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Keene Valley, New York Map

Hiked this loop from the grace mountain trailhead finishing at round pond trailhead on 73 October 13th. Started at 6:00 am. Trail conditions were wet and cold, snowing at times and very muddy; perfect weather for a long ass day hike! This trail is longer than 15.7 mi. The trail up the east dix slide seemingly disappears and I had to bushwhack the last two hundred vertical feet to the summit after climbing straight up the slide, which was pretty sketchy, due to the very wet and cold conditions. Once on top of east dix the herd path became easy to follow. My garmin recorded this hike as being closer to 22 miles. Took me and my girlfriend 14.5 hours moving at a fast pace and bagging all five peaks. I probably could have done it in 12 hours if I had found the trail at the top of the slide, and was by myself. We ended up hitchhiking back to the car in the dark. This is a challenging but doable day hike that I would only recommend to more advanced hikers. Be prepared for some dense, uphill bushwhacking at the top of East dix slide and bring an extra pair or two of dry socks as there are many stream and river crossings not to mention the mud pits, I'm super glad I did! Spectacular views the whole way!!!!

Me and my girlfriend enjoyed this hike yesterday. We lucked out with a beautiful day, lending us unhindered 360 degree views of the park. Great view of the great range. Steep in some spots but manageable (girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and didn’t have any issues). Short hike with a big pay off.

3 days ago

Dynamite hike, View after view the entire way. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Did it yeaterday (october 13th)! I had the first snow of the year up there! It was super muddy and wet. But not so many hikers, especially on Dix Mountain. I was alone! I started at 7h40 at the North Noonmark Trail head, and ended with this “sketchy in fall season trail”, because leaves eere hiding the trail, called Bosquet Forks Trail, Nut I really ejoyed it! I did aproximatly 30km (according to Stepz app), but I think in general it is less than that! Although it was a bit technical with all that mud!

very nice trail. done in 3 1/2 hours. this trail is amazingly pleasant but could use more markers. super view up top! it snowed at the top!

3 days ago

Great hike but thank God that we downloaded the AllTrails (Pro) maps because they were needed. Heavy coverage of leaves shielded what otherwise (I’m sure) was a well worn trail, and the map kept us from getting well off the trail - we felt that the trail was not well marked. You’ll love the views - DO IT!!

Great hike! Trail conditions were a bit rough due to recent rains (i.e. lots of mud and big puddles), in addition to some snow we hit at the higher elevations. Winter is coming to the high peaks region, so use caution if you're planning on doing this hike anytime soon. It wouldn't be safe to climb Pyramid Peak and Gothics without proper winter equipment once it ices over. The top of the peaks was probably about 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill making it feel like single-digits.
Although it is very wet and muddy right now, this route is really easy to follow and well-marked. The walk in from Ausable Golf Club is a bit long and boring, but once you hit the trail, you get a bit of everything-- bridges, switchbacks, scrambles, ladders, etc. The descents between peaks can get a bit dicey, especially in rain/snow, so use caution. The views from all four peaks are good, but you can't see as much from Sawteeth as you can from the others on a clear day. If there is any percent chance of rain or snow in the forecast (even just 20%), however, you likely won't get much of a view because it will be blocked by clouds. Regardless, I highly recommend this loop for any experienced, well-seasoned hikers. It took us about 10.5 hours with minimal stops (the longest being only about 20 minutes) to get the whole 15.4 miles. Be sure to plan accordingly for daylight as well-- we barely made it back by dark!

The trail was wet like none other. With around 14 stream crossings of which many were barely passable due to high water. Turned out to be a challenging day.

The second half of the trail is extremely muddy with many sections turning into a rocky stream. There are also a couple slippery waterfall climbs. The summit is beautiful with great views but I'm not sure it's worth the 4+ hours of slogging through the mud. The total distance is around 27.5km or 17 miles so a bit longer than what's listed here.

When hiking through be prepared for some boulder climbing, river crossing, muddy trails, mostly rocky and exposed tree roots on the trails, and some serious incline hiking. When you feel you've reached the end point of the trail, keep going. Felt this should be rated hard rather than moderate.

Hiked up via the brothers on 10/5/18. Parked at the last free spot in the Garden which was super lucky considering we got there at nearly 11. It is definitely peak week for the leaves in the ADKs! Didn't realize how much elevation we gained in the first mile of that hike! Beautiful views of all sides of the park on our way up to and at the First Brother. Would have been a nice hike on its own if you weren't looking to make it all the way to Big Slide. The rest of the hike from here is pretty easy until the last half mile or so. The trail from the Third Brother to Big Slide is a charming shaded birch filled forest that we really enjoyed. As mentioned, the last .3 after the junction is a bit more strenuous, lots of scrambling and a few spots where we had to lift our dog up (she’s got short little legs). Ladders to the top were easier to go up than to come down, since they were steep and slippery. Big Slide offered an amazing view of the Great Range although the summit is very small compared to some other peaks. As we had began late, everyone left the summit to head back once we arrived and we ended up having the whole mountain to ourselves! We went down via what I believe is the Phelps trail to Johns Brook near the lodge and then back to the garden. Lots more people on this side of the trail than the Brothers, which is always comforting if you’re getting off the mountain later in the evening. Took us about five hours total and recorded as 9.4 miles. Definitely would recommend.

Absolutely beautiful views at the summit. Took the Ranney trail instead and it was a constant uphill climb but well worth it.

TLDR: beautiful and challenging hike all the way to the end, but you could probably do only half of of it and come away pretty fulfilled.

We did this hike on a Friday morning in the fall, right around when the leaves were starting to become very colorful. The parking lot is not huge, I'll guess 40-50 cars max, and it was getting close to full when we arrived around 8:30ish. I can only imagine it's a zoo on the weekends. So, get there early if you want parking. I heard there is a shuttle from Marcy Field on certain days but can't confirm that.

The first half of the hike is the way up to the Brothers, and after trudging through some pretty standard New York forests you start to get some stunning views of the valley and other High Peaks fairly regularly. You never go too long without an opening, and there are several larger open areas near the Brothers themselves that give plenty of room to chill and have lunch. In a few places the trail does involve scrambling up some rocks, nothing particularly hard but maybe matters if you're bringing a dog. The view was especially beautiful in the fall with the various colors. The clouds can get pretty low though so it's possible you'll get up there and find yourselves just staring at gray. But the wind was moving things through pretty quickly so you may have a completely different view on the way down.

After the brothers, you'll be going up and down for a while through pretty standard forest area. There's only a few openings between the Brothers and the summit. Near the summit you'll go up some ladders which was cool. The summit area itself is quite small, so I can see it being tough when crowded. It's not that this part of the hike was bad, it was just a lot of uphill forest hiking for only a few views. I think many people could turn around after the brothers and still feel accomplished.

You can continue from the summit on a loop to Yard Mountain and back down if you want. We read/heard that the rest of the loop is more forest and not particularly interesting. With the way the clouds were moving, we found the views coming back down to be totally new and interesting, so coming back the way we came from was worth it.

While the elevation gain is quite hefty, it never felt particularly challenging. It was mostly a consistent uphill, not a bunch of quick, steep climbs. I'd call it moderate, and as said you'll get great views pretty quickly so if you're struggling up the Brothers you'll still have something to show for it. Overall this was a great hike for all types; you can get whatever you want out of it.

Starting from The Garden Trailhead in Keene Valley. We followed the trail toward the Lodge and spent the first night in the Orebred Brook lean-to. We summited Gothics, Armstrong, Upper, and Lower Wolfjaw the next day. Once you climb Gothics it’s pretty much a traverse to the next 3. Camped on the far side that night. The next day we looped around and hiked back out. Gothics was an awesome climb, challenging in spots. These 4 peaks make a great long weekend trip. Can’t wait to get back and explore the other peaks along The Great Range. I will update this review with more detail once I have my other map in front of me.

Did it today with a couple of friends. It is a hard and steep hike , it was very wet and muddy in few places. Unfortunately no view from the top because of clouds ☁️
Did it but not my favorite at all.

We did this on 9/29. We skipped Lower Wolf Jaw, but did Upper Wolf Jaw, Armstrong, Gothics, Pyramid, and Sawteeth. Going up Armstrong from Upper Wolf Jaw is the steepest climb I've done in the ADKs. Some sections were more rock climbing than hiking. The views are amazing, with the views from the Gothics being some of the best in the ADKs. It took us about 10 hrs and is a great hike.

15 days ago

We only made it to Blueberry Mountain for this hike, but this had great views and was still quite a climb. This trail had a lot of small round rock.. but no scrambling.

15 days ago

Nice view of Giant and other high peaks. Rated moderate but compared to Ampersand and Cascade I thought it was on the easy side of moderate. Well worth the trip

Was steeper & rockier than expected! We only made it to the washbowl, but the views were worth it.

Hard and wet with nice but short-lived vistas.

Glad that Steph found the approach to the White Trail via Deer Brook. Starting from the parking area shown on the map is not possible with a dog. While it is not private land on the other side of the sign on the summit of Gothics, the sign is intended to warn people not to start down the trail with a dog or with the intention to camp because one would have to turn around at about 2,500 feet and reascend to the summit to stay legal.

Just noticed some erroneous information in Yuri Korondze's post about camping. There is no camping on this route because that is all private land. Otherwise, camping at that elevation is permitted on public land. There are no designated campsites on this route, and very little flat land where one could pitch a tent. The site Yuri identified is illegal because it is well above 4,000 feet.

Thank you All Trail for correcting the parking information for this hike.

Incredible. My first high peak as well - I’m so glad I came up the Gothics and down Pyramid. The views from across the ridge as you approach the summit are great, and of course the 360 degree view from the top is wonderful. Be prepared for a lot of mud - it hasn’t rained in several days but the trail seems to have mud puddles constantly. Otherwise you really can’t beat the view, plus there are two really nice size waterfalls and a few smaller ones on the loop.

21 days ago

Wonderful views from this peak. Highly recommend. The final portion of the hike was fairly steep and challenging. Great Hike!

This was a beautiful trail. Cascades, deer, lots of moss. It was definitely challenging towards the last mile up lower wolf jaws and then to upper wolf jaws. Very muddy along the way to upper.
Some climbing over rocks that requires hands as well, but fun.
Was going to do Armstrong with them but didn’t gage our time properly and thought we’d have more.
Took us 11 hours for lower and upper.

Lots and lots of fun rock scrambling to the summit without any real exposure. Was lucky enough to have the entire summit to myself for over an hour. Views of the great range are unbelievable! Short hike with huge payoffs.

We parked in the Rooster Comb parking lot and walked to The Garden parking lot. A fantastic day hike, especially the climb up Gothics with the cables. Not much to see at the top of LWJ but its a nice steep climb, or at least feels steep after doing 3 other high peaks. We walked back to Rooster Comb parking lot which was a nice trail.

Did this saturday and the weather was perfect. Took us about five hours, probably would've been four if we didn't do the loop and just did out and back. Summit was very crowded as there's only a small spot that's bald.

Big Slide via the Brothers is a fantastic hike. Many great views as you work your way up. Lots of rock so way less mud than some trails. Really not all that difficult if you are in decent shape. We got caught in a torrential downpour as we dropped off the last Brother. The “Garden” parking lot fills fast but you can catch the Town of Keene shuttle for $10 per person round trip. I give this trail a big thumbs up for overall visual experience .

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