20 hours ago

I am going to give similar directions to John’s because there was a recent storm that knocked a tree down.

When you park, use John’s coordinates. There is a very small parking lot diagonal to the teepee store. It is directly across from a few cabins. There is a rock in enclosed by a fence. That’s the parking lot. Cross the street and then take a left. You’ll see the path (it has a sign that starts it, it’s has so sort of history). Go down that. One you go down around the monument you’ll take a right. You will have to step over many trees that got knocked down. On your left there is a small opening. Take that. You’ll come out and see the power lines. The power lines have black gravel under them. Find an opening on the opposite side of the hill (you will walk on the black gravel a little). Take that to the bike trail. Take a left on the bike trail. After the graffiti on the rocks a little ways down there is a a yellow arrow on the right spray painted. That is your entrance. The trail is very well marked! You can tell not many people use it though.

I thought the view was great! Very cool to see the outlets and the great escape. It was a little buggy so bring bug spray.