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a fun trail full of critters and a great view.

Moderate is a little off. I’d say hard. The runs are straight up for the first half, over rocky terrain. The second half of the climb is steep but fun. The view at the top was well worth it! Only complaint was that it summits at an area that is basically a parking lot and picnic area. Shame on me for not reading more about this climb. I do not like to hike to something everyone else can drive to. Although we had a great time!!!

Well-maintained trail that culminates with a beautiful view of the Lake George valley. It is NOT for the novice hiker, as you will experience significant stretches of steep terrain along the way. Bring plenty of water and prepare for a good cardiovascular workout!

Didn’t do much other than look down while climbing to the top due to steepness and rocky terrain. I did enjoy view. Best spot was from shuttle parking lot so be sure to stop there before proceeding to summit.

Also I took the blue marker up. It was quieter, less steep (but still steep) but longer. Been told it is twice as long. Took red trail back.

15 days ago

17 days ago

should be labeled HARD not moderate. Began with the stairway and my wife had a panic attack because of the see thru stairs and steapness. Had to turn around (first time we had to do that) I admit we are 69 and 65 but this was an experience we never had before. I may try it on my own next year, but this is a lot tougher than advertised. We than drove up to the top and we're happy with views from there

26 days ago

Very little trail traffic with great views. A short hike right off the north-way

28 days ago

We hiked this trail this morning (6/19). Parked at the Monument and it wasn’t too bad finding the trail. If you go past the monument to the right, a lot of the blow downs have but cut out. As you get to the bottom of that little hill, climb over the big pine that’s still down and the trail that leads to the bike trial is on the other side, slightly to the left. We followed that and had to climb through some blow downs but it wasn’t bad. If you take the pole lines south about 40 yards you’ll see the path to the bike trail to your left then turn left onto the bike trail. As everyone mentioned the trail head is a little past the two flags painted on the rocks on your right. If you look into the Woods you can see a blue painted rock and blue painted tree that you can’t miss. The hike was nice, a little steep the last couple hundred yards, but perfect trip for before work. While we were up there someone spray painted an arrow on the bike trail! There is now an orange arrow where the yellow arrow used to be, so you really can’t miss it.

Hard hike for the mediocre view, all the cars and structures at the top ruined hiking it as well, better off driving up and finding a different peak.

Nice hike. Great view from the summit.

1 month ago

I agree with Patrick below. I hiked this twice in the past two weeks. The first time I parked by the Big&Tall store by the outlest and hiked along the bike path north for a little shy of amile until I saw the yellow marker. I hiked it again yesterday but decided to go in from the monument side like others have mentioned. Once you get past the monument, it's really tough to find how to get down the embankment to the next level which leads to the bike path. We ended up sliding down by the water tunnel where the very large tree is downed. It's definitely a little dicey, so I'd suggest parking somewhere by the corner of 149/9 and taking the bike path to the trail head which is much easier on the joints. ALSO, they repaved that section of the bike path just since last week so there is no longer a yellow arrow (as of last night), so definitely use the all trails app or the gps coordinates to find the trail head which is a steep set of rocks to get on the main trail. Essentially, if you're walking north along the bike trail you'll pass a big set of rocks on the right with a russian and norwegian flag painted on the rock face. The trail head is on the right shortly passed that but not well marked at all since they got rid of the yellow arrow. Once you're up the rocks, the trail is pretty well marked and the view is quite pleasant. You can see the outlets, Great Escape to the south as well as Queensbury high school.

on French Mountain

1 month ago

the entrance to the trail of Route 9 begins easy enough at the Colonel William's monumuent. but from there it is next to impossible to see the trail down to the bikeway. We slid down the side of a small cliff/hill and had to hack through heavy brush, walk through muddy, soggy areas, climb over many fallen trees and that leads to the trail which begins at a big spray painted yellow arrow sprayed on the bikeway. You then start the hike by climbing rocks at the trailhead off the bikeway. the actual trail is marked with blue trail markers and blue spray painted trees. the view at the top is nice, but not overwhelming. the actual hike is moderate to strenuous at times due to incline, leaves, rocks and muddy trail.

1 month ago

the view is better than expected. good for a short hike.

Beautiful view from top but do note it's steep hiking till the top.

We went with two 8 yo, and I wouldn’t call this trail kids friendly. They made it, but it took us 2 hours 40 min. hours to complete the trail, and the kids had to push it. It’s a steady steep hike all the way up, and we had to be careful walking back down since it was slippery after the rain. We all wore proper hiking shoes, so that helped.

1 month ago

I am going to give similar directions to John’s because there was a recent storm that knocked a tree down.

When you park, use John’s coordinates. There is a very small parking lot diagonal to the teepee store. It is directly across from a few cabins. There is a rock in enclosed by a fence. That’s the parking lot. Cross the street and then take a left. You’ll see the path (it has a sign that starts it, it’s has so sort of history). Go down that. One you go down around the monument you’ll take a right. You will have to step over many trees that got knocked down. On your left there is a small opening. Take that. You’ll come out and see the power lines. The power lines have black gravel under them. Find an opening on the opposite side of the hill (you will walk on the black gravel a little). Take that to the bike trail. Take a left on the bike trail. After the graffiti on the rocks a little ways down there is a a yellow arrow on the right spray painted. That is your entrance. The trail is very well marked! You can tell not many people use it though.

I thought the view was great! Very cool to see the outlets and the great escape. It was a little buggy so bring bug spray.

I had a gorgeous hike up. I was able to take a 3.5 year old both carried and walking. It's manageable but can get rough as you have to handhold the entire with all the rocks.

Very good workout trail, need good hiking boots, it’s a nonstop elevation trail

This was a rainy day hike where the mosquitoes were bad. It rained the whole hike and the summit was windy and chilly with limited views.

Loved it great workout and beautiful

2 months ago

Hiked mountain on easter sunday. Loved the view and would like to hike again when all the snow and ice is gone.

Great hike if you’re local. View was alright

Still plenty of ice near the top. Great views!

Nice quick short hike but not a super great view.

Quick and steep, do not underestimate Prospect Mountain it will kick your butt.

3 months ago

I live locally, but this was my first time crossing the foot bridge and heading up Prospect Mountain. The trail was still icy and snow-covered in late March. I slipped up the first half of the hike and ended up giving in and putting my spikes on after crossing the highway.

There aren’t any breaks on this hike. It’s short, only about 1.6 miles to the top, but it’s steep. I was breathing hard at the top. The views are beautiful, and there’s a ton of room at the summit.

This is a very popular and well-traveled trail, which is a big downside. I’m selfish and I want the woods to myself. Probably won’t hike it again anytime soon, but it was a decent climb.

Great family hike. Went with our kids 9, 11 and 13. Distance was perfect and difficulty was moderate due to incline. As others mentioned, finding initial entrance on the mountain was challenging. Highly recommended.

5 months ago

from what little dog and I hiked it was beautiful. our hike was cut short because as soon as we pulled into the lot a man and his three "off leash" dogs came up to my car barking and hounding us to the point I couldn't get mine out of the car without having to block the dogs from mine! we headed down the trail and his dogs immediately were on our heels and barking at us the entire walk. decided it wasn't worth it and turned around, with no apology from the man who finally caught up with his dogs. protip: If you can't control your off leash dog, then keep them on a leash. It's incredibly rude and ruins other hikers experiences!

This is not a marked trail and can be confusing if you aren’t experienced at following gps. As others wrote, you start in the LGLC parking lot, on the trail to Berry Pond Preserve. Keep bearing right along the stream. It can get sketchy once you leave the stream, as there are logging trails that intersect.

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