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Great hike , awesome view , really recommend it to anyone who loves pretty scenic and waterfalls.

Great view short hike

Beautiful hike. Not the most interesting or challenging trails, but the payoff at Indian Head is one of the prettiest views in New York in my opinion. A great hike

Great hike with many views along the way. Hike down Giant to RPR was much more difficult that I thought it would be but, well worth the trip. Took us 9 hours with about an hour at the top. Our time might have been a bit faster but, we had a little rain which made the rocks slippery. Bring plenty of water as there are no places to fill up along the trail. Happy Hiking!!!

My husband and I did this hike on a beautiful Saturday. We started earlyish (8am) and saw about half a dozen people on our way up, about twenty at the summit, and a handful on the way down. All this to say we liked how less traveled this trail was! The first mile and a half are very easy hiking, it's the second half of the hike that really goes up up up! It took us about an hour and a half to summit. The fire tower at the top was awesome and the views were breathtaking. I would do this hike again!

Great trail for a family!

We consider ourselves to be average hikers in decent shape. This was a 20 mile day that took us 13 hours. I’ve done a few multi peak hikes in the ADK but this has the most elevation I’ve done in a day. Pretty steep everywhere. We parked in the Ausable club hiker parking near 73 and went up the Gill Brook Trail to hit Colvin first. Lots of waterfalls for the first mile or so.
I can see why most people say to skip Blake if you’re not trying to be a 46er. Although there are some views during the hike down there isn’t much to see at the top. To do Blake you also need to summit Colvin twice. The back side of Colvin is a very steep climb.
Lucky we had our water filter with us too. We were out of water by the time we hit the Elk Pass campsites. The two lakes and streams looked big on the map but are actually small ponds. There is no other opportunity for water nearby.
The longest uphill climb of our day was Nippletop but we were also rewarded with the best views of the day.
It’s only 6 miles out from Nippletop but you have to go over 3 other mountains on the way. Dial, Bear Den, and Noonmark. I haven’t seen Aspen Groves on any other peak like the ones on Noonmark.
The final 3 miles were steep and pretty brutal on our tired legs. We were very happy to be done and felt pretty good to have conquered this hike

I hiked Pitchoff this morning and failed. When I got almost to the top I confronted a rock wall and could not find a way around. I am pretty knowledgeable about finding trails in the Adirondacks but this one completely stumped me. I spent about 45 minutes trying to go up - no way at my age - and then around. I could see some herd paths but not a marker in site - very poor trail maintenance. In frustration I turned around and went down. It’s a pretty hike with nice views and I wish I could have finished it - I intended to go across the ridge and down to the East exit.

Easy trail, also went to Beaver Meadow falls. Rainbow falls is absolutely lovely and the view from Indian Head is amazing. Weather was perfect as well. Would do this again

I really enjoyed the challenge this hike brought and especially loved the views all the way up and on the summit. We hit a thunderstorm coming down but overall it was a great, challenging hike!

I really enjoyed this hike, especially the views on the trail. Unfortunately clouds came in after we got to the summit so we did not get the best view from the top. However, I would definitely do this hike again!

Trail was very enjoyable and a little challenging at the summit because of the rock scramble at the end. In addition to the great view from the summit, even without going up the tower, there are several nice views on the way up. Got hit with a pretty good thunderstorm on the way down but it’s all part of the learning curve I’m going through. In this case, don’t pack your rain gear at the bottom of your pack.

Rainbow falls and the view from Indian head both well worth the trip.

An exhausting day! Took me 13 hours including break and walk up from lake road and down at the end to return to my car. The steep downhill of Elk Pass and Colvin were brutal on my knees. Start as early as humanly possible and bring tons of water, food, and a headlamp just in case!

Like a lot of people have mentioned Giant has great views from the summit as well as on its exposed ridges all the way up. This mountain does receive quite a bit of foot traffic on nice days due to its short distance so don't be surprised to be sharing the summit with a lot of people (+ dogs and kids). The RPR col can be steep at parts (more so on the Giant side than the RPR side of things) but the views from RPR are near just as good as Giant- and with a lot less people.

RPR #45 Giant #46 for me

Beautiful hike ! Long but easy. I took three non hikers and we all had a good time. The pictures really don’t do it justice. We decided to walk all the way on Lake Rd to intersect the trail to Indian Head and save some mileage. Will definitely visit again!

2nd time up Hurricane, first was the Northern approach, which was a huge challenge. This trail was so much easier. Well maintained, marked so well it’s unbelievable. This mountain has really become my favorite. The 360 views are spectacular.

12 hours from parking lot to parking lot. Did Dial-Nippletop-Colvin-Blake-Colvin. this give you a long but fairly easy walk out in the end. Good views from all but Blake.

relatively easy, but amazing views and add some difficulty doing it during full blown winter season

This took me just over 6 hours round trip (just over 2 hours to Giant summit, 1 hour from Giant over to RPR). This is a fun trail. Well traveled (over traveled really) and easy to follow with a nice gradual, albeit constant ascent from the start to the finish. The first 1/3 consists of mostly switchbacks, then the trail involves a lot of scrambling some of which is in the trees but a lot is out of the trees giving you outstanding views. That is what makes this hike great, constant views while you’re putting in the work on a large part of the way up (and therefore the way down too). However the day I tackled this it was pouring and super windy (thankfully the clouds opened partly on my descent so I got some great views coming down). I was also alone which on the day wasn’t a great choice. I wouldn’t recommend this hike in the rain (especially when alone) because the amount of scrambling and rock slabs involved were all so slippery and one slight wrong move and you’re slipping, sliding, falling and it could lead to a real injury. I’d save this hike for a sunny day and get the most bang for your buck...if you like those “wet Adirondack mountain hikes” like many do, I’d choose something different, like Tabletop or Street and Nye. I found this hike to be quite fun all things considered and it’s understandable since it’s such a popular ADK hike.

Really likes this hike. I wouldn’t really call it moderate. I barely broke a sweat. It gets a little steep towards the top but only for like 20 minutes. Everything before that is easy. The views are incredible. Lots of bang for your buck. Spent about an hour and a half at the summit. The only gripes I have about this hike is the boring road walking in the beginning. From the trailhead at the parking lot to where you’re actually start walking in woods is 3 miles and it takes you through a golf resort. Very strange. I went 7/21/18 and it’s been an extremely dry July so rainbow falls was kind of a bust. It was trickling. But it did allow us to hike up the trail on the boulders that would normally be covered in water

30 days ago

This is an wonderful trail with just the right amount of challenge and truly breathtaking views. My dog and I had a blast. It just became my favorite hike!

All trails app recorded 19.9 miles from car round trip. It took us 13 hours, fit mid 20s couple, we did Giant+Rocky in 8 hours a previous weekend. it was nice to crank out 4 high peaks in one day. You will be walking the road for a few miles from the trail head. There are camp sites along the way. Nice views on nippletop, dial and colvin. No view on Blake. Drank a lot of water and ran out right near the end, I'll be buying a water filter or purifier for my next hike for sure. bring a headlamp incase you're taking longer than expected

As everyone said, easy start and then some tougher spots, but nothing technical, just challenging. Not great for beginners and not for anyone out of shape.
That said, I'm no athlete! Great views from the beautiful summit. We got chased off by an approaching thunderstorm that made the hike even more memorable. There are lots of other peaks in the area that I'd like to try, but I might hike this one again, if that is an endorsement.

The view at balanced rocks was really great, but the trail is poorly marked. It’s okay at the start, but some rocky spots where it’s not clear where the path is. The sign for the balanced rocks lookout point is really small, don’t miss it. Going all the way up to Pitchoff isn’t really worth it for the view.

Trail was easy to follow, with great views leadining up to the Summit. Plenty of places to stop for a quick break over looking the valley. Views from RPR were fantastic!

Really good workout, and awesome mix of terrain. Few stops on the way- but very scenic from this approach. Top was strep but worth it

11 hours total car to car with around 40 minutes of summit breaks total.
- I started at 4:30am at St Hubert’s parking, signed in at 4:45am. Walked to the leech trail where I went to Dial first. The trail starts out going up up up gaining a ton of elevation quickly and getting the heart beating from the start. Immediately climbing for quite a while until reaching the top of noonmark shoulder (some good views). Then the trail continues up to the Bear Den wooded summit after passing through some cool spots of aspen trees and a fun and unique stretch of trail. The leech trail goes over Dial to nippletop. Dial summit is a Boulder with no summit sign, decent view. Getting to nippletop wasn’t bad and has great views but another small summit with no sign. From nippletop I took elk pass down to the Colvin trail which was very steep getting down. Trail leveled out once going between two ponds. Colvin trail up wasn’t too bad, pretty gradual. Once at Colvin (another small summit with good views and no sign) the trail down Colvin to Blake was brutal. So steep. The “down Colvin, up blake, down blake, up Colvin” portion of the hike was the worst part of the day. Took an hour over to Blake’s wooded summit (a trail sign pointing to Colvin marks the summit), and then an hour back. Blake is totally wooded and a worthless trip other than having to bc it’s a 46’r. After getting back to Colvin from Blake I went down the gill brook trail to the lake road, using the cut off trail to get to the road as fast as I could completing the loop. The lake road made for a mellow but long walk out (like always). This entire trail is marked extremely well, so many signs pointing you in the right direction with mileage, a real treat. A long, challenging, and rewarding day in the woods.

I took my 11 year old sister on this hike and it was FABULOUS. I parked on 73 right by the end of Ausable Rd. There is parking on Ausable Rd. as well for hikers (follow the signs). The first half of this hike is flat, basically a road through the ADK woods. Lake Rd has multiple trail options to hike to other areas as well. We took the gillbrook trail as this suggests and on the way back we took the "lake road" trail back to lake road instead of going back down gillbrook which was an easy & fun descent. This post implies that there is no rock hopping or scrambling but there is, however not much and pretty easy. BRING BUG SPRAY of some sort. There were quite a bit of gnats and such on the gillbrook trail bc you are basically hiking along the creek most of the way. All in all, this was an enjoyable hike & the views at the top are AMAZING. No picture you've seen of the look out will compare to when you're there in person. Also, we went on a Wednesday. The trail was not very populated & we had the entire look out to ourselves for a bit.

Wow. My favorite Firetower yet! Set in a picturesque location for perfect views of the High Peaks! At 3,678' this mountain is no push-over (only 300' from being a 46er itself).

We took this Northern approach & parked at the last spot before the 'chain fence'. Nice easy walk to warm up & eventually the trail goes consistently up. Really great hike. At the top, it opens up to vast rock outcroppings for an almost 360 view. Wide rocky, treeless peak for the most part. Firetower itself is a little beat up from the weather, but safe & a must-climb for wild views.

Incredible sights of High Peaks! Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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