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Such an amazing view from all points of the summit. Steeper at the last 3/4 miles but a beautiful trail- lots of small streams. Still a lot of ice at this time of year but no people- we had the top all to ourselves :)

This way is the best route if youre going to do all of these peaks versus going from the other way! So glad we did the loop as wolfjaws first then down the line and even added on saddleback at the end too as just a mile detour!

Saw bear tracks, wet on the rocks along Slant Rock trail. Beautiful views.

La difficulté ici est la distance. Nous sommes dans la soixantaine et l avons fait en 9h30. Une vue incroyable ! Un must.

Great Hike. Recommend getting there early, limited parking near trailhead. We did Basin 1st then Saddleback. Going up Saddleback was a little dicey since you have to climb rock face, we were glad that we didn't have to climb down Saddleback!!

So our group did all 3 peaks. blueberry Porter and Cascade. we started from the air field parking lot. let me tell you getting to blueberry summit was no joke!!! this was relatively challenging, even for 20 something year olds.very steep in a short distance. after blueberry getting to Porter wasn't too bad. and Cascade is easy. ended up being a pretty long hike 10am-5pm ish. amazing veiws tho and would definitely do it again! also nice cause there were very few people.


My recording of my version of this trail failed, my dog and I parked on 73 near the Deer Brook stream after we were denied due to *no dogs allowed* from the entrance near the golf course. We opted for the challenging technical route up the stream but there is also a road that leads you up to the initial trail which is on private property. Please be warned I carried my 55 lb very agile athletic pup up portions of this trail which included boulders and ladders.

We followed the signs for Lower Wolf Jaw, and after a tough ascent we found ourselves on the ridge line. We followed the ridge to Upper Wolf Jaw, Armstrong, and Gothic. After my miscalculation when headed for Pyramid we went down the south side of Gothic and had to use the cables to ascend again. When you first reach the peak of Gothic, there is a sign to your left stating this is private property and no dogs allowed, we bypassed it because we were not about to do the ridge line again and headed towards Pyramid.

Great views of the lake from Pyramid, we followed the trail north east towards The Valley floor. We came out to a nice waterfall and followed the signs for the East River trail. Encountered another gorgeous waterfall. We followed to navigate our way back to the road. Took us almost 11 hours and I am a very quick hiker and was an extremely challenging day but was awesome every step of the way.

One of the most spectacular views I've seen. Quite steep at the end but it was great to only see one other hiker the whole trip- it was amazing to have an entire hike and summit to yourself

A great hike for our dog and us. I found it challenging but well worth the views. plus it's not crowded.

This trail goes nowhere. I went in both directions at the fork. To the left (south) it deadend, the trail just disappears. To the right (WNW) it continues toward Dix etc... but there is no spur to take you up the peaks. This only exists if you are going to bushwhack the entire way, which is not a trail.

9 months ago

This hike was great. I did do this back in 2015. We did lose the trail a couple times due to not very many markers - or not a very good map reader haha. Blueberry mountain had beautiful views and very easy for our Shepherd to get up and climb. It was a bit muddy but still was able to get footing. This wasnt a very populated path, but getting closer to cascade we met more people. Cascade was a good hike for all of us. quite easy, Once we reached cascade it was a quick hike up and back. End ended up continuing on and came down the cascade foot trail. didnt come back the way we came. We went in a group of 4. Started this Hike at 7am and finished around 3-4pm, i was good days hike we were tired.. the dog not so much haha.

There are some great views on this trail; as well as a fair mix of hiking / climbing. This trail is pretty unforgiving on the knees. I'm active military, in great shape, and still had a difficult time with this one. Felt like I got hit by a train when I woke up the morning after. Waterproof and non-slip boots are a must, and extra socks just in case. Recommend hiking poles, but not necessary. It took me and my friend about 10 hours to complete it with about an hour of rest total.

Beautiful and fun hike if you are up to the challenge! Get there early because the parking lot fills up quickly (at least on Saturdays). Round trip, Including a long stop at the summit, It took a friend and I 9.5 hours to complete the hike. We are both very fit, experienced hikers. The first two-thirds of the trail are very easy but the last third is very difficult. My advice: be prepared and give yourself PLENTY of time, especially if you are not in good physical condition!

Great trail
Good workout.... 2 peaks in one hike

Just a great relaxed hike. The trail is marked well and the terrain is very manageable. This is ranked moderate. I haven't done any easy hikes but this was much easier than other moderates I have done. Don't get me wrong, I was sweating but it was extremely enjoyable. I think I'll be back to camp along the trail and take it to Lower Wolfjaw.

10 months ago

Only downside - limited parking about two spaces only across the street. No parking is allowed along private drive but this is the yellow trail (yellow markers) for one of the ascents. The other ascent is the blue trail along the stream which can be accessed about 50 ft to the right of the driveway (with a green sign)

Beautiful, enjoyable hike with the kids, with light foot traffic only. Lots of variety - along a winding brook with waterfalls under a dense canopy and then up a summit with some segments of light scrambling. Went with two kids ages 5 (athletic 5yr old) and 8.

For the lowest portion of the hike, we took the Private Rd up (yellow trail markers) and took the creek back (blue trail markers - this way back was a little dicey with the younger child because it required some scrambling over boulders.

2/3 of the way up you will come to a fork next to a log bridge with Snow Mtn and Roostercomb to the right over bridge and to left/straight up - Falls 250 ft ahead. Don't miss the falls and continue onto the summit climb - moderate ascent not too steep some scrambling required but at top flattens out enough to enjoy a private spot - not near a steep drop off.

Most of this trail is very steep but the views from the top are some of the best I've seen in the ADK. Bald summit stretching hundreds of yards with full 360 view of Giant and the Gothics range.

10 months ago

A hidden gem. Quite different from the other high peak hikes. Quiet path with only sounds of the rushing water from the brook. We only met one other group at the top. I recommend going up along Deer Brook. It offers some fun challenges with several crossings over the Brook. We came down the easy way along the high water route which ends up on a gravel road.

11 months ago

Awesome hike with beautiful views of Giant and the Great Range. The climb through the creek was great but there is another way up along a driveway if the creek doesn't entice you. Went on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and there were about 5 others on the trail.

11 months ago

Great hike. You start out following Deer Brook creek which requires some scrambling over boulders as you go. The middle section is a nice climb, pretty mellow. There's a beautiful waterfall about 2/3 of the way up and you cross the brook on a log bridge, which is pretty cool.

The top 1/4 or so is some steep climbing on bare rock, but it's pretty grippy if it's dry, which it was for us. You really don't get any views until you reach the summit, but man is it beautiful once you get there. As another reviewer pointed out, make sure you go past the summit to find the best views from the top. It's only about 100 - 150 feet past the summit.

I thought this was a great hike with a great variety of terrain and scenery. Well worth doing for sure.

Oh, and we went on Saturday of Memorial weekend. The nearby mountains, like Giant, were crammed full. My doggy and I didn't see a single hiker on Snow Mountain. We had it to ourselves.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Recommend you hike the full range. Take two days and enjoy the views.

Friday, January 20, 2017

We hiked/snowshoed this trail on our way to the summit of Noonmark Mountain. We only hiked this trail to the summit and back out. The trail had fresh snow covering ice, which made the hike intense. Some people had turned around cause they didn't have the proper gear. We started out bare booting to the junction, then we wore snowshoes. Once we got up into elevation, we switched over to crampons and mountaineering axe. I will try this trail again when the weather is warm.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

We climbed Snow mountain on a lovely 6o degree day in late november. We started at the trailhead just outside of Keene Valley; the same parking lot where one can climb to snow, rooster comb, and hedgehog.
This is a wonderful hike. Its a five mile in and out climb through mixed hardwood and conifer forests. The trail is well marked; but when we climbed the leaves had covered the trail completely. You had to pay close attention to the terrain and look for the trail markers to make sure you didn't wander off the trail.
This would be a great trail to introduce someone into hiking in the adirondacks. The trail is a nice gradual climb almost the entire way. Its only at the very summit that one encounters any ledge at all; and this is perhaps the last quarter of a mile up to the top. Best of all, the summit has some great views of the surrounding mountains.
This would be a good choice for families with young children. Its also pet friendly; our dog Stella had no problems anywhere; and there are a number of stream crossings where she was able to drink and cool off.
Best of all, its not a crowded hike. We encountered three other hikers on our journey.
Its possible to make a loop after climbing snow, and heading over to rooster comb for a chance to add a bit of variety to the climb.
We would have done this if we had started hiking sooner.
But as we had a late start, we didn't want to take a chance on losing the daylight on our return trip.
This little mountain offers a lot, don't turn it down just cause its not a high peak. It offers a lot of bang for a little mountain!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nice walk along the river. No one on the trail today. Covered by leaves and easy to get off trail. Pretty cold day made it harder as i didnt what to keep on. Start near the golf course, walk at the cabanon

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Hiked up round mountain on 10/1/16. The weather called for a cloudy day, we had that, plus a light rain and soaking fog as we neared the summit.
The hike begins with an up, and sometimes down trek through a beautiful hemlock forest. The first lookout is about a half mile up the trial. Unfortunately, we were just socked in with fog. The higher we went, the worse it was. After about a mile the hemlock forest changes to a mix of soft and hardwoods. And the trail conditions change as well. From this point on, the trail becomes a series of rough and rocky terrain, mixed in with open ledge rock.
Its not that steep, and on a dry day would present no problem. However on this day, the open ledge rock and exposed tree roots were quite slick. It made for a challenging hike! We were hiking with our dog, Stella; and for the most part she had no problems at all. There was a couple of spots where we had to lift her up, and down from a high ledge. About five feet or so. And a few areas where we needed to lead her down the wet, open ledges. Again, on a dry day, it wouldn't have been a problem for a dog accustomed to hiking.
As we neared the summit there was a series of rock cairns that point the way to the top. Very helpful, especially on a foggy day. There was a light drizzle and heavy fog on the summit; so unfortunately, no views at all.
The descent took as long as the climb up, due to the wet conditions.
All in all, this is an enjoyable hike. Its a nice half day climb thru varied terrain; and the views are supposed to be nice!
Best of all, this is not a high traffic mountain. We saw a total of six people on our hike.
worth the time!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

its a great trail that parallels the John's Brook trail leading to Johns Brook Lodge and DEC outpost. However, the DEC has officially abandoned this trail due to storm damage along its most westerly approach along the Johns Brook. The trail is dangerous with acute drop offs and ledges making it nearly impossible. The more easterly trail is okay but not in used due to the potential hazards. In order to enjoy this trail you MUST stay on the easterly side path when you come to the y-intersection where the the trail divides in two. the trail along the river at this point is impassable and abandoned. In addition you must cross the trail at the first Johns Brook crossing after leaving the Garden. The posted trailhead is no longer accessible due to private ownership.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hard, but so worth the struggle. Marcy makes you work for it! Very hard on knees and ankles on the descent... bring good poles & use them well!

Great trail. Kinda sucks in December during a blizzard though.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pretty steep and steady incline, but amazing views. Not a crowded trail at all. Hiked on a Wed afternoon and only saw one other couple.

Monday, June 06, 2016

not as bad as I thought. definitely put up a fight going back down.

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