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1 month ago

A great woods trail. Following instructions for the Morgan Hill Short Loop trail was much more helpful (but I like the All Trails Pro feature of following my position along the trail on my phone) I cut it short at Shackham Rd. rather than going on to Jones Hill. Completed about 9 miles this way (according to my Fitbit). What nobody mentions below is that this follows the North Country Trail with blue blazes and is quite well marked. Not for the beginner - but not as steep as some gorge rim trails I've hiked. Watch your step, especially when it's wet. Yes, there's a lot of walking up the roads, but I need to get out of the woods to not feel so closed in all the time, it was a welcome break. The roads are lightly traveled, so it was like a nice walk up a country road. Will be going back to hit the other side at some point.