it's the middle of April, the trail was filled with snow/slush and some patches of ice. I wore microspikes which would definitely be recommended if you're looking at hiking this trail any time soon. I would rate this trail as relatively easy and a good first hike to start the 46 high peaks. It took me about an hour and five minutes to summit cascade and roughly 45 minutes to come back down; from cascade to porter, it's only 0.7mi. As popular as cascade and porter are, the trails aren't marked very well so you will have to pay attention to which way you're going.

Awesome hike for someone looking to do a high peak without an overnight or full day commitment. Went up with friends and it was a beautiful winter day. Blue sky with the trees all flocked in snow. The way down was very Ivey and slushy which made for a lot of slipping on the way down. Would have been a lot better with some spikes and poles but we made do! Breathtaking views from the top, and we had small hand held sleds which made the decent a lot of fun with friends. Our friends had a miniature Australian Shepherd that made it up and down no problem. Loved every second!

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Nice walk around the lake. Enjoyed the mountain markers on the sidewalk that dot the sidewalk

Good if you want to do a high peak without a ton of hiking in and ease of access. Snowshoed up cascade in March, was pretty cold at the top and it ended up being too blustery for good views, so we skipped Porter. Will probably do again in nicer weather.

Great trail, can't believe it isn't more popular in the hiking/backpacking community. Was out on the trail for 4 days last August from Long Lake up to Lake Placid. Great to have the lean-to's available, especially during some chilly nights!

Hiked this about 2 years ago. It took us about 12 hours, but we took our time as I was 3 monrhs pregnant. Definitely a challenging hike, many very steep and rocky areas. We had to push 2 of our 3 dogs up the last stretch to the summit because it was practically rock climbing, the other dog is part mountain goat. There is a false summit that you can see the true summit from, it was about another hour from there to the actual summit. Not 360 viees, but beautiful none the less. I was definitely sore the next day, but it was a great hike, harder than expected.

I had the mountain to myself on this particular morning. There was plenty of granular snow on the trail given the persistence of winter weather we've been having in mid April. There were some icy spots on the way up but nothing that poles and microspikes couldn't handle easily. The summit of Cascade was extremely windy and the cloud cover obscured all views so I didn't spend much time at the top of either peak. Had a blast with some controlled slides and running on the descent. Started at the registry at 5am and was back at the car by 7:20.

We arrived at the trailhead at 9 am. We were equipped with poles and microspikes, both of which proved to be crucial in making it to the top. The trail was covered in compacted snow with many ice patches. We did not need snowshoes at any point - the microspikes handled the ice patches easily. The steepest ice patch occurred about 25-30 minutes from the peak of Cascade. We chose to hit Porter before summitting Cascade. The trail was not very well marked on the way to Porter from the junction on the Cascade trail. We were able to follow the previous tracks of a few hikers who had already made it to Porter, but even without tracks the trail isn’t too hard to see. We weren’t sure if we had made the summit of Porter because it is just small clearing surrounded by trees. Only after venturing about two tenths of a mile past the summit did we confirm that we had reached the summit. Next we summitted Cascade, which was bare and very windy with amazing views. It took us about three and half hours to get from the trailhead to the summit of Cascade with Porter included. The hike back back down only took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Overall the hike was moderately strenuous, and very enjoyable.

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the was an easy climb with a wonderful view. there are no views till the summit though. for snowshoeing stick to the long trail. the short trail is not good oon snowshoes.

Good hike. Not easy, but not hard. Nice pond.

Did this loop last week. Crossing-over Avalanche Lake saved a lot of time. Very nice hike with nice viewpoints.

Still lots of snow lingering on the trail, but microspikes were sufficient as we haven’t had new snow in quite a while. Cascade was a large, epic, open summit and Porter was just a clearing on a ridge line. I would suggest tagging Porter first, then coming back and going up Cascade and taking a break up there. Windy once you reach the rocks on the summit push, but from there it’s only a few minutes to the top. Snow is still pretty deep, so watch out for postholing in the warmer afternoon weather. Took about 3.5 hours to hit both summits, take a break, and come back. (March 28, 2018)

cross country skiing
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My wife and I went for a Nordic ski in late March and it was a blast. The trails are scenic and easy to maneuver, and have a good mix of easy and challenging skiing. We will definitely do this trail again!

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