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Starts off as a nice leisurely trail with nice lakeside portions. Last portions includes 1 or 2 more difficult rock scrambling. Very wide summit area. Make sure you spot your return path when summitting as it is not very obvious when going back. Also, I felt pretty stupid missing the Noonmark sign at the 4-way stop (I thought it was a 3-way and went towards Dix for a while), but that's probably just me.

Great trail. Super easy to follow, pretty busy trail. Summited Giant in 2:15, made it to RPR and back in 2 hours, then summited Giant again. Descent from Giant to RPR is brutal, steepest part of the hike. Harder to navigate going down rather than up in my opinion. Summit of RPR is fun, amazing views + it's fun to build balancing rock art (tons of rock to choose from). Descent back to the trailhead seemed to last forever (had a slow buddy with me) but overall a very nice day with cool temps + beautiful views.

A great day hike, but don’t let the relatively short distance fool you. There are great views from both Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge. The hike from Giant to RPR and back is steep and challenging but worth it.

Very open and wide summit as your reward for a moderate plus hike. I’m sure the fire tower is sturdy enough, but I wouldn’t climb on it again.....

Couldn't ask for a better day on the trail. Weather was perfect. Fair amount of people, but I started early enough to get a parking spot. And most of the folks (and dogs) I saw were on their way up as I was going down.
There is no easing into this one. As soon as you leave the registry its a steady uphill to the summit. You jump right into switchbacks, scrambles, slides. This trail has it all. With beautiful views along the way as well. The summit has a beautiful 270 degree view of the southern high peaks.
The trail to Rocky peak was surprisingly technical on the Giant descent side. Huge slides and a fair amount of climbing. Couldn't imagine doing that portion of the trail on a wet day, up or down. Great views from Rocky peak. Could definitely see Lake Champlain to the east. As well as a great view of Giant. The climb back up to Giant was, to me, far easier than the descent.
Entire hike of both peaks took 6 hours exactly. And I tracked it at being 8.5 miles total. It was difficult but it is so worth it for the views alone. Time to ice my calves

Great hike with many views along the way. Hike down Giant to RPR was much more difficult that I thought it would be but, well worth the trip. Took us 9 hours with about an hour at the top. Our time might have been a bit faster but, we had a little rain which made the rocks slippery. Bring plenty of water as there are no places to fill up along the trail. Happy Hiking!!!

My husband and I did this hike on a beautiful Saturday. We started earlyish (8am) and saw about half a dozen people on our way up, about twenty at the summit, and a handful on the way down. All this to say we liked how less traveled this trail was! The first mile and a half are very easy hiking, it's the second half of the hike that really goes up up up! It took us about an hour and a half to summit. The fire tower at the top was awesome and the views were breathtaking. I would do this hike again!

I really enjoyed the challenge this hike brought and especially loved the views all the way up and on the summit. We hit a thunderstorm coming down but overall it was a great, challenging hike!

Like a lot of people have mentioned Giant has great views from the summit as well as on its exposed ridges all the way up. This mountain does receive quite a bit of foot traffic on nice days due to its short distance so don't be surprised to be sharing the summit with a lot of people (+ dogs and kids). The RPR col can be steep at parts (more so on the Giant side than the RPR side of things) but the views from RPR are near just as good as Giant- and with a lot less people.

RPR #45 Giant #46 for me

This took me just over 6 hours round trip (just over 2 hours to Giant summit, 1 hour from Giant over to RPR). This is a fun trail. Well traveled (over traveled really) and easy to follow with a nice gradual, albeit constant ascent from the start to the finish. The first 1/3 consists of mostly switchbacks, then the trail involves a lot of scrambling some of which is in the trees but a lot is out of the trees giving you outstanding views. That is what makes this hike great, constant views while you’re putting in the work on a large part of the way up (and therefore the way down too). However the day I tackled this it was pouring and super windy (thankfully the clouds opened partly on my descent so I got some great views coming down). I was also alone which on the day wasn’t a great choice. I wouldn’t recommend this hike in the rain (especially when alone) because the amount of scrambling and rock slabs involved were all so slippery and one slight wrong move and you’re slipping, sliding, falling and it could lead to a real injury. I’d save this hike for a sunny day and get the most bang for your buck...if you like those “wet Adirondack mountain hikes” like many do, I’d choose something different, like Tabletop or Street and Nye. I found this hike to be quite fun all things considered and it’s understandable since it’s such a popular ADK hike.

As everyone said, easy start and then some tougher spots, but nothing technical, just challenging. Not great for beginners and not for anyone out of shape.
That said, I'm no athlete! Great views from the beautiful summit. We got chased off by an approaching thunderstorm that made the hike even more memorable. There are lots of other peaks in the area that I'd like to try, but I might hike this one again, if that is an endorsement.

Trail was easy to follow, with great views leadining up to the Summit. Plenty of places to stop for a quick break over looking the valley. Views from RPR were fantastic!

Wow. My favorite Firetower yet! Set in a picturesque location for perfect views of the High Peaks! At 3,678' this mountain is no push-over (only 300' from being a 46er itself).

We took this Northern approach & parked at the last spot before the 'chain fence'. Nice easy walk to warm up & eventually the trail goes consistently up. Really great hike. At the top, it opens up to vast rock outcroppings for an almost 360 view. Wide rocky, treeless peak for the most part. Firetower itself is a little beat up from the weather, but safe & a must-climb for wild views.

Incredible sights of High Peaks! Highly recommended. Enjoy!

This is a very nice hike. The trail is lightly trafficked. Little bit of rock scrambling is required to get to the summit - but nothing scary. I wouldn't classify this hike as hard. I made it in 4 hours with a long stay at the summit. The bonus is a fire tower! It was nicely restored and you can get on top. The views are stunning! Get up there!

This is a great starter mountain for a person with any level of experience, with a huge reward of 360º views at the summit. It's a nice quick climb. We hiked as a group of 8, most people having never hiked a mountain before. We were up & down in 5 hours. Awesome hike.

Starting and finishing in Keene (Rooster Comb Parking Lot) adds additional challenge (maximum ups) and if you time things right, you can finish with a beer at the Ausable Inn (open til 2 a.m. on weekends, sometimes).

We slept in the lot, started out at 5:30 a.m. and got back to the Ausable Inn at 1:30 a.m. the next day. The last 3 miles - and even the entire walk out - was almost a blur. This is a very long day and I can't wait to do it again.

The views from Giant are good, both along the way and at the top, but from RPR it's pretty spectacular-- walking around the open, rocky peak you can see 280 degrees. The backside of Giant taking you down to head up RPR is a bit of a bear-- parts of it are very steep, open rock. Some were slick with mud/water as well. And since this is an out and back you do get that part coming and going (it's a bit easier going up). Our mileage clocked in at 8.4 rather than 7.5.

Great climb with lovely streams and plants. Close to lake placid for a bite to eat after.

did the north trail this morning,took me about 1.5 hrs up and back down but I'm also 29 so yeah, great trail if you want to be challenged physically. The North side is mostly wash out path with a lot of flat rock to navigate, be mind full on feet placement on wet rocks and mud on shoes.

I can definitely see why this trailhead is rated hard. Starts out nice and flat, then nothing but rock and steep uphill climb from then on. The spectacular view at the top was worth every bit of effort. Absolutely stunning,

I am a fairly frequent hiker and would consider myself to be in good shape. I would consider this more of a moderate hike than hard. Great views at the top and the first 1.5 miles or so are very doable for the majority of people, regardless of experience level. Would for sure do again!

Hiked on 5/25/18. Took the trail from the Adirondack Park Preserve. The first 1.5 miles or so was a relatively easy walk in the woods. As you hit the 2 mile marker it became much steeper and the climb uphill began. Elevation increased and the trail thinned out with lots of rocks and some mud spots. Reached summit in about 2 1/2 hours. I now see why this mountain is called “Hurricane” the winds were brutal, I’d say 35-45mph. The summit was huge with lots of big boulders and the views were amazing. Could see a lot of the High Peaks. Fire tower was damaged at the top and looked as if it was undergoing repair. Made it to the second tier and felt like I was going to get blown away from the wind. Definitely an awesome mountain though. #17

Hiked Hurricane Mountain on 5/1/2018. Access road blocked with large snow pile & blowdown. Parked on the road a few feet up from the snowplow turnaround & walked the short distance up to the Hurricane trailhead. No other cars or people today. Last sign into Hurricane was two days prior. Was 9:45am & by the looks of things, it was going to be a great day. Perfect weather, warm even in the morning. Didn't even wear anything special, regular thermal, rothco cargos, knife, lighter, beacon, phone, trekking poles & was off. I read this hike was 2.6 miles but DEC signage says 3 so I always go by what they say when they say it. Today's hike with the access road, the hike itself & getting decently lost twice in the same spot on the ascent & descent, I'm calling it all 7 miles.

Hike starts out easy and stays easy. Right off the bat, it's a slush pile the whole way up. My feet never get wet. My feet were more soaked than they've ever been by days end. When you not trudging through actual sloshy ground ground, you're walking on an extremely obviously unstable pack above the stream bed. Luckily my foot didn't break through much & when it did, the water was not deep. Wore Hillsounds all day. It should have been snowshoes but it just felt like too much at the start. The lightning's would have been nice. No serious postholing though either. I was lucky. Passed a few minor water crossings, nothing crazy & before long was at signage saying I was .3 away.

My recent high peak & firetower hikes have been totally socked in, snow, rain, both, whatever. Probably my last 10 hikes have just been less than favorable weather. I was definetly ready to see what Hurricane was going be at the top especially after the stories I've read & amazing weather at hand. After the short .3 I was there & oh my gawwwwsh, it was amaaaaaaazing! Out of 50ish or so hikes in my career, this had to be top 10. It's really outraegeous. Even up there in the middle of it all it was warm, the wind was warm, sun was hot, high noon. My shirt was somewhat wet from sweat, was completely dry in minutes. Climbed the tower slowly & carefully and took a million pictures. Hung out on top, solo, for a half hour, took another million pictures, awed in amazement of The Great Range & many more, made a few calls, answered some texts & decided to go.

Right on my way down off the summit the sun was beating me good, not uncomfortably but good. I decided, the hell with it, i'll start to work on my tan now. Took the shirt off, tied around waist 80's style & flew on downwards. I kept thinking man, someone's gonna come walking along amd be like what the hell? Sure enough I wasn't wrong, lol. The only other hiker I would see all day. I apologized for being half clothed & we chatted for a few minutes. He said his feet were wet & I couldn't help but think, if your feet are wet now, they're going to be soaked later. He still had a ways to the summit. Said later to the gentleman & long story short made the uneventful slide/ skid down & thru a now muddy & soaked streambed where snow once covered just a few hours earlier.

Hit the register signed out, walked the road to my car, parked my ass right in the middle of the street & had lunch with the call of the falcons heard repeatadly overhead. It was a killer day. Perfect in every sense of the idea of an Adirondack adventure/ hike.

To note: I never post Firetower trip reports but with the extended winter & large amount of inquiries regarding conditions, I figured it could be helpful to some. Plus it was so damn good I had to rant.

Final thought...

It's really wet out there. Still lots of snow up high, slushy, slippery & muddy everywhere else. Bring gear. As everyone says, you only regret the gear you didn't bring. I went minimal today but a few extras would've been nice. Like water, water would've been nice. Ha :P

Hiking after a spring snowstorm of 6-8” of wet snow may not be the best idea. The going was slushy, slippery and wet. Thanks to the gentleman who blazed the trail today, markers are scarce. The first mile is easy. After that it is a pretty steady incline. It was a perfect sunny day and the view from the top did not disappoint.

4 months ago

Really beautiful hike. We went on a clear sunny day, and the view at the summit was amazing. Really nice places at the peak to have lunch and relax before heading down.

Make sure you have microspikes or even crampons if you're hiking this in March/April. There's still a ton of snow and ice, and can get seriously dangerous as there's steep, exposed parts. We saw some people with running shoes attempting this hike... bad idea.

Great views from the top! Nice, quick ascent for a great view payoff!

camped up near the top of roaring Brook falls, hiked down, then when to the top. very fun hike, challenging and a great view

The climb up Giant was amazing as a good portion of the trail is open rock face with great views. The decent/accent/decent/accent going to rocky ridge and back is pretty brutal but well worth it. You can see Vermont and lake Champlain from rocky ridge on a clear day. My 7th and 8th high peaks and favorite hike so far. Be on the lockout for copperheads sunbathing on the open rock face. Ran into a couple on my hike.

Fun and challenging trail. Was a bit slippery and muddy with the rain.

I did this as part of a double header today. First I did Poke-O-Moonshine. In hindsight I should have done this first, although if I did I am not sure I would have done both. I did the longer route. The first third seemed as easy as P-O-M but then you cross the bridge and all bets are off. It was steep and seemed to last forever. There is a nice lookout just below the tower. There were 3 or 4 trees over the upper portion that could make it difficult for some people. Also although the trail is relatively easy to follow the DEC must be running low on markers, they were few and far between.

The tower was open and the views from the base and in the tower are absolutely amazing. Made the pain and strain worth it.

I met a hiker on the trail who is getting ready to celebrate their 90th birthday. It is things like that that make these hikes satisfying. I can only hope that I can have that kind of longevity.

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