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Keene, New York Map

Amazing hiking : 6h30 to do Giant and Rocky on our way to become 46ers.
The weather was perfect, the views breathtaking. We used spikes all trail long. The hardest part was on the way back from Rocky up to Giant: short but very sloping.
The view from Rocky is absolutely perfect : the only spot in the ADK you can see all the others 45 highest peaks!

very easy and short trail, nice view.

This was a great hike! We took our time starting out early (7 am) and were back at the car by 5 pm. The trail was packed and easy to walk along. Great views most of the way up. The trail down to RPR was also well broken and with only a few icy patches. We used MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes all day. We saw some people having to change into spikes as their snowshoes were slipping. We enjoyed great views and reasonably good weather.

Hiked this with a friend on Feb 2, 2019. Perfect day for these winter summits. Blue bird skies and the sun followed us from start to finish. You start climbing right out of the gate and don’t lose much elevation anywhere on way to Giant, great vistas along the way. Used microspikes the whole way up Giant since the trail was well packed. Nothing tricky either as there was very little ice.. off trail you’d encounter deep snow, 6 ft in spots.
Very cool summit with unbeatable views of so many high peaks...especially Whiteface, Dix range and the Great range. Could see Gore Mt as well.
Descending to base of Rocky was steep but not dangerous because of great conditions . We watered up and dropped our packs to ascend Rocky which was a great move as snow was so deep we had to crouch under tree limbs much of the way. More great views on top of Giant and everything else...Champlain Valley, Vt etc. after descending we used Snow shoes and elevators for steep climb back up Giant. Made it surprisingly easy.
The out and back was around 2 Hrs.
Finished with a seemingly endless descent back to Rte 73 which seemed to have much more steeps than the climb up, not unusual I know. I always prefer climbs over exhausting downhills at the end of the day. Always glad to see the car. Fantastic route though!

Very rewarding hike! While this trail may be longer than the Northern approach, the elevation was never too steep and before I knew it we were above treeline. Well marked the whole way, and the trail is well defined by fellow hikers. Hiked on 3/2/19 - I did it in microspikes the whole way, (no postholing) but snow shoes would have worked just as well.

Completed this on 2/22, a beautiful hike! The only issue being that I was the first person to walk this section of trail in almost two weeks, even with snowshoes I was falling through unpacked snow at points. However, 35th high peak!!!

Long slog along Lake Road till the trail deviates to another long slog. Colvin does have amazing views in Winter. Blake another short mile down the road and the true viewing point approximately .4 miles from there. Dont walk almost 15 miles and not go the extra .4.miles. Unless its a socked in day or you sunmit at 4am. like I did.

Insanely crowded almost all season. Go early for good pics and peace.

Hiked this moderate trail. The first part of the trail head is not maintained and slightly goest up. The real climb starts in the last 2 km. The view from the top is gorgeous a 360 degree view on the Adirondack. We had lunch up there as there was not much wind. 3 hour round trip with stops.
Snow shoes are a must for this hike. We didn't use our spikes.

1 month ago

Phenomenal hike. Amazing views from the open rock ledges on the summit for minimal effort. Not as high as a high peak obviously, but gives phenomenal views of the surrounding ranges and wilderness.

Great winter trail. Park and walk 1/4 mile in to the trailhead (road not maintained the whole way) - flat for the first mile or so - then UP. Medium grade then a nice steep last half mile or so to the top. Windy AF. Great 360 views. Fun arse slides on the way down. Micro spikes on hard packed snow and ice - 3 hrs round trip with stops. Fun hike.

1 month ago

Terrific first hike for the day. About three miles. Micro spikes were almost mandatory on the packed snow and ice. Easy switchbacks to a decent ice scramble to the top. Nice views.

No matter what season, always a joy. Especially the remoteness of Rocky and the sunsets over the Great Range as you descend Giant.

Hiked 02/11/19 nice hike no snow all ice micro spikes in out easy breezy.....

off trail
1 month ago

I think it was a great hike , but very Icy, did slip and fall so be very cautious, microspikes and poles are a must . A few fake summits but all with very beautiful views! Would recommend for everyone!!

Trail all punched thru very hard started at 9 got out at 4.30

1 month ago

Open on week days closed Fri Sat Sun

Trailhead was easy to find off the road. We went up as a group of 6. Had our micro-spikes on and followed the path where others snowshoed through. We didn’t make it all the way up as we were trying to get back before the weather and day light turned on us. First part of the trail was very steep. We are no expert hikers and we took many breaks going up. Going down was much easier. We enjoyed walking through and seeing the animal tracks left behind and caught a few peaks of the other mountains from a view point off the trail without making it all the way up. Did about 3 miles total round trip.

Awesome trail with amazing views. A little longer than the northern approach but so worth it!

A family favorite; great for kids and anyone who loves running switchbacks. We did this hike again for the new year, and microspikes were sufficient.

We did this hike in December. It was a lovely hike. Snowshoes and spikes necessary. As always, it offers beautiful views.

Climbed on 1/12/19. We used snowshoes but they weren’t necessary. Spikes would have been fine. Trail nicely packed down and well marked. Beautiful views

Awesome views. Fun trail. Heavy foot traffic. Get to the parking lot early and have $10 exactly to park. They don’t have change.

Beautiful trail with great views from balancing rocks. Summit is completely wooded so keep that in mind but has some great viewing areas along ridge. Some sections are icy so I would say microspikes are necessary. The way up to balancing rocks is the hardest part but the rock scrambles were really fun and icy!

2 months ago

Great easy hike to start a day. Took only about 20 minutes to reach the summit. Last stretch is a bit steep and icy but nothing too serious. Anybody really could do this hike. Micro-spikes are needed though since a bit icy near summit

2 months ago

Great short hike. Dont let the mileage fool you though as this hike goes straight up with little forgiveness. Amazing views at the summit and well worth the steepness. Micro-spikes essential as the scrambles are very icy!

This trail was closed by the owner in 2018. DEC was looking to reroute it. Anyone have an update? One of the best spots for fall colors looking south towards Keene Valley

4 months ago

My wife, I and our 10 year-old son hiked LWJ after much consideration and preparation due to the weather/ time of year. (Our son has 5 peaks already, and is game for the challenge…he also knows we will pull the plug on a hike if conditions dictate – we abandoned Wright in May). We settled on the peak and the Garden to JBL/Phelps trail due to online research and family recommendations (my brother and dad had done the peak in summer, and both said they thought going up the Wolf’s chin would be a bad idea in icy conditions). I also liked the fact that even though we were adding distance, we were avoiding a good chunk of elevation by starting at the Garden. The lot was 1/3 full at 6:15am and we headed out in a temp that was just under 20 degrees, with pretty still air. The trail to the DEC outpost was coated by at most an inch of snow, and was a good crunchy underneath which helped with traction and cushion…no mud at all. We made good time to the suspension bridge, which is a beautiful location; you could tell at the bridge that no one had been that way for at least the last 24-48 hours.
Once across the bridge, there are no trail signs initially, you just head left for about 100 yards, and then take the next hard right up a sloping grade. Not having signs is a little disconcerting, but that’s what directions and maps are for. After that, you take your next left and head more uphill. The whole section after the bridge was pretty muddy. The grade picks up from there, and you start the slog to the col, with the mud base mostly converting to ice, and with snow depth slowly increasing. At about 3200 feet, we put on our spikes (a first for us all), not because of ice, but because the 3-8 inches of fresh snow from the day before started to compress and your boot would backslide. That made a big difference. We made our way to the trail split at the col and headed to the left, at this point all previous evidence of tracks from others was gone, due to earlier winds and drifted snow(up to 2 feet). The wind for us was still pretty non-existent. At the second junction, we saw the first sign of recent tracks, and as we made our way up the tough but doable south face of LWJ, we passed the three others who had come over from the Wedge Brook side. There were a couple of technical spots in this portion, but with the spikes they were doable.
At the peak the wind was mostly still (we were very lucky), but the air was still quite crisp and we couldn’t luxuriate and cool down too much so back down we went. There was no sign of any traffic coming up from the north via the W.A. White trail, and so it seems that we made the right choice by attacking from the south. My wife is in great shape, and I am in pretty good shape, but with the extra gear, and the snow/ice, it took us 4:45 to summit. As we descended, we attempted to eat lunch at the lean-to, but after heading 150 yards down the lean-to trail, with no structure in sight we abandoned that plan, and decided to eat lunch at the DEC outpost. We got to our car at exactly 3pm, thus with a couple of stops, lunch etc…it took us just under 9 hours. There were no envelopes for parking, but I still threw $10 into the shed for karma. Overall, the conditions were wintery, but the lack of wind and bright sun made for a very enjoyable and doable summit. Spikes were a must though, and you needed to have confidence in your gear and physical preparation.

Went this past weekend, snow on the ground most of the way, nearly a foot at the top. Great hike, just the right length, and amazing view from the summit.

Vraiment une belle randonnée!
Prévoir des crampons pour novembre!
Les parois étaient complètement glacées.

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