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10 hours ago

This hike was certainly not what we were expecting from a moderately rated trail. Although a relatively shorter hike, it was steep with mostly rock about halfway up the trail and some scrambled as well. We really enjoyed the challenge, but certainly weren’t expecting so much it. A few false summits on the way that we’re absolutely stunning, and you can see the summit from some of them. I’d definitely do this again at some point. Summit views are spectacular to say the least. We weren’t sure about the “loop” we did as an up and back Highly recommend.

23 hours ago

Awesome. Probably the most challenging hike I’ve done to date. It involves many instances of climbing over some large and loose boulders. I wouldn’t recommend unless you were in very good shape. We summited in a little under three hours (both of us are/were athletes in college.) The only lame part is the fact that you have to walk ~2 miles through a road and country club if you access it from the free parking zone.

Great views, I hiked up Gothics and took the ridge over to Armstrong. You can get sweeping panoramas of many of the western High Peaks and Lake Placid. Pay attention to which way you came to the summit. There are two exits very close to each other that will lead you to different places. We hiked almost an hour out of our way by accident and did not bring enough water for the extra mileage. Overall, a great time.

We hiked Big Slide on July 16 and found the trail challenging, but certainly worth it as the views along the way and at the summit were amazing!

What made the hike challenging was mostly weather and our own inexperience. It was extremely warm that day, and as this was only our second high peak, we overpacked in terms of food and so the weight of our backpack slowed us down as we made frequent stops along the way! We began our climb around 7:30am and when we returned to the car around 3:30pm, the temperature was 32 degrees Celsius!!! There were also many opportunities for taking pictures along the way, which we certainly took advantage of!

We began at the Garden Parking lot ($10 USD for parking) and returned through the Slide Mountain Brook Trail loop after we reached the summit. In total, we were about 8 hours - again, with more than a 'normal' amount of breaks along the way. The path begins moderately steep and continues that way until after the second Brother, where it descends for a bit before a steep climb (including some adventurous rock scrambles and questionable log steps) just before the summit. Unlike Marcy, which we did two years ago, the summit does not offer 360 degree views; however, the views from the Brothers are fantastic and the Great Range is right in front of you from the summit! The loop trail return descends steadily until John Brooks Lodge with some running water along the way if (like us) your supply is getting low by then! Once at JBL, the 3 miles remaining back to the Garden Parking Lot are flat and well marked.

A cooler day and a lighter backpack are the only things that could have made this any better. Truly a beautiful and rewarding hike!

We Hiked up the Macomb Slide and went on to do South Dix (a scramble) & then Hough. Really awesome 3 peak day hike. I loved the variety of this trail! Great views pretty much the entire time! They call it "un-maintained..." But, if that was true, then who's been out there cutting through the blowdown? Someone certainly has. Definitely a blast & would climb them again!

As for a long day hike in the Adirondacks this range might be the most bang for your buck, but it will be a long and very full day. I completed this hike in 10 hours exactly car-to-car. I started off by walking all the way down to the Lake Road to the lake. Went up the Sawteeth scenic route to start the day. It began going along the lake for a while then started going up gradually. The scenic route includes 5 different “look outs” which were all great. Got to Sawteeth around 3 hours and 15 minutes from leaving my car. Next went to Gothics via Pyramid. Stayed on the range trail the majority of the day. Getting to Gothics was tiring but then going to Armstrong wasn’t too bad. Going down Armstrong to Upper Wolf Jaw was super steep with one extremely steep section including a ladder and cliff. Upper Wolf to lower wolf wasn’t as bad as it looked. Lower Wolf is wooded but still has lookout views. Went down the wedge brook trail to the west river trail out finishing the loop. Long day. All 5 (6) summits had great views. Some summits were bigger than others but all were good with at least a look out summit. Pyramid’s summit may have had the most unique views of the days due to its views of the slides. Great hike especially on a sunny blue sky day like I had. Full day, I’m beat.

Colvin was great. Best view just past the peak. Going down Colvin and up Blake looks more daunting than it is. Advice from a couple that past on the trail, “if you want to be a 46er, definitely do both, if you don’t care about being a 46er definitely don’t do Blake.” I’m glad I did both but I didn’t really see a view from Blake.

The one-star rating is only because the map and description do not show the parking correctly. Check all the other AllTrails.com descriptions for hikes in this area, and those do show the correct, legal parking.

I did this loop counter clockwise starting with Lower Wolf Jaw. I left the road at the first sign/bridge and hiked the woods. Very nice hike. Trip down Sawteeth is steep and covered with shredded leaves (like someone dumped lawn bags all over the place. Low traction slipped and went down twice.

did the Gothics via beaver falls.(parked at the Ausable Club) Taking this way is pretty unforgiving, once you hit the falls its an unrelenting climb to the summit. The trail itself is well maintained but I wouldnt recomend this route for a novice hiker. Its a challenging hike but man is it pretty! much easier on the way down than on the way up!! After the slide you can pretty much trail run back to the falls. Take some time to soak your feet in it ;)

Gill Brooke Trail is a classic ADK trail and so scenic. Colvin has fantastic views and make sure to go past the summit 150ish feet to a little lookout that has a great view of Blake. Thought the hardest part was going down Colvin toward Blake, but definitely not as rough as some reviews make it out to be. Much easier on the way back. Loved this hike so much, will definitely do Colvin again but probably not Blake. (Hiked 7/8/18 Nos. 6&7 for me!) ALSO on the way down take the Lake Rd. cut off trail to save a bit of mileage and time- it takes you to the road and it’s about 3 miles from there. Wonderful people on this trail.

This was an absolute gem! Lots of waterfalls, fungi, wildlife, and great people. The stop off at Indian Head is definitely worth the additional time pay off is huge. If your taking the loop coming in take Fish Cliff it will bring you back to Gill Brook trail without backtracking(learned by experience).The trail was well marked and pretty dry for Adirondack hiking. Great lookouts from Blake when ascending take the time to turn around and take it in after all you earned it! It is rated moderate but there were some pretty technical parts of the trail especially ascending Colvin to get to Blake my opinion more than moderate.

I am 14 hikes into my 46 and I found this to be the easiest so far and had some of the best views. I hiked up The Brothers and stopped on each for photos. After the summit, I continued over to Yard Mountain. The trail is not very wide but it's pretty easy. I was not even sure at what point I crossed the summit I was moving so quickly. I was glad I did the loop because there are some pretty cool boulders along the way after John's Brook Lodge. Total distance was 11.65 miles and elevation gain was 3392'

We were a two-family group with kids ages 5, 6, and 7 (and a 1 year old in tow) and we all loved this hike. We took it only to the first brother, about 1.5 miles, and the view from there was fantastic. It was moderately difficult, especially with kids - some short sections of steel scramble - but definitely doable. All around great little hike!

16 days ago

We did this hike as an up and back, not as loop. We felt that it was our favorite summit so far, liked it better than Giant. And, while not as long as Giant, it was as challenging vertically. Trail was in great shape. The numerous vistas on the way up we’re nice and a great place for short breaks.

Hiked big slide via brothers but did NOT make it up to big slide. This trail says it is dog friendly but unfortunately, we went during a heat advisory and my one dog who is 6 months could not complete the full trail. He did great other wise, we got to all three brothers. Great views even with out going to peak ! I will be back to complete! Maybe when my dog is a little older next time.

I did 4 of the 5 peaks this past weekend (June 29-July 1). I wanted to do all five but did not manage (first backpacking trip and I was carrying too much weight) anyways... We started at the Elk Lake Trailhead, hiked in Friday night, camped at the Slide Brooke then proceeded to Macomb the next morning. The slide on Macomb is a bear but doable. It will slow you down. East Dix (Grace Peak) was amazing. The hike to Hough was very difficult. We ran out of water so hiked down the Lillian Brook Trail and camped another night at the Slide Brook Lean To Area before hiking out the next morning. Overall it was a grueling but worth it hike. Every peak had spectacular views. I wish I had gotten to Dix but I will have the conquer that another time.

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Great hike. Started out from the ausable club. Took the west river and wedge brook trails. Did lower wolfjaw first. Fairly easy hike with a little scrambling. Most say there are no views on summit. Not true. A few bigger rocks that you can sit on for some views. Did upper wolfjaw second. Two tricky spots to navigate. 180 degree views on summit. Nice water features through the lower part of the trail. I recorded just on 13 miles on this hike. I got turned around a couple times which added about a half mile to the trip.

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23 days ago

We didn't take a trail up Lower Wolfjaw... We took the route with an amazing view all the way up. Bushwhacked to the Range trail just below the Summit. We were only planning on LWJ... But, since we were on the summit before 11AM, we decided to tag UWJ as well. Upper Wolf's chin is pretty mean. The summit of UWJ is pretty great!

No snow or ice in early June. Muddy between Colvin and Blake but drying out. Hiked in via Gill Brook and out via the cut off.

GORGEOUS HIKE, but its tough. Probably one of the hardest hikes I've done in the ADK. The beginning of the hike is fine, first sections are on a dirt road and very boring, but we saw deer so I was entertained. It is a decent haul to even hit the base of the mountain, once there it gets steep fast (that is what I struggled with). We hiked to Sawteeth then continued to Pyramid Peak, which was by far the best views! You see Gothics and others, I enjoyed this very much. The hike to Gothics can look intimidating but it wasn't so bad. Continue to Gothics and if you have time/energy hit Armstrong and Lower/Upper Wolf Jaw. I was slow with this one and we were running out of light so we ended up going to Armstrong then heading down the Beaver Meadow Trail. Overall an awesome hike and you can knock off some high peaks (We did 3, but you could do 5 if you wanted).

Hiked in July 2017.
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One of my favorite trails in the ADK. The trail starts at the Ausable golf course so the first mile or so is a walk along a dirt road, which makes for an easier start and finish, especially when tired. Once you reach the bridge, follow the signs to the left - there will be a "Scenic Route" sign. You'll walk along the lake and slowly gain elevation so take time to enjoy the views. The summit of Sawteeth is tree'd, so much so that I never saw the marker or really realized I had hit the summit. You can either turn back here or continue on to hit Pyramid Peak (Not a 46er, but has some amazing views) and Gothics. I would HIGHLY recommend you continue on to Gothics as the views are amazing! You can see much of the ADK and have a great view of the Ausable lake below. Take time to enjoy the views from Pyramid Peak to Gothics - just turn around at any point along that trail for great views.

This hike I would say is hard not moderate and according to our mileage it was 16 miles. Gorgeous views from Colvin. These 2 peaks kicked my butt, but had a gorgeous day to hike them.

Favorite high peak yet, 8/46 for me. There's consistent breathtaking views as you wander from open rock face into shady forest and back out again. Perfect day, sunny & low 70s. Took 3 of us about 6.5 hours, going at a decent pace with a 20min break at the summit.

There's loads of rock scrambles on this trail, which keeps it interesting. I'd say it's a 50/50 ratio between rock scrambling and forest walking. The first mile and the last 0.3 mile is pretty strenuous but the views are worth it all.

**I read reviews before this hike that mentioned there were nearly-vertical rock scrambles near the top which is NOT true. The steepest rock has wooden ladders bolted into it to climb up. So don't freak out :)

Bring lots of water, start early, take your time, and bring some ibuprofen for your knees on the way down and you're golden.

1 month ago

Great hike with impressive views of the high peaks.
We started around 6:45 AM (early start to allow for a leisurely break at the summit). Walked about a million (5) miles on the road to reach the trailhead. Before beginning our ascent, we stopped at Rainbow Falls. Highly recommended, only a few minutes off the main trail.

The next couple miles up to the junction between Pyramid and Sawteeth was a steady incline, but not too difficult. The final 0.6 push to Pyramid was challenging but the views are worth the effort. At 4500 feet, I’m counting it as the 47th high peak, even though it is considered too close to Gothics to qualify.

The trail from Pyramid to Gothics looks intimidating but goes quickly. Views on Gothics are also very impressive offering 360 views and a large, mostly bald summit. Ideal spot for a lunch break if I do say so myself.

Descended down the beaver meadow trail, with a quick stop to cool down at Beaver Meadow Falls before our 5k stroll on the road to the car. Finished around 4:30 PM. All in all a fantastic hike with rewarding views. Highly recommended. 10/10 would hike again.

Beautiful hike ,but long ! I didn't do saw teeth peak ,

My goal was to do Lower Wolfjaw followed by Upper Wolfjaw & Armstrong. The lesser ascent trail wasn't marked clearly enough to follow so we took the higher ascent... on the way up it was beautiful, very difficult too, but the waterfalls made it worth it. We decided to do Lower first & were beyond disappointed by the view! It was nonexistent!!! So we made our way to Upper Wolfjaw but unfortunately that trail wasn't marked well either & we made a wrong turn.
So definitely make sure you have a map!

did the entire 25 miles from roostercomb trailhead to garden trailhead and back to Rc. very tough day hike , bring lots of water as sources are scarce

Perfect day, perfect hike!

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