Favorite high peak yet, 8/46 for me. There's consistent breathtaking views as you wander from open rock face into shady forest and back out again. Perfect day, sunny & low 70s. Took 3 of us about 6.5 hours, going at a decent pace with a 20min break at the summit.

There's loads of rock scrambles on this trail, which keeps it interesting. I'd say it's a 50/50 ratio between rock scrambling and forest walking. The first mile and the last 0.3 mile is pretty strenuous but the views are worth it all.

**I read reviews before this hike that mentioned there were nearly-vertical rock scrambles near the top which is NOT true. The steepest rock has wooden ladders bolted into it to climb up. So don't freak out :)

Bring lots of water, start early, take your time, and bring some ibuprofen for your knees on the way down and you're golden.