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Kinderhook, New York Map

An interesting plot of land. Tall trees but a lot of open space. Benches are sporadically placed around for scenic “views”, ie really just more trees. One cool thing is that they recently built a lot of wooden plank style walkways in areas that look like they get muddy. Can make it hard to pass people though.

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2 months ago

I'm afraid I can only rate this as an "eh." We came across some really badly-maintained areas, and the trail map doesn't really reflect the trail system once you get in there. I've been on worse, but I've also been on better.

Although not far from town these great trails are for people of all experience levels and good for people of all ages. There is little elevation and these trails stay flat for the most part. The trails all loop back together so the chances of getting lost are none. It’s great for a quick escape from the outside world while staying close.

This area has many different loops for all ages. Would be a good area for an after dinner walk. After our recent wet winter and still warming spring, the last half mile was downright MUD ... and lots of it ... well up to my ankle in spots.

Location begins at the Van Allen or the Martin Van Buren location (I recommend starting at Van Allen).
Make sure to park in the dirt area near 9H even though it looks like you can drive closer to the trail head, there isn't parking there (and you would end up driving over the Van Allen lawn). The initial part of the trail is nicely routed thru the woods, but after 0.2 miles, the rest of the trail is a walk circumventing many fields or walking on dirt roads. It can easily be made into a loop utilizing the connector trail over to the Martin Van Buren Site and then back on the main trail. The trail is easy to follow and a nice walk for families with or without children. This trail does passed thru active animal farm land, and thus dogs are NOT allowed.

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