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4 days ago

Brought our pup along with us! He loved it! Just as great of views as the 46ers!! Make sure to make the detour to Valley View Ledge before heading towards the summit! Gorgeous lookout!!!

great hike!

16 days ago

Hiked Big Slide today via The Brothers (5/5/2018) and it was amazing. The weather was mid-60s and slightly windy at the top. The posted sign at the trailhead said the hike was 3.9 miles to the summit, making the hike a total of 7.8 miles. The first hour or so of the hike is a total rock scramble up The Brothers, marked with blue foot trail signs and yellow markers on the rocks. There’s zero snow going up the rock scramble but once you begin the summit to Big Slide there’s a fair amount of snow and an uncomfortable amount of ice if you don’t wear spikes. But, if you don’t bring spikes, it’s not impossible; I saw several people summit without spikes although the struggle was real (especially coming down).

The climb to The Brothers is absolutely amazing because it’s an open view up the rock scramble. Once you start Big Slide, it’s all forest. You’ll know you’re close to the summit because you’ll hit a junction in the path that has a trail sign. The last 0.3 miles to the summit is relatively steep, but made much harder with all the ice.

Overall trail was fairly muddy/wet but that’s because it rained the day before. I met someone who summited Big Slide via The John Brooks trail and he was miserable. The John Brooks trail requires crossing a few streams which wouldn’t be all that bad in the winter or deep into the summer, but he ended up having to cross 15 foot wide streams/rivers because it flooded a ton. He ended up coming down Big Slide via The Brothers.

Lastly, parking at the Garden is very convenient and this early in the season, it’s free (although I think parking is 10 bucks in the late spring and summer). However, the parking lot is really small and if it’s a nice day (like today), you’ll want to hit the hike early so you can grab a parking spot.

This is my 5th high peak and by far my favorite (cascade, porter, Whiteface and Esther). The views are amazing and the rock scramble was something new. It took me 3 hours to get to the top and 2 hours down with a few minutes at the top of Slide and Brothers

Perfect day, cold and crisp, beautiful views!

Great mountain for a day hike with great views! Beware- there are a lot of false summits when you get near the top- that craggy looking thing in the distance? year- that's where you're going!

Was at the top on March 25th under the sun and with lots of snow. Wonderfull trail with 360 degrees view at the top. Not too crowded but trail was walked on so did not have to use snowshoes. 10 spikes crampons can be usefull.

1 month ago

Saturday was a perfect day for Phelps- low 30s and blue skies. I used my spikes, although I saw plenty of folks with snowshoes. The last mile is a straight incline. There were small sections of ice, but it wasn't bad. Overall, a wonderful hike with a great view!

2 months ago

Hiked out from Johns brook lean too’s. Good hike, had older kids on their first backpacking trip. Colder at the top than expected in August.

Loved this hike! Went at the end of January , high 30’s and it was perfect. I used my spikes and my boyfriend used snowshoes. The view from the top was beautiful along with some great views as you are reaching the summit. The first three miles is an easy walk but the last mile is fairly challenging. Really enjoyed this hike, my only suggestion is leave early so you can hit tabletop too!

Nice hike during winter, didn’t need snowshoes or spikes. Although on our way down, it was slippery. There was few spots with ice, be careful. Great view and it’s not a long hike, took us about 3 hours.

3 months ago

Not going to lie, I “Phelps” this one! I went on a relatively mild winter day. Temp was high 30s. Snowshoes were required since there was 8 in (or more) of snow on the ground. Although, I saw a few who were hiking with just microspikes. I did too, i am not used to hiking with the snowshoes and I felt awkward in them. From the Loj, I followed the blue trail. The first 3 miles were pretty straightforward, the last mile was intense. The views were spectacular! If I had a time (maybe 2 more hours of sunlight), I would have climbed Tabletop Mountain which was 2 miles away from Phelps.

It was a very challenging trail, it took 4 hours to get up in 3 hours to get down. Snow shoes are a must with the snowy and icy conditions. Over all it was a great hike and I would definitely do it again.

4 months ago

Did this hike Jan-15-2018 as my first winter high peak. -19 degrees at Marcy Dam. The trail itself wasn't overly technical or hard, but keep in mind that climbing these mountains in winter, with added clothing and gear, drains your energy much faster than in the summer. Wore snowshoes until i got off the van ho and onto phelps trail then switched to microspikes. the trail is too rocky/icy/ narrow to wear snowshoes safely. Beautiful views in the last quarter mile and at the rock shelf at the summit. There is a rather steep ice-filled section towards the top that will require decent spikes and steady foot/hand work, but it is climbable without special gear. Keep moving and you'll stay warm, but bring extra layers if you plan to stop for more than a few quick pictures.

4 months ago

Did this hike 2 days ago in -20 degree weather. If you’d like to attempt this hike in the winter, definitely bundle up with a lot of layers and I’d recommend snow shoes. There really wasn’t any need for crampons on this hike. The hike is well marked and relatively straight forward. The view at the top is amazing and definitely pays off the effort to get up there. Took about 5 hours for the entire round trip. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a moderately challenging day hike in the Adirondacks.

4 months ago

Beautiful views! One of my favorites!! ❤️⛰

The closest I’ve been to rock climbing without actually rock climbing. I’ve only done four of the 46 high peaks, but this was definitely my favorite so far. There were constant challenges which kept things interesting.

5 months ago

I went up on Nov 14th to bag another of the 46 high peaks. It had been a couple days after the first snow fall of the year, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m still new to this peak climbing , and hadn’t done any in the snow/ice. On the drive up from Buffalo I climbed Arab Mountain as a warm up for the following day on Phelps. Arab Mountain wasn’t too bad...a gradual climb and though a little icy in spots, it was doable....The 4.1 mile hike to the base of Phelps wasn’t bad at all. Gradual up and down paths through the woods... crossing a river...good views at the opening near the river beds....The real work started at the initial ascent to the peak. The first 10 minutes or so was your typical rock scrambling, then the path started to get really icy. I didn’t have any micro spikes, so had to move very slowly. I scaled ( bypassed) 2 ice walls on the way up....bushwhacking through the trees on the side of the path....then when I was within 200-300 feet of the summit, I ran into an ice wall that was impassable. I don’t think spikes would have helped, I didn’t have climbing rope with me, and I was hiking solo. So after analyzing it for 10 minutes or so, ( and pissed that I was so close),I had to start my descent back down. I’ve been told that climbing in the snow is easier, as it takes a lot of the rock climbing out of the equation, but I’ll have to research that a bit more before I try to attempt that. Any input????? Drop me a tab....Kiernanfam96@aol.com... thanks, and happy and safe hiking!!

3 rd high peak for me. Loved it

Just did the summit of Noonmark out and back. Awesome view for a hike less than 4 hours. We went on an overcast fall day and it was absolutely stunning view of Keene Valley and the High Peaks. Hike definitely had my heart beating - it was a very steep climb to the top.

5 months ago

Hiked with family (3 kids aged 14,12 & 9). 2:45 round trip. Great views up top. Good bang for buck.

A bit of ice and snow. Excellent views of the high peaks.

Interestingly, I used this trailhead by accident...I was actually aiming for the primary trailhead and the ridge trail. About 2/3 of the way up, I'm asking my wife and daughter "Where are the views that were supposed to be all along this route?" But, even so, we weren't disappointed. And yes, the last .7 mi is a killer. But well worth the views at the top!

Nice day, a little wet and muddy in some spots. Easy for a high peak!

Unbelievable day and a beautiful hike. Remarkable vista at the top. Relatively easy hike that gets a little steep at the end. 3.2 miles in going through Round Pond. Great family hike.

I enjoyed the hike but the shuttle wasn't running on 10/21/2017. This adds 1.2 miles each way from the closest parking when garden is full. Please plan on this if you are looking at doing this hike soon.

This trail rock !!

Loved this hike! My 4th high peak...
Weather conditions today were perfect. About 60 degrees and needed a winter hat/gloves at times bc the wind got a little chilly. Took us about 5 hours total and we hung out at the top
For a while. Parts got a little muddy but nothing too bad. A few pretty steep rock walls to climb up too which were exciting. Overall great day and my favorite so far !

7 months ago

Loved this hike. A number of ledges with good views on the way up. Pretty easy for the most part. The last leg up requires a lot of use of all four limbs and could be intimidating for some people. We were moments away from the Summit and a massive cloud rolled in. It robbed us of 100% of views on a mountain that is highly touted for it's views. Spent an hour in the cloud and high winds hoping it would clear out. It didn't, so we took the loop trail back down to play it safe. Doing the loop adds 1.5 miles to the trip as compared to an out and back, but it's a quick and easy grade going down. The trail in the col between Noonmark and Round is mostly runoff, so be aware of that.

7 months ago

Nice hike, rain held off but very humid. No view at top due to heavy fog. Glad i had my coat as it was very cool and windy at top.

Gorgeous views

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